Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Republican Honestly States GOP Plan for School Shootings: ‘We’re Not Going to Fix It’


The Republican Party refuses to support meaningful gun control measures, which means they’re forced to trot out what seem like increasingly ridiculous solutions to the nation’s epidemic of school shootings. They’ve suggested everything from bulletproof backpacks to turning educational institutions into heavily armed compounds. Rick Scott floated the death penalty as a deterrent on Monday, despite that school shooters — reportedly including the one who killed six people at the Covenant School in Nashville — are often prepared to die at the scene.


  1. The death penalty will be a deterrent.

    People who perpetrate attacks on schoolchildren almost always plan the attacks. This is evident from news reports of those events.

    Planning an attack shows a level of rational thinking.

    Yes, some of those who perpetrate the attacks expect to be killed by the responding police and may even hope to be killed. In some cases the attacker's plan includes their taking their own lives.

    But if a mandatory death penalty is enacted for attacking schools, the rational thinking the perpetrators display in planning the attack will now also be forced to consider that the attack will almost certainly lead to their death.

    In other words, while some attackers expect to die in the attack, part of them feels they might get out alive. Having the death penalty shuts down that line of thinking.

  2. Nope!
    But you think anything is better than removing guns!
    Why not a pledge to embarrass shooters with their picture in the media- since they are rational and don't want to be disgraced in death

  3. This blog makes such a big deal out of the Constitution until it doesn't.

    Gun ownership is a right. Laws can''t change that.

  4. Yes, and militias are not formal organizations like the army. A militia is formed and disbanded according to need. Are the barbarians already on the next hill? Form a militia and let's get ready to fight. And to do that, people need to have guns available.
    Now, you could darshan and say "Okay, we need to be able to raise and arm a militia on a moment's notice, therefore each town will have a central armory with sufficient weapons for use in such a case." Won't get you past the NRA though.

  5. You know why this is pointless? Because this video is already over 50 years old: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwwD0MwQo5w&ab_channel=budmunson

  6. The difficulty that approach faces is that it is not supported by the Supreme Court. Again, rule of law is important here till it isn't.

  7. Wow! So the constitution is open to interpretation! Maybe next week it will change just as their used to be a constitutional right of slavery, segregation, or women not voting etc etc


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