Friday, January 31, 2020

How Trump has destroyed the Republican party

Just under four years after he began his takeover of a party to which he had little connection, Mr. Trump enters 2020 burdened with the ignominy of being the first sitting president to seek re-election after being impeached.
But he does so wearing a political coat of armor built on total loyalty from G.O.P. activists and their representatives in Congress. If he does not enjoy the broad admiration Republicans afforded Ronald Reagan, he is more feared by his party’s lawmakers than any occupant of the Oval Office since at least Lyndon Johnson.
“Trump is emotionally, intellectually and psychologically unfit for office, and I’m sure a lot of Republicans feel the same way,” Mr. Trott said. “But if they say that, the social media barrage will be overwhelming.” He added that he would be open to the presidential candidacy of former Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York.

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  1. The key to success is staying on message. The key to getting someone off message is to harass him until he forgets the message and spends all his time fending off attacks.
    Thus you have Lubavitch which is successful because, despite all the opposition from frum and non-frum groups, stays on message. This is why they always complete their projects and overcome all opponents. They don't get off message no matter what.
    And you have Trump who is one step greater - not only does he stay on message (you may not like the message, it may be a lousy message but boy, does he stay with it) but he also finds time to attack his opponents and remain on message.
    That's why he'll win in 2020. The Dem's have no message, only attacks to try and get Trump off his which, after the impeachment ends, will be shown to have been a failure. Their new whinge will be "The Senate is corrupt!" while Trump and the GOP will continue to campaign.


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