Monday, March 13, 2023

Israel Needs Judicial Reform—but How?

Shrewd thinkers on Israel’s right understand that compromise is needed to lower the stakes, regain the public’s confidence and pass something durable. The opposition, however, sees Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu standing on a ledge and has no desire to let him off lightly. The coalition will have to moderate its own proposal and settle for partial victory, even though the true believers won’t like it.


  1. Again: the problem isn't what's being proposed. The problem is the guy proposing it. Bibi to the Israeli left is like Trump to the American left - a source of derangement. If Bibi tried to pass a laugh mandating fresh air outside, Lapid would start smoking.

  2. Nope! The left is trying to regain power by destroying the government

  3. What Bibi does not realize is that the reform proposal is the biggest gift he could have given to the left. Suddenly they have something to fight for.
    If he had accepted the Herzog terms, and frozen the process, there would be negotiations. There could be a referendum.
    But they are just allowing the rebellion to grow, and eventually the coalition government will fall apart.

  4. This government wasn't stable from the get-go. Bibi and a bunch of politicians with the intellectual and emotional maturity of a daycare.

  5. Oh I agree. It's a standard liberal thing - if we lost the election, there must have been a mistake which means the conservative government is not legal and we have to overthrow it.
    The problem is that Bibi is handing these people red meat.


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