Friday, March 31, 2023

Democrats hail, Republicans blast Trump indictment

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) took a more aggressive approach, seeking revenge.

“Our side chants ‘lock her up’ and their side is going to get a mug shot based on a witch hunt. It’s time to change that. Gloves are off,” Greene tweeted.


  1. The rule of law means that you have a basic idea of what is legal and illegal. And then, if you want to be a good citizen, you avoid the illegal behavior.

    But Donald Trump does not seem to have broken any of the laws his indictment accuses him of breaking, or if he has broken one of them apparently the time has passed for prosecuting him for the violation.

    How was Donald Trump supposed to know he was breaking the law when in fact at most he was committing a misdemeanor?

    Very nice that the prosecutor in this case is taking a creative approach. Very nice, that is, till prosecutors start getting creative with everyone and the rule of law then goes *poof.*

    Is there even one legal expert who thinks the case against Donald Trump is strong?

  2. Trump is being prosecuted Soviet-style. They've already decided he's guilty, they're just casting around for a crime.
    Remember - these are the same Dem's who think it's okay to let repeat criminals out of jail before they're even charged and look the other way when Jews are attacked daily on the streets. Somehow violent crime is okay, paying off a prostitute is a national crime.

  3. Why doesn't he have immunity?

  4. Nope!
    Your ignorance of History is showing as is your parroting of Republican talking points
    You forgot to claim Democrats are Pedophiles and Nazis

  5. good match- they deserve each other
    Santos for secretary of State or Treasury
    Melanie can be Interior secretary or maybe education

  6. No, the Nazis are with the Republicans, everyone knows that. But yes, the Dem's are groomers, aren't they.

  7. Why should he? He is no longer president and crimes predate his presidency

  8. Groomers for what?
    Are they pedophiles?

  9. “Democrats hail, Republicans blast Trump indictment” I saw the girl say she had sex one night with Donald Trump. Yes I blast the Trump indictment. Allow me Daf Hayomi today Sotah 22a:
    “King Jannai [Alexander Jannaeus. For his advice, given on his death-bed to his wife Salome, v. Josephus, Ant. XIII, XV, 5] said to his wife, Fear not the Pharisees and the non-Pharisees but the hypocrites who ape the Pharisees; because their deeds are the deeds of Zimri [Numbers 25:14-15 “Now the name of the man of Israel that was slain, who was slain with the Midianitish woman, was Zimri, the son of Salu, a prince of a fathers’ house among the Simeonites. And the name of the Midianitish woman that was slain was Cozbi, the daughter of Zur; he was head of the people of a fathers’ house in Midian.”] but they expect a reward like Phineas [King Jannai probably had in mind the treacherous act by a group of Zealots not Pharisees in resisting foreign assistance Demetrius Eucerus, King of Syria in their struggle with Alexander Jannaeus. Josephus, op. cit. XIII, 13, 5. V. Klausner, היסטוריה 11, 128].”

    Zimri had sex with Cozbi daughter of King Zur. Maybe or maybe not Donald Trump had sex with that girl. The Gamara calls Zimri a hypocrite, because Zimri argued in front of Moses.

    Hypocrite = a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings.

    Big mistake of Zimri. I could understand falling for a sexy princess, but not Zimri’s hypocrisy.

    The Democrats are hypocrites. Democrats permit a false show of righteousness to achieve political objectives.

    Update on me, waiting for mo. no. 207 at NYS Court of Appeals and for mo. no. 1994-9870 at AD2. Sad to say, my big sister Linda died yesterday in Tel Aviv and was buried next to her husband who died some 7 years ago. Linda was so righteous and good. Mother of 3 and many grandchildren.

  10. Thanks for posting me. All can visit me I'm sitting shiva in my home in Bnei Brak over my dear big sister Linda who died in her home in Tel Aviv on Monday. Allow me more on Zimri. My theory. King Jannai warns his wife to fear the hypocrites in Sotah 22b and not others because the hypocrites seek regime change. My support.

