Monday, March 20, 2023

Chris Christie: ‘The circus continues’ on Trump calling for protests over potential arrest

“I don’t think there’s many Americans who don’t believe that Donald Trump had an affair with Stormy Daniels, and that don’t believe that he paid her money at the end of the campaign to keep it quiet. So I don’t think that the American people probably see this as a huge crime,” Christie said.


  1. I can only say that every reason I have (and there are many) not to support Donald Trump get shredded if he gets arrested.

  2. What di you mean by "shredded"? And how would your support cause this?

  3. I have many reasons not to support Trump.

    If he gets arrested, those reasons become irrelevant.

    I will go back to supporting Donal Trump if he gets arrested.

  4. “I don’t think there’s many Americans who don’t believe that Donald Trump had an affair with Stormy Daniels” Sorry, not interesting. Many Americans believe Donald Trump had an affair with Stormy Daniels. So what? I agree with Joe Orlow. Why do I support Trump? Trump fights the politically correct, bravo. I see that Netanyahu is making progress in his reforms against the politically correct in Israel.

    I’m a PhD economist. I follow closely banking news. WSJ reports today that Swiss ministers rejected last week Saudi National Bank proposal of $5 Billion into Credit Suisse. “According to the people familiar with the matter, Saudi National Bank officials felt out of the loop, finding out about the talks with UBS via the news media on Friday evening.Credit Suisse reached out to major shareholders to let them know they were likely to lose most of their investment and to discuss the shareholders’ rights, the people said. A group led by Saudi National Bank proposed injecting around $5 billion into Credit Suisse, The Wall Street Journal previously reported. Under the plan, Credit Suisse bondholders would have been fully protected. Swiss ministers rejected the offer.”

    Israel is the best place to put your money and to buy property.

  5. Wow so trump as victim appeals to you but otherwise you reject him?

  6. Yes.

    Because an unjustified attack on Donald Trump is really an attack on democracy.

  7. “So I don’t think that the American people probably see this as a huge crime,” Christie said.” True but terrible what Bragg is doing. “House Republicans rallied to the defense of former President Donald Trump ahead of his possible indictment, demanding that the Manhattan district attorney who is investigating him turn over documents and come for an interview. The Republican chairmen of three House committees sent a letter Monday to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg,”

    Allow me a daf hayomi Torah thought.
    Nazir 63a: “ How do we know this [ Viz. that defilement of the depth does not necessarily render void a naziriteship.]? R. Eliezer said: A verse reads, And if any man die very suddenly beside him [Num. VI, 9, on the defilement of a nazirite], beside him Signifying that it is evident to him [Defilement of the depth, as described in the Mishnah, is not evident to him, for he could not know’ of the corpse's existence beneath the floor of the cavern.]. Resh Lakish said: A verse reads, If [any man . . .] shall be unclean by reason of a dead body or be on the road, afar off [ E.V. ‘In a journey’. Num. IX, 10 of the second passover. Defilement of the depth was treated leniently as regards celebrants of the passover also.], signifying that [the uncleanness] must be like a road. Just as a road is visible, so must uncleanness be visible.”

    My theory. The torah considers a nazir near a dead body a huge crime, but ok if died very suddenly beside him. Can do a do over. The Torah considers missing the Pesach sacrifice a huge crime, but ok if on the road far off. Can do Pesach sheni.

    Beautiful inspiring. We must follow Torah laws.

  8. But one on Biden or any Democrat is a defense of democracy?!
    BTW what is unjustified when a grand jury thinks it is justified but trump says it is a witchhunt?

  9. Again, you're playing team sports and rooting for your side even though both sides are cheating.

  10. again with the false equivalency -
    As trump said "yes there are good people on both sides"
    So you condemn both sides equally?

  11. Trump has a special position in American politics. He represents the true power of the people to change government and American domestic and foreign policy.

    So more than other political figures, an attack on him is an attack on the people who made this total outsider into what he is: a thorn in the side of the Establishment.

    Joe Biden, by contrast, won the nomination from his party precisely for his years of service as a politician.

  12. In general a grand jury's decision should be respected. But so many times the system has been used to bring charges against Donald Trump and the whole thing fades away. I just feel it's more of the same.

  13. Wow so Trump is America personified. I think that is the definition of idolatry

  14. The circus keeps going on. It's the old Communist system - first find someone guilty, then go looking for his crimes.
    Don't you get tired of it? The endless "Trump to be charged tomorrow!" and "Trump to be found guilty tomorrow" headlines that never actually turn out?


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