Monday, April 25, 2022

The 'Lebanese Groom' arrives in Israel

A Lebanese born man who found himself at the center of a scandal in Brooklyn’s Syrian Jewish community last year is in Israel now, and has declared his intentions to spend the rest of his life in the Jewish state.

In October 2021, Eliya Hawila married a young Syrian-Jewish woman in Brooklyn, New York in an Orthodox Jewish ceremony – despite having been raised in a Shi’ite Muslim family in southern Lebanon.

Shortly thereafter, Hawila’s bride and her family discovered his background, with the couple separating and news of the ‘Lebanese groom’ sending shockwaves through the Orthodox community.

Hawila later apologized for the deception, but insisted he is sincere in his desire to live as an Orthodox Jew, and said he hopes to reconcile with his estranged wife.

In early April 2022, however, a Brooklyn rabbi who investigates questions regarding Jewish ancestry found that Hawila was in fact born Jewish.


  1. There is no Halacha that people can self-identify as a Jew. Either you are one, by birth or valid conversion; or you aren’t.

    Moreover, we now know that this Lebanese Arab was a stinking con-man; a bona fide Goy, who was masquerading as a Yehudi. He lied through his teeth, to achieve his goals, and nothing would stop him in his quest of being able to marry the Jewish woman he desired.

    He now claims to have undergone a bona-fide conversion. That’s fine. According to the Beis Din, he is now considered a Jew, and is obligated to keep the Torah. But that doesn’t mean that the Jewish woman who he defrauded, is chained to him. Nor would I recommend any woman to marry him, given his proclivity to lying, whenever he feels the need to do so.

    Trust and respect need to be earned. In my opinion, so far, he has earned neither.

  2. In my book, there is a legitimate form of “Jew by Choice”, which is the case of a sincere convert to Judaism, under Orthodox auspices. Otherwise, it’s a sham.

    Assimilation in the USA (and worldwide) is indeed a massive problem. It has been said, that in the USA alone, more people have been lost to assimilation, than were destroyed in the Holocaust.
    That's a spiritual holocaust!

    If you want to grow the Jewish People, it needs to be done organically. Encourage young singles to marry Jewish, and not to desert their people by intermarrying with non-Jews.

    Once they're married, they need to embrace the noble ideal of parenting, and be willing to bear and raise a Jewish family, and not to suffice with a mere child and a pet, per family.


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