Thursday, April 7, 2022

Marjorie Taylor Greene's ugly accusation points to a dangerous trend in the GOP

Georgia's Marjorie Taylor Greene is no stranger to outlandish, offensive and frankly bizarre behavior. And on Monday, she did it again, tweeting, "Murkowski, Collins, and Romney are pro-pedophile" because "they just voted for #KBJ" -- a reference to Ketanji Brown Jackson, a federal judge set to become the next Supreme Court justice, and three moderate Republican senators who say they will vote to confirm her.
Of course, this is nonsense. Jackson is not soft on pedophiles, and her record is not out of line with the rest of the federal judiciary -- a point reinforced by a group of retired federal judges, two of whom were Republican appointees. The accusations that Jackson is somehow soft on pedophiles are so spurious that even a writer in the conservative National Review condemned them as a meritless smear.

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  1. At least Greene can define what a woman is.


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