Monday, March 20, 2023

Trump’s Claim of Tuesday ‘Arrest’ Is Highly Unlikely

Trump being Trump, his social-media post calling for “PROTEST” is irresponsible. To be sure, it is completely legal — calling for protest is classic political speech protected by the First Amendment. As a matter of law, he did not call for violence and could not be deemed legally liable if his most rabid supporters interpret “PROTEST” as encouragement to riot. As a matter of common sense, though, it is shameful for Trump to speak this way after his fiery Ellipse speech was followed by a riot at the Capitol.

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  1. I follow some social media which leads me to think that a lot of people on the political right are primed for violence protests. This is a recent development. It has led to me pulling back from activism. I don't want to get pulled in to the illegal activity.


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