Wednesday, January 29, 2020

"Spiritual Auschwitz"

3 Shvat, 5780 °° Jan. 29, '20

By Binyomin Feinberg,


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1.  Last week, we reported on the demonstration against the Israeli military drafting of girls, that took place Thursday Jan. 23, near Yad VaShem, just  as world leaders were leaving the World Holocaust Forum (reportedly initiated by Israeli President Rivlin) on the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz; see:

"Righteous Outrage Goes International"*

It's important to study the photos of the signs, which were composed with a good deal of thought:

[The photos are also available in the "Teves Update" google-drive .]

[*General observations on the World Holocaust Forum appear here:

"Never Again??" ]

2.  One could perhaps compose an essay elaborating on each one of the signs held at that demonstration, each one laden with meaning.

3.  While Israeli politicians continuously manipulate the memories of the Kedoshim murdered Al-Kiddush HaShem by the satanic Nazis, and their multitudinous collaborators (including some "Jews"), the Israeli government is escalating its own programs advancing Jew-hatred. This domestic Jew-hatred is hatred of Jews who insist on remaining authentically faithful to Judaism - to G-d and His Torah (e.g. ).

4.  What defines us as Jews is the Torah, nothing else.

5.   The current Israeli government war against the Torah is a war against G-d and against His People. 

6.  The participants of said crusade against G-d being of Jewish descent does precious nothing to alleviate the essence of their efforts being a rebellion against G-d Himself. (In fact, in certain ways, Jewish heretics are worse than non-Jewish ones.)

7.  In addition, Our Sages exhort us, for all generations to know, that "Gadol haMachti'yoh yosair min ha'Horg'oh;" those who endanger our souls by attempting to cause us to sin are EVEN worse that evildoers who seek to kill our physical bodies.

8. Interestingly, conversations with candid former-IDF servicemen from the Yom Kippur War era  clearly establish that the socialist Israeli Establishment of the time  generously provided BOTH: spiritual and physical endangerment of the Jewish People.

9.  Their antireligious credentials were notoriously impeccable. Their prewar criminal negligence -  sacrificing about two and a half thousand Jewish soldiers out of an arrogant refusal to call up reservists during the military buildup preceding the Yom Kippur war - clearly exhibited their callous attitude towards Jewish blood (i.e., as long as is wasn't their own blood). Israeli society lost thousands of its prized young men then, in a series of preventable miscalculations about enemy military intentions. Many of those soldiers, on the various fronts, were caught by surprise, totally unprepared, and massively - perhaps astronomically - outnumbered. They fought heroically to delay the onslaught of attacking armies, to save the masses of Jews, but they themselves were massacred.. 

10.  All that occurs is through Divine Providence. However, with regards to who bears human responsibility, from a military perspective, the arrogance of the elitist leftist Israeli leadership killed thousands of their best servicemen.

11. Israeli PM Netanyahu, on the other hand, works hard to project himself as rightwing on security, as a disciple of secular Zionist leader Jabotinsky (who, incidentally, if alive still, would probably find a number of current Netanyahu government policies somewhat idiotic).

12.  That predominant hawkish impression is aided primarily by Netanyahu's acumen to communicate, PR in short.

13.  Building on this projected persona, at the aforementioned Holocaust World Forum-op, Netanyahu identified a premier goal of his: 

"And therefore, at the foundation of the revival of the State of Israel is one main imperative: There will never be a second Holocaust. As the Prime Minister of Israel, this is my supreme obligation."

14.  As believing Jews, of course, we know that that itself is kefirah, heresy. Man cannot dictate what G-d does. IF, G-d forbid, our communal rebellion against G-d again results in G-d decreeing another such event, then all the nuclear weapons and advanced technology in the world won't stop it. And Rabbi Meir Kahane HY"D (to whom the slogan "Never Again" is attributed) himself acknowledged that obvious fact, i.e. that only G-d can protect us from another Holocaust, R"L.

15.  What most endangers Jews in Israel today - not only spiritually - but physically too - is communally rebelling against G-d - especially as manifested by the ongoing persecution of sincerely faithful Jews, Jews who clinging to His Torah, despite religious persecution perpetrated by Jews themselves, under the veneer of Jewish government.

16. It is precisely such a rebellion against G-d, and persecution of his sincere adherents, that makes the unthinkable "Again" a very real possibility, G-d forbid.  The threat of a second Holocaust, against which Netanyahu grandstands, is posed by policies of Netanyahu's own government. This includes policies such as the relentless, systemic government persecution of innocent teenagers and young women Refuseniks, resisting the anti-Torah military draft.

17.  Remember, these Refuseniks are simply noshim tzidkaniyos (righteous women), who simply wish nothing more than to protect their modesty and purity - and fidelity to the moral values that the Torah itself declares "yai'horaig ve'al ya'avor" (mandating sacrificing one's life if need be to preserve); see Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Daiyah 157.

18.  It is these girls and women who brave human rights abuses by the Israeli Army, Draft Office, Justice System, Civil and Military Prisons, Civil and Military Police, with collaboration of the leftist think tanks, foundations, Knesset factions and Media. The antireligious persecution is systemic. The crusade against righteous Jewish teenagers and women and their many advocates  could not possibly go on for so long if the persecution was anything other than a deeply rooted, systemic cancer embedded in the Israeli government and societal elite. 

19.  As one former IDF veteran of the Yom Kippur War era observed, one would think that the Israeli Establishment would have learned from the consequences of their deadly arrogance in 1973 -- but they did not. The current "right-wing" leftist Establishment in power projects a different image, sports various ideological and political divergences, but still clings to the original elitist, leftist arrogance, and their basic agenda of the holistic separation of the Jewish People from G-d and His Torah - body, mind, and spirit.

