Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Yes, masks reduce the risk of spreading COVID, despite a review saying they don’t

The review starts with an assumption that masks provide respiratory protection, which is flawed. An understanding of these differences should inform both studies and reviews of those studies.

The authors of the Cochrane Review acknowledged compliance with masking advice was poor in most studies. In the real world, we can’t force people to follow medical advice, so RCTs should be analysed on an “intention to treat” basis.

For example, people who are prescribed the active drug but who choose not to take it should not be shifted to the placebo group for the analysis. But if in a study of masking, most people don’t actually wear them, you can’t conclude that masks don’t work when the study shows no difference between the groups. You can only conclude that the mask advice didn’t work in this study.


  1. > The authors of the Cochrane Review acknowledged compliance with masking advice was poor in most studies

    But that's the difference between studies and the real world. In studies, people do what they're told or they're tossed out. If the real world, people do what they want.
    So in a study, masks will work because people will be given proper masks and taught how to wear them properly and yes, it will make a difference. In the real world they'll put on a bandana with a Sons of Anarchy logo on it or walk around with a worn-out surgical mask hanging on their chin so no, masks don't work in the real world.

  2. Nope! they work for Democrats who take medical advice seriously while Republicans think it is a woke plot to enslave them ignore the advice

  3. Nope, the Dem's wear the wrong masks or wear them incorrectly while saying 'See! I'm wearing a mask like I'm suppose to!' while the Republicans just don't bother with the charade.

  4. Nope. Remember that famous video of the governor of California dining out with a mask that he kept pulling down so he could eat? Up here in Canada we had Liberals having parties and wearing their masks on their chins for all to see. Liberals are hypocrites. Accept it.

  5. you are ignoring the study I cited and rely on one individual in one incident to describe everyone - very sloppy thinking


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