Saturday, April 9, 2022

Israeli MK quits coalition over chametz argument with health minister

The governing coalition of Israel has lost its majority in the Knesset after conservative MK Idit Silman, resigned from her role.

Backbencher Silman resigned from the governing coalition currently led by Prime minister Naftali Bennett citing her belief that a “national, Jewish and Zionist government" should be leading Israel.

Silman has joined the opposition Likud party, currently led by former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

This defection comes after Silman criticised health minister Nitzan Horowitz, a member of the Meretz party, for lifting a ban on chametz in hospitals during Pesach to comply with an Israeli Supreme Court ruling that


  1. Meretz = chametz

  2. It's not over chometz. It's over Bennett's effective loss of leadership of his party. He brought them into the coalition so he could be prime minister. But two things have happened
    1) It turns out that even though he's prime minister, since he only has 6 MK's he doesn't really control that much of the government and they know it
    2) It turns out that his term is ending soon and when it does, Yamina becomes irrelevant and just needed for its votes.
    The Yamina MK's know this. As a I wrote when he became PM, these 2 years would be the peak and also the end of his political career because, having betrayed his party and put them into a terrible position, he could never again run as a credible right winger and his own party wouldn't follow him.


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