Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Trump Considered Killing Qassem Soleimani Several Times Since 2017, Report Says


President Donald Trump had been floating the possibility of killing top Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani since 2017, according to a new report detailing the commander in chief's discussions with senior administration and military aides.
The Washington Post reported Sunday that the president had discussed assassinating Major General Qassem Soleimani—the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps' clandestine Quds Force—several times since taking office.
Citing unnamed former administration and Pentagon officials, the Post said Trump first suggested killing Soleimani in the spring of 2017, in response to a ballistic missile attack launched by Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen against the Saudi capital Riyadh. The attack came just before Trump traveled to the kingdom as his first foreign trip since taking office.
Then-Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis reportedly resisted the idea. But the suggestion would not go away and Trump raised it again several times in the months and years since, according to the newspaper.

Donald Trump authorized the killing of Soleimani seven months ago


 US President Donald Trump authorized the killing of IRGC chief Qasem Soleimani seven months ago, according to a report released by NBC news.

The report also indicated that the presidential directive was issued in June, on the condition that he would sign off on any specific operation to kill Soleimani. On this basis, it explains why Soleimani was given as a option for Trump following the attacks on the American embassy in Iraq and the death of an American contractor, according to NBC.






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  1. By all standards, Soleimani was a threat to Americans, Jews and Arabs. Trump ordering his killing turned him into a darling that didn't deserve that anything bad should ever happen to him. What a trick!


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