Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Left-wing Jewish American orgs. blast Biden admin. for serving wine from Israeli settlement


A number of Left-wing Jewish-American organizations criticize Vice President Kamala Harris for serving wine from an Israeli settlement at her official Passover Seder on Monday.

Americans for Peace Now sent an email to its members asking them to sign a petition against serving wine that coes from Israeli settlements.

"Like many of us, this past weekend Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff held a Passover seder at their home. Unfortunately, at their Seder they unknowingly served wine produced in a West Bank settlement. A spokesperson for Harris quickly clarified that this was 'in no way intended to be an expression of policy,'" Hadar Susskind, President and CEO of Americans for Peace Now wrote in the email.


  1. Idiots, oye vey! Self hating Jews.
    Actually, the 10 drops of wine in the Seder is perhaps the root of of self hatred , and if taken to be an ideology, we would end up like J street, or the other left wingers, who bemoan all the miracles and deny ultimately G-d had anything to do with it. Wait a minute, isn't that what satmar and all the Hareidi anti-zionists do already?

  2. yep, their passover seder consists of spilling 10,000 drops of wine, and symbolic "blood matzos" for all the Palestinian children killed in the conflict. Satmar do the Afikoman for Palestine.

  3. For all its supposed complexity, Satmar is a very simple ideology
    1) God runs the world, except for when the Zionists come along and then the Satan runs the world. (Sounds Chrisian but whatever)
    2) Always be submissive to the nations (turn the other cheek, again Chrisian but whatever) unless the nation is run by Jews in which case, be defiant.

  4. 2a) is to be defiant even towards the goyim, i.e. rebel against the Nations when they support Zionism, or they try to impose fair taxes and planning regulations whilst you live in their host nation.

  5. Misnagdim have a similar problem. They can't admit that miracles occurred in 48, 67 wars.
    If they did, it proves their opponents of Zionism were wrong, hence daas Torah is a fake ideology. But they can't take satmar dualism option either. So at best they are failing to praise Hashem for his geula. At worst they deny Him altogether as being the controller of history - deism.

  6. With the Livtish, the attitude seems to be
    We don't like that the State exists and we wish it never happened but now that it's there, let's see how much money we can get out of it. It's better than the alternative, we guess.

  7. Things may have changed
    People born in Israel might feel that it is home

  8. this link contains an article from 1973 in the "Jewish" Observer, where an author is attacking Religious Zionism.

    What is a shocking admission - inadvertent, but admission nonetheless is that because Zionism (secular or otherwise) arose to end the Galus, the Hareidi Gedolim absolutely opposed the Zionist enterprise. The reasons he gives are straight out of the 12 spies playbook - who are they to make decisions for the Jews?

    So what the author (and Agudah who published it) is admitting is that the so-called "Gedolim" wanted the Holocaust and were responsible for it to some degree, because it was better than allowing some upstart Zionists to end the galus!

    This is the ongoing sickness that Hareidi irrationality breeds in almost every walk of life - in sex abuse, in violence etc etc.It is an Ostrich mentality - the wise see great value in hiding their heads in the sand.


  9. You are making thing up again because of your obsession with chareidim

  10. Smoking is bad for you - how dare the secular knowledge trained people suddenly become leaders and tell us what's kosher and what is ossur?
    Same principle applies and he admits it.

  11. nope, it is a moshul, and the nimshal

  12. My attack was on that specific article in the JO , which I think was both factually incorrect and also halachically.
    Factually, many Gedolim and Tzaddikim, who were leaders of the hareidi and all Orthodoxy , did in fact leave the galus, and play a part in acquiring Eretz Yisrael. many others were preparing to move to Israel, most notably the Chofetz Chaim, as well as many Tzaddikim who supported the builders of E'Y , even if they were seculars, eg the Netziv, the Ohr Samayach. Perhaps the word "zionism" is too political, but Hibbat Zion is something that was supported.
    The Jo article is saying that Hareidi Gedolim opposed Zionism, becasue the seculars took a position of leadership, and also becasue they wished to negate the galus. it seems to me that this might have been the opinion of a few, such as Satmar, Munkacs, Brisk, Rav Elchanna H'YD - but obviously even the Brisker Rov and his family played a part in negating the galus - since they also forbid leaving E'Y.

    So the argument in the JO, which was politicised, is sheker. Furthermore, Rambam states in Hilchot Melachim that no place in the world is assur to live in - except, he says Egypt. The same Rambam does not bring the 3 oaths in his code of halacha, with the caveat that we should not calculate end times.

  13. why nonsense ?

    Smoking was given an easy heter for some years by the Agudists. It was the modern/Zionists who were first to forbid (machmir), Rav Hayyim David Halevi, the Tzitz Elizer, and Rav Goren. See, our guys can be machmir too!

  14. According to the author, they cannot accept upstart jews taking any leadership position for am yisrael. The knee jerk daas of the extremists is to do the opposite of what the Zionists say. Therefore, if the Zionists want to save lives the hareidim want to destroy lives.
    If the scientists want to prevent smoking the haredim want permit it

  15. Actually, I heard this also from Rav Bulman ztl , perhaps in a descriptive fashion. he was saying that before secular zionism was born, most of the Rabbis supported moving to Eretz Israel, as it was a holymitzvah. But when it became a secular hobby, they had to oppose it. And that was how anti-zionism came about.
    What if the seculars decided to keep kosher, as part of a new secular movement? they would continue to be mechalel Shabbes, but keep kosher. would the chareidim find a reason to oppose it?


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