Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Jared Kushner’s Saudi Scam Is the Swampiest Thing He’s Ever Done

The latest incident of the Trump coterie casting new light on previously routine corruption in Washington came earlier this month, courtesy not of Trump himself but of his oleaginous son-in-law. Last week, The New York Times broke the news that Jared Kushner had successfully landed billions in Saudi funding for his new private equity firm. While the deal itself may appear predictable—Kushner is hardly the only Washington insider to be showered in Saudi funding—the details were staggering and point directly to the rot at the heart not only of the broader Trump machine but of the entire edifice of Washington influence-peddling writ large.


  1. Nonsense article, so now the commie newspaper is declaring sanctions instead of the government?

  2. Do you have his contact info? My town could really use a yeshiva and a 1 family kollel, preferably Dati Leumi but I'll take black hats. I'd like to find out how to contact the Saudis for funding.

  3. "

    A source in contact with multiple U.S. investors approached by Affinity
    said the investors were not attracted by the presentation and described
    their shock at how cavalierly it seemed to suggest influence peddling, a
    “value add” often handled with more subtlety in the investment world.
    “They said they’d never seen such a joke of a deck, openly talking about
    ‘networking’ and ‘networks’ — i.e., our corrupt insider contacts,” the
    source said on condition of anonymity to describe private discussions.
    “They’re bragging about ‘networks,’ they’re using cliches, with no
    serious investment discussion.”"


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