Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Two ultra-Orthodox young women jump to their deaths in Jerusalem

Suicide note indicates at least one girl was leaving faith and feared disappointing her family.


  1. My heart goes out for them and their families. These occurrences are mostly due to when these children have been violated, and they are thrown under the bus as if they are dispensible R'L'. The leifers and the kranczer's prevail due to the Enabler's giving them haven and an orei miklat, e.g. the Lizman's, the ra bonim vechol sha'ar minei marin bishin. I can feel the children's pain, they get so disappointed from those that are supposed to protect them, that they lose faith and taking their own lives Rachmana lesheizvei. Where are all those Stadium gatherers, to save our children. This is a SHA'ARURYA of Biblical proportions. Shomu Shamayim!!! How can you stand idly by when are children's blood is spilled Domom nishpach Kamayim hanigorim alei artzo. Wake up and DO SOMETHING. These children are our own flesh and blood. Aval ashemim anachnu, ki yadenu shofcho es hadam haze. Gevaldt!! Eretz al techassi es domom! Enough, I can't take this anymore.

  2. It's not always that they have been violated. There is also another possible cause which is leider very common. Children who don't succeed in their yeshiva or school for whatever reason, become so despondent that they self destruct either by leaving the fold r"l or by suicide r"l. The education system isn't inclusive to make a place for these children. These children who for whatever reason don't do well either scholastically or socially, have no place. So the yeshiva or school (if they have not yet been kicked out) is a living gehinom for them, and there is no place for them so they fall between the cracks in the system into an abyss of she'ol tachtis.

  3. מחריד - ההתאבדות הכפולה
    המשטרה טוענת שעוד 3 בנות דודות תכננו להצטרף
    פתחו קבוצת וואטסאפ ותכננו...

    ההתאבדות בגבעת שאול- משה נוסבאום ב׳ערוץ 12׳: בקבוצת הוואטסאפ בה היו חברות חני סוליש ושטרנה שרה קלפמן הן פיזרו רמזים על כוונתן להתאבד. חברה אחת כתבה שהיא מבינה את שעשו, והחברות אף כתבו שאין ברירה מלבד מהלך כזה. משטרת ירושלים עודכנה, ואיתרה את הבנות - כדי לוודא שלא יעשו מעשה דומה

    ׳ידיעות׳ על הטרגדיה של פטירת הבנות חני סוליש ושרה קלפמן - קלפמן למדה בי-ם במרכז ׳אמן׳ שזה השלוחה החרדית של בצלאל. מקום הלימודים נמצא בגבעת שאול ולשם הגיעו הבנות בלילה, לגג הבניין של המרכז. לפני כן הן ישבו יחד מס׳ שעות בבית הסבתא בשכונת רמות בי-ם.

    ׳ידיעות׳ על הטרגדיה של פטירת הבנות - הבניין עצמו בגבעת שאול נקרא ׳מרכז ספיר׳. זה באזור תעשייה שיש בו מפעלים ומוסכים רבים. המקום רועש ביום אך שקט מאוד ופתוח לכל אדם בלילה. הגישה לגג חופשית ומגיעים לשם סטודנטים ובני נוער כדי לשבת ולעשן.

    ׳ידיעות׳: זה טרגדיה שניה לאחרונה על רקע של עזיבת הדת. רק בחודש נובמבר האחרון שמו קץ לחייהם שני אחים בני 19 ו-25 בדירה ברח׳ ז׳בוטינסקי בי-ם. האחים שהתגוררו בשכונת מקור ברוך שכרו את הדירה לכמה ימים ושם שמו קץ לחייהם ביחד.

  4. Am I the only one that's bothered by this loss of 2 tayere yidishe neshomos? Where is everybody? This tragedy is written in blood all over the place,. They were OUR SISTERS!!! If one dies from the CHABURO, YIDAAG KOL HACHABURO! They were crying to us all along, but no one listened. K-A-R-A-S-I V-E-E-I-N O-I-N-E-H They only listen to the PERPETRATORS! They smuggle them out in the middle of the night, ship them to Israel. Then you have the orei halviyim Rabbis giving them haven! AND YES, Al ken ba'ah olenu hatzara hazot. MES mitzva mital bachama le'einei hashemesh, VECHOL YISRAEL KROVIM EILOV. HAIM HACHRESH TACHRISHI LAES KAZOS??? The silence is deafening. How much more blood does the earth need to be drenched before we wake up? The handwriting is written all over the wall. Wake up, Do Something. This is the epitome of VEHIRSHII ES HATZADIK VEHITZDIKI ES HOROSHO!!! Nebach, These children have been living in pain and they could take it no more. Where were we? Can we say Yadenu lo shofcho es hadom hazeh while the whole world is standing idly by. Ribono dekulay alma. Our children are bleeding, how can we be silent, how dare we?
    YIDDEN SHTEITZ OIF, uru mitrdeimaschem. The story is real, the children nebach were real, vehayeled eineni, veono ani bo?

  5. Dear moderator
    Upon several occasions, my responses for children being abused only to commit suicide have been eclipsed one way or another ending up on the back burner.. Kindly replace it to the forefront when you have the next opportunity to allow due process. The victimized children do deserve better. Thank you.

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  7. Not necessarily, but I would like to share my heartbreak with those that sympathize along with me. These are my dear sisters and brothers that had had been two timed and the Ra bonim have a big hand in it. They give haven for the perps and blame the victims only to shove them under the bus. They are corrupted to the core and this is earth shattering. It is paining to no end, and don't hear anyone sharing it. Korosi ve'ein oneh. Maybe Mr. Joseph Orlow will give the children a voice they so much deserve. O' Dear almighty, mi sheomar leolamo day, yomar letzoroisenu day.

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