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VIENNA - Ukrainian millionaire, Maxim Slutski, recently appointed by the IKG to coordinate the Ukrainian refugee programme in Vienna, is a suspected link in a billion dollar money laundering scheme tracing to Putin's overthrown puppet president Victor Yanukovych.  

Questions continue to surround the whereabouts of billions of dollars plundered from the Ukrainian budget and funnelled out of the country by former Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovych and his cronies. Whilst convicted for high treason by a Ukraine court on 25 January 2019, and sentenced to 13 years in prison in absentia, the mystery as to how the Kremlin-backed politician made an estimated $40-$70 billion of taxpayers money simply “disappear” is yet to be solved. Here's How Ukraine's Ousted Government Got Away With $40 Billion (

Following Yanukovych's cowardly escape to Russia in 2013, a group of journalists broke into the empty presidential palace, a sprawling country estate featuring what has been described as “absurd luxury”, including a golf course, a vintage-car collection and a private zoo which housed his famous ostriches.

There, they unearthed reams of financial records revealing how Yanukovych and his top officials buried millions of dollars embezzled from the state treasury in off-shore havens. The damning evidence was confiscated by the Ukrainian prosecutor, who proceeded to launch an investigation. However, private investigators managed to gain access to parts of the material and discovered that Yanukovych was also laundering vast sums via shell companies throughout Europe.


One of the companies revealed was A.M. Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH (Frankfurt am Main), a commercial real estate management company incorporated in September 2006 under company number HRB 77967.

According to open sources, the company is run by former Ukrainian, Maxim Slutski, living in Vienna, Austria. Maxim Slutski was married to Tina Schlesinger, sister of Michael Schlesinger. The couple divorced in 2009.

Yanukovych's associates are reported to have constructed an elaborate web of companies trading in buy-back loan schemes. The diagram produced by investigators below shows Slutski, his second wife Yuliya (nee Kaplan) and Yuliya's sister, Olena Gyellyer, purportedly involved in a convoluted operation, leading directly to the criminal in hiding, Victor Yanukovych at the base (circled red).

Essentially, the way the network operates is that company (A) borrows X amount of money from company (B). Lender company (B) then sells the debt on to company (C). Finally, the debt is re-acquired by the original borrower or by another company under its control. In this way, the debt is dissolved since company (A) is unlikely to ever  enforce the debt against itself. The true figures of the company accounts are thereby distorted. Whilst still being able to generate revenue on the loan investment, company A avoids income tax because the loan and its repayment are shown as a loss on the balance sheets.

In 2008, Slutski's company is alleged to have received a $2 million loan from two Cypriot front firms, Dardo Trading Ltd and Jenifex Participation Limited registered in Nicosia(circled yellow). The beneficiaries of these companies are Yulia Shchukina and Vladislav Kravets (circled blue), both Ukrainian citizens and according to sources in law enforcement agents, also well-known bankers. Between 2012-2018, Shchukina and Kravets allegedly resold the debt to Maxi Services Ltd (circled green).


Intermediary companies, New Thornhill Trading Inc. and Margolex Limited (circled purple) are then reported to have unburdened Maxi services (green)of the debt and "resold" it along the chain.



According to the investigation, Margolex (purple) ultimately sold the debt on to ELIZATEN MANAGEMENT (orange), surprisingly a Scottish registered company.

 Interestingly, the founder of Elizaten Management is an Olena Gyellyer, née Kaplan, sister of Yulia Kaplan, the afore-mentioned wife of Maxim Slutski.

 Having exhausted the chain of transactions, the original debt returned to Slutski to either repay or write off.

In 2020, Slutski fled with his family to London after an alleged kidnapping attempt (Three Ukrainians accusing the judge Emelyanov in an attempt of kidnapping in Germany - world news ( in Vienna. There he stayed in this luxurious £3.1million home in Hampstead.

He has since firmly re-established himself back in Vienna where he plays a prominent role within the IKG and Lauder Chabad, spearheaded by Rabbi Jacob Biderman. As a former Ukrainian refugee himself, Slutski was chosen to coordinate all the activities inconnection with the influx of refugees who are currently fleeing their besieged homeland and arranged an extravagant party over Purim in their honour.

Whilst appearing to be philanthropic, there is a bitter irony in Ukrainian refugees receiving charity which could potentially trace back to the tax payer money stolen from them in the first instance. 

Due to Ukraine’s dysfunctional law enforcement system, Yanukovych's associates have yet to be brought to justice. As for Yanukovych himself, he is reported to be living under Putin's protection in Russia. Putin's brutal attacks on Ukrainian civilians are, experts say, an attempt to destabilise Zelensky's government and re-establish Yanukovych as a pro-Russian puppet.

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