Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Adam Kinzinger Slams GOP for Focusing on Disney Amid 'Genocide' in Ukraine


Representative Adam Kinzinger slammed the Republican Party for focusing on the recent Disney controversies rather than addressing their members who have "shown Putin sympathy" amid the war in Ukraine, accusing the GOP of distracting voters by riling them up for the midterm elections.

"The world order is being challenged for the first time since World War II and [the Republican Party is] sitting around today thinking about how we can win our next election, what the newest outrage is, what's the next thing we can do to get people angry and upset and get their money from them for our re-election," Kinzinger said in a video shared to social media on Tuesday.

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  1. Years ago I went to parlour meeteing where the local Conservative candidate in the upcoming federal election would be speaking. He was (and is) a great guy and a strong friend of the Jewish community. He waxed eloquently about how Stephen Harper was a strong supporter of Israel and how a Conservative government would support Israel.
    And when he was done, I thanked him and said "All that's great and truly appreciated but we here live in Canada and I have some concerns about how this country is doing." Kinzinger isn't a cabinet level politician. He isn't in the Foreign Affairs game. He's a local guy concentrating on domestic politics.
    Do you think that during WW2 no local politics happened?


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