Saturday, April 23, 2022

Kuzari wasn't familiar with Yerushalmi?

 אמת ליעקב ויקרא פרק טז פסוק יז

עיין תוס' מנחות [דף ק"ט ע"ב ד"ה נזדמן וכו'] שהביאו מהירושלמי ד"וכל אדם" היינו אפילו המלאכים [וע"כ צריך לפרש הכי שהרי כל עבודות היום הן בכה"ג, וא"כ אסור לכל אדם להכנס בכדי לאהל מועד4], והרי מוכח מכאן שהמלאכים מצויין היו בבית המקדש. ועיין בכוזרי [מ"א סי' ק"ט] שחפשו הקול יהודה והאוצר נחמד מקור למה שכתב כי השכינה והמלאכים היו ביניהם, ולא מצאו סמך מפורש בנוגע למלאכים, ולפמש"כ שפיר מוכח מהירושלמי הנ"ל, והוא מוכרח מהמקרא, ודו"ק.


  1. there is a claim that the Yerushalmi was "lost" and then rediscovered - is that correct? Or am I thinking of the Meiri?

  2. Here is a comment I saw about Rav Elyashiv ztl that I am not impressed with:

    "Rav Elyashiv was the embodiment of this noblest form of emulating God.

    He was first and foremost a man of the mind and a person of study. He

    was not naturally extraordinarily brilliant, but his intense love for

    truth and study stemmed from the very core of his being."

    what does the author mean by "not naturally extraordinarily brilliant"?
    There is strong evidence to support the fact that he was in fact brilliant from a young age, and extraordinarily so. Rav Kook made the match with the young Rav Elyashiv with Rav Arye Levine's daughter - this was the Tzaddik of Jeruselam - one does not make a shidduch at that level unless it is the finest Talmid chacham. We also know he was editing his granfatehr's books, and that Rav Herzog saw precisely the brilliance of the young Talmid chacham, and brought him in to the Rabbanut.
    The positive things are true, but the author of this Aish article makes it seem like he was just an average bochur who worked hard to become regarded as the greatest posek in the last generation.

  3. From various comments by Rishonim, we know that there was once a Talmud Yerushalmi on the order of Kodshim.
    However it is lost to us today.
    About 100 years ago, a man claimed to have come by a manuscript of the lost Yerushalmi, but was later shown to be a fraud, and he eventually admitted so to one of his confidants.

  4. I know that rambam sources the Yerushalmi widely in his Yad chazakah, - has there been an attempt to reverse engineer from the Yad to the Yerushalmi? Maybe the fraud guy tried his hand at this 😀

  5. If some parts of the Oral law are missing, and some gemaras wer enever actually written, hwo can we be sure that the current oral law is what was given on sinai? Perhaps the missing parts contradicited what we have today? see below:

    from Maimonides Introduction to Perek Helek:

    The authoritative commentary on the Torah is also the Word of God. The sukkah we build today, or the lulay, shofar, fri nges, phylacteries , etc. we use, replicate exactly those God showed Moses which Moses faithfully described for us. This fundamental principle is taught by the verse: “And Moses said, ‘Thus shall you know that then Lord sent me to do all these things, and that they are not products of my own mind’” (Num. 16:28)


  6. You're thinking of the Meiri, a great commentary that just disappeared for a long time and then fortunately reappeared.

  7. This fellow was quite clever, and learned. But unfortunately he misused his talents, in ways that Hashem did not intend him to.

  8. because there were more learned people who could tell it was a forgery!


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