Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Israelis protest judicial reform negotiations, say Netanyahu lied on freeze

"We are not ready to talk with the destroyers of democracy until the dictatorial legislation is completely abolished."


  1. And here we go: the truth finally is said. It's not about the judicial reform. It's about undoing the results of the last election. Bibi could announce tomorrow that he's completely abandoning the initiative. The protests will continue. They lost the election and they can't handle when democracy doesn't work for them.

  2. No, if the likud acquiesced to Gantz /herzog compromise. The story is over. Perhaps the anarchist elements would continue, but there would be no more strikes, miluim objectors, or mass demo's.

  3. You are making sense but you'll see - there will be no compromise because whatever the Likud offers will not be enough and Bibi will be blamed.

  4. The problem is that likud have partnered with all the ultra religious parties. The rz parties are crazy extremist, not led by great, or even mediocre rabbis, but just regular settlers with guns and little foresight.
    There's a difference with UTJ, which has guidance of the Gadol hador, thus under his advice, when the protestors came to bnei brak, they were greeted with gifts, and dancing.

    If your view is accurate, then the response would be for Bibi to just sit it out and not make any rash decisions.
    The protests have died down now.

    There are many other arguments _ eg the chilonim, a few hundred refused to show up for miluim, and it was a national security disaster. Yet the hareidi parties want the same luxury enshrined in a basic law, ie no military service for them


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