    Sotah 22a “Fear thou the Lord, my son, and the king. And do not mix with dissenters.” [Proverbs 24:21].
    משלי פרק כד פסוק כא
    יְרָא אֶת יְקֹוָק בְּנִי וָמֶלֶךְ עִם שׁוֹנִים אַל תִּתְעָרָב:
    רש"י משלי פרק כד פסוק כא
    ירא את המלך ובלבד שלא יסירך מיראת ה' ולעולם יראת ה' קודמת עם שונים אל תתערב האומרים שתי רשיות יש:
    מלבי"ם משלי פרק כד פסוק כא
    צוה שיירא את ה' בעניני הדת, ואת המלך אשר במשפט יעמיד ארץ בהנהגת הקיבוץ המדיני, ואל תתערב עם האנשים שרוצים לשנות הנהגת המדינית, ר"ל למרוד במלכם ולהקים תחתיו הנהגה שניה משונה מראשונה. שבזה תפר גם יראת ה' שצוה שתהיה מורא מלך עליך:

    Malbim says Command him to fear God in matters of religion, and the king who in judgment will place the country under the leadership of the political kibbutz, and do not meddle with the people who want to change the political leadership, i.e. to rebel against your king and establish a second leadership under him that is different from the first. In this you will also violate the fear of God that he commanded that there be fear of a king over you :

    Wow. King Solomon advises fear God fear king don't mix with dissenters, meaning protesters who seek regime change. Beautiful.

  11. Sorry to hear about the passing of your sister.
    המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים

  12. Thanks IR and KA. Allow me. September 1988 – June 1991 I was assistant professor at Lehman College of CUNY. I paid for my TIAA pension. From 1994 till now with no end in sight TIAA pays me only 45% and Susan 55%. In American law if Reuven steals a car from Shimon. Imagine Shimon goes to courts to get back his car and Shimon fails for years and years. If Reuven wants to return Shimon’s car to Shimon, Reuven has a problem. By returning the car Reuven may get arrested for the felony crime of stealing a neighbor’s car. Idea: let Shimon announce that .Reuven was right in using Shimon’s car. I wrote to court April 4, 2023: “I admit now that Susan was right in the umbrage she took when I left for Israel on a one-way ticket June 8, 1991.”
    Today for mincha and maariv I was at Linda's ע"ה son in Petak Tikva. Many are comforting us. Allow me to quote from the Book of Job, Bildad the Shuhite, Job favorite comforter: Job 8:21 “He will yet fill your mouth with laughter, and your lips with shouts of joy.” Bildad has Emunah. Beautiful.
    איוב פרק ח פסוק כא
    עַד יְמַלֵּה שְׂחוֹק פִּיךָ וּשְׂפָתֶיךָ תְרוּעָה:
    מלבי"ם איוב פרק ח פסוק כא
    עד שיגיע העת אשר ימלא שחק פיך שתשמח על היסורים שסבלת כי תקבל טוב תמורתם עד העת ההיא בתוך כך שונאיך ילבשו בשת, כי אהל רשעים תחרב, ואז תפרח כתמר ואבדן רשעים תראה:

  13. Remember the Chief of Police for Stalin said "find me the man, I will show you the crime." You are correct -- he is being prosecuted Soviet style. From the DA Alvin Bragg who has men accused of rape and murder and knocks the felony charge down to a misdemeanor so the accused can walk the street. But for Trump he is trying to take a misdemeanor and push it up to a felony.

  14. Wow!
    Trump has never lied cheated etc but is simply being persecuted so that all who see him cry at his misfortune
    So you think you are living in Stalin's Russia and our police are all corrupt as well as the government which is controlled by a group of Jewish pedophiles

  15. your second sentence sounds like you are 'shouting into a mirror'. Please do not project your personal beliefs onto others . thanks

  16. you seem to be showing a pattern here. You disagree with someone and all of a sudden you bring up the word Pedophile

  17. How observant!

    That is standard Republican political discourse as is the Stalinist line you were defending

  18. They're the party that takes 5 years old boys who think they're girls and make them dress up and pretend they are until puberty when they give them castrating drugs. I think they're worse than paedophiles.

  19. Source?
    Democrats force 5 year old boys who think they are girls to dress like girls before castrating them.
    And Jews drink the blood of children


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