Saturday, March 18, 2023

Baldness and heresy

 Netziv (Vayikra 13:41): The verse states karachas which is the baldness on the back of the head prior to gebachas which is the baldness on the front of the head. Why did the verse distinguish between them? ...We can explain this according to the view that the baldness is a sign of the sin of errors in theology. There are in fact two types of error. The first type is errors that result from philosophical analysis. The second type results from lack of belief that does not result from philosophy. It is known that the back of the brain deals with decisions that a person makes Intellectual analysis occurs in the front of the brain. The fact is that errors in emuna are much more common and worse than mistakes that result from the intellectual analysis. That is why there are two types of baldness and why the one associated with errors without philosophy is stated first in the verse. 

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