Thursday, January 30, 2020

If the Senate Doesn't Hold Trump Accountable, the Damage Will Go Far Beyond This Presidency

 From the beginning, candidate Trump got away with behavior that was unimaginable for others. He got a pass for making fun of a reporter with a disability. He got away with calling Mexicans rapists and criminals. He was excused for attacking a Gold Star family because they were Muslim. His supporters even found a way to defend him when a videotape where he boasted about sexual assaults became public. But this conduct happened within the realm of politics­—it was up to voters to decide whether to countenance Trump’s behavior. They chose, at that point, to accept it.

Should the President emerge from impeachment, secure in the belief he has unlimited Article II powers of the presidency, we are headed for an unfortunate lesson about the absence of executive-branch accountability. What will Trump feel emboldened to do after an impeachment acquittal? What won’t he do to win the next election? Without accountability there is no reason to believe this President or future ones will conform their behavior to the restraints imposed by the Constitution. And this moment, where the Senate has the chance the Founding Fathers provides them with in the Constitution to restore the balance of power, will be lost.


  1. What will the Democrat liberals do next if we allow them to continue? Kill babies legally? Oh, no, they already do that. Legalize and institutionalize through marriage homosexuality? Oh, no, they already do that. Take away free speech with so-called hate crime laws? Oh, no, they already do that. Force students into classes that teach that degenerate and perverse behavior has to be respected? Oh, no, they already do that.

    Who do we have in the political realm to oppose the evil in our midst? President Trump.

    We are at war.

  2. There is supposed to be a balance of powers but in truth there isn't. The quiet secret is that the Supreme Court is the ultimate governing power in the US. With a Republican majority, conservative legislation gets passed and liberal legislation gets rejected. With a Democratic majority, the liberal agenda reigns supreme. In 2000, Bush II became president because the majority of Supreme Justices were Republican appointees. If the majority had been Democrat we'd have gotten President Gore. No one should doubt that for an instant.
    So yes, there's an imbalance. Trump sees that and is sowing chaos to transfer more unbridled power to himself. With a Republican majority on the Supreme Court and in the Senate he does have power beyond what a proper balance would give him. An emotionally mature and rational man would stand back and decide not to abuse that. But that isn't Trump.
    The two questions that must follow are
    1) If Hillary had won the election, would she have been any different? No, she'd have appointed liberal justices to the Supreme Court and the Court along with the Democrats in the HoR would have given her the same royal powers Trump is demanding.
    2) Would Hillary have been a better president for the US and Israel? Probably not. So perhaps we're lucky we have a more sympathetic menuval in power.

  3. what will the Jews do next ? only trump can control them
    what about cancer - only Trump knows what to do!


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