Friday, March 17, 2023

Teaching fundamental principles of religion

 Rambam (Treatise on Resurrection): … I came to the realization that it was not correct to deal with issues in religion without also explaining and justifying the fundamental principles underlying these issues. This became especially obvious after meeting a person who considered himself one of the great Torah scholars - he was in truth very competent in Jewish law. Nevertheless he was in doubt as to whether G d was physical having eyes, hands, feet and guts as described in Biblical verses. In fact, I have met others from various lands who are very certain that G d is physical and they consider anyone who disagrees with this view as a denier and heretic. They understand literally the many Talmudic stories that describe G d in physical terms. I have heard similar reports about other people that I have not personally met. When I learned about these totally lost souls and disgusting people who think they are amongst the great Jewish sages. They are foolish men who are more disoriented than animals  -  their minds filled with the nonsensical thoughts of old women and the useless fantasies of children and women. Therefore I realized that it was necessary to explain the fundamental Torah principles in my writings on Jewish law... 

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