Sunday, April 17, 2022

United Arab List to suspend cooperation with Bennett government

The Islamic council which provides spiritual leadership for the Southern Islamic Movement and the United Arab List has instructed the party to halt all cooperation with the Bennett government, citing law enforcement efforts against Arab rioters on the Temple Mount.

The council held an emergency meeting Sunday afternoon after one of its leaders, Sheikh Mohammad Salameh Hassan, demanded the UAL party bolt the coalition and bring down the government.

At the urging of party chief MK Mansour Abbas, the council did not insist on the UAL’s immediate departure from the coalition, but instead instructed the faction to cease all cooperation with the government for the time being.

The meeting was called amid heavy pressure on the party from within the Southern Islamic Movement to bolt the government over the use of police forces to break up Arab rioting on the Temple Mount, including the insertion of Border Police officers to the Al Aqsa Mosque, after hundreds of rioters barricaded themselves inside the building last Friday.

Even some supporters of Abbas within the party have begun to express doubts about the UAL’s continued presence in the coalition.

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