Friday, January 17, 2020

Lilat, Ziva


Hate Crimes Vs. A Religious Bas-Cohen

Update: Jan. 16, '20

By Binyomin Feinberg,


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We reported on a religious young woman, Lital bas Miriam Cohen of Tel Aviv, 26, incarcerated on Monday for her steadfast refusal to sacrifice her religious principles and her personal purity by enlisting in the Israeli Army.

She is now being persecuted in jail for her fidelity to Torah Law, denied even a sheet to sleep on, contact with an attorney entering the jail to speak to her and bring her items from home, and in other ways. They are clearly trying to break her. They're also apparently seeking to extend her incarceration without appropriate due process.

Please stay tuned, we hope to post more updates throughout the week.

Please daven and learn for Lital bas Miriam, intelligently circulate this information, and protest any "frum" media venues who opt to intentionally silence this story.


UPDATE on Ziva bas Mazal

16 Jan. '20

By Binyomin Feinberg,

A Follow up on this most recent post:

We've reported on Ziva bas Mazal in the past (e.g. ).

The Army chooses their victims judiciously, and apparently treats them with similarly thoughtful consideration.

°  Ziva is currently suffering as a female, who is being persecuted with the overt intent to compel her to violate her personal modesty by enlisting in the notoriously exploitive and immoral Army.

°  She is enduring what is nothing less than religious persecution, for her fidelity to the Torah prohibition against enlistment in the Army.

°  She's enduring blatant mistreatment that appears more frequently in the cases involving those within the naturally less-advantaged Ethiopian community. (Some elitist, antireligious Ashkenazi bigots consider it their duty to integrate black Jewish girls into the military melting pot.)

°   Additionally, the elitists in Maitav evidently feel it imperative that