Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Neville Chamberlain


Chamberlain's reputation remains controversial among historians, the initial high regard for him being entirely eroded by books such as Guilty Men, published in July 1940, which blamed Chamberlain and his associates for the Munich accord and for allegedly failing to prepare the country for war. Most historians in the generation following Chamberlain's death held similar views, led by Churchill in The Gathering Storm. Some later historians have taken a more favourable perspective of Chamberlain and his policies, citing government papers released under the thirty-year rule and arguing that going to war with Germany in 1938 would have been disastrous as the UK was unprepared. Nonetheless, Chamberlain is still unfavourably ranked amongst British prime ministers.[1]


  1. Chamberlain's error was appeasing Hitler before ww2 had begun.
    Assuming there is no hotline between Washington and Moscow, Biden's statement is pushing Putin into a corner. Expansion of the war outside of Ukraine is a dangerous move. Russia are also announcing their redl lines

  2. Saying Chamberlain's controversial is like questioning whether the Black Plague was a public health emergency. These are the same historians who now claim that Israel drove out the Arabs in 1948 and massacred them at Deir Yassin. If real history doesn't fit your bias, invent fake history!
    Chamberlain and Daladier had every warning about Germany thrown in their faces and, in order to maintain their delusion that there could be peace, ignored them. They are just as responsible for WW2 as Hitler, y"sh.
    Chamberlain's English arrogance lead him to misread Hitler. He refused to re-arm Britain in the face of obvious German intentions. And even if he hadn't, Daladier had a ready army and Britain's navy, even without rebuilding the army, was ready. He is easily the worst PM Britain had in the 20th century.

  3. Perhaps worst we ever had!

  4. Yes, but short of letting the nukes fly, Russia is now stuck with its army revealed to be incompetent when facing similar competition and not just a bunch of disorganized Arab terrorists with no real military support.


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