20.  Over the top? The evidence for the aforementioned observation is in the very deeds and policies of the Netanyahu government itself.  Again, this anti-G-d agenda is perhaps most manifest to the World in the brutally callous manner in which the government abuses Israeli girls for simply refusing to enlist in the Army, as has been reported on online and in print for about a year, in the Jewish Press, on, and elsewhere. (The large majority of the world considers forcibly drafting girls into the military anathema. Israel is one of the few countries on the planet that does that.)

21.  This observation provides some insight into the meaning of the sign held at the aforementioned protest proclaiming "Spiritual Auschwitz."  It's not only that the government draft of girls, along with the attendant religious persecution of Refusenik girls will, if not stopped, lead R"L to horrific physical consequences. More than that, right now it is a spiritual catastrophe. Drafting girls is not only an indescribable cruelty to individual girls and their families (both their current and their future families), it also threatens to destroy the future of the Jewish People, especially spiritually, in ways many of our external enemies failed.


  1. Sorry, but Feinberg is a dishonest, fanatic, liar, who is misrepresenting the facts and also violating the Torah.

    His central argument is this, so I will just deconstruct what he is arguing:

    " IF, G-d forbid, our communal rebellion against G-d again results in
    G-d decreeing another such event, then all the nuclear weapons and
    advanced technology in the world won't stop it. And Rabbi Meir Kahane
    HY"D (to whom the slogan "Never Again" is attributed) himself
    acknowledged that obvious fact, i.e. that only G-d can protect us from
    another Holocaust, R"L."

    1) he presumes that drafting to the army is rebellion against G-d. however, the opposite is true. fact; the Torah requires physical pikuach nefesh. The Torah has laws of rodef, and according to one of the commenters here als the law of Hashkem, to rise up early.. The army fulfills these parts of the Torah so mr feinberg is violating the torah himself, hence rebelling against G-d.

    2) Frum girls have free will - I remember when I was much younger and wanted to date a Rav's pretty daughter, she shunned me because my background was not rabbinical like hers. that despite the strongest Yestser (tov/hara) a woman can have, since i am the most handsom, intelligent and funny man in the world. If such a girl can resist , then also can those few who ar in the army or prisons.

    3) The man Mr feinberg is deceiving the audience, since he claims no weapons can stop a Holocaust. let us see if this is true historically - and also theologically. When Israel is fighting Amalek, it is only Moses who was davening, or shall we say, holding his hands up to heaven. Joshua and the men of valor were fighting physically, with swords. According to Feinberg, this was unnecessary , i.e. Joshua was doing bittul zman, and was not needed to fight. Thus, he is denying the Torah, therefore Feinberg is an apikores, even if nebach an apikores. next, Shaul hamelech was given the task to finish off Amalek - and he chose not to. He was not expected to daven for it, but to use the weaponry of the time, swords, arrows etc. Thus, again, the Neviim tell us that military force can win wars, and to kill amalek/prevent genocide.

    before and during the holocaust, many of feinberg's rabbinical heroes were making silly and thoughtless calculations, that physical action is not going to help, and that they can only be saved by spiritual means. well, that didn't work , did it? On the other hand , Rav Kotler worked with Hillel Kook to save many thousands of Jews, even violating Shabbat in the process.

    Who did defeat the nazis? Ultimately, yes, you can say G-d helped , but then again you could also say that G-d hid his "face" - that matters were chaotic. We had no nevuah to see exactly what He is guiding us to do, so we have to rely on rational action. Rational action was done by te British, the americans and the russian allies, who pummeled Germany from directions.

    He claims that Israel has no hashgacha from G-d, no special coverage. this again denies the Torah which says Hashem's "eyes" are on Eretz Israel all year long. And this again implies that Feinberg is nebach an apikores.

    Fools like Feinberg couldn't care less if murderers like iran, Hizbollah or Hamas attack israel. although he uses the losses of the Yom Kippur war as political capital, he clearly doesn't belive in the the argument he is bringing in that case.
    he is saying, if Israel had enlisted and called up soldiers before the war, and by implication taken preventative action, less people would have been killed. it seems that feinberg doesn't understand what he is saying. because this is precisely what the Army is trying to do by expandig its recruitment drive, amongst the dati jews as well.

    is he suggesting that it would have been Ok to recruit frum people before the YK war, and also women? Or is he suggesting that it would have been better for those thoousands of lvies to be lost , rather than to have recruited frum boys and /or girls?

  2. Now Feinberg is even minimizing the holocaust.

  3. The Holy Babaa Sali

    a great admirer of Satmar Rebbe and a staunch opposer of IDF and Gius of Men and for sure all Jewish Girls

  4. The Baba Sali, in turn, asserted that the State of Israel was created in the merit of the poem composed by his son, the Baba Meir, called “Degel Yisrael Herima,” the flag of Israel has been raised. When the Baba Sali was told that secular Jews were building the State of Israel, he replied by citing the tefilla of Nachem, which we recite on Tisha B’Av: “Ki Ata be-eish hitzata, u-va-eish Ata atid livnota” – with fire Yerushalayim was destroyed and with fire it will be rebuilt. He explained that just as Jerusalem was destroyed by the fire of avoda zara, it will sadly be rebuilt by avoda zara.

  5. Herzl he is YOR Messiah!

  6. Are you a Russian bear? A treif chaya vilde?

  7. if you have read any of my posts on the subject of Moshiach, i have always cited Hilchot Melachim of the Rambam, and the breadth of sources in the Tenach, as well as the Yerushalmi, and obviously shas. I have also argued that Rambam is consistent with the Yerushalmi and Bavli. I have previously pointed out that nobody has fulfilled the halachic criteria for Moshiach and that the claims of certain meshichists were /are false. how then, could i consider somebody to be Moshiach?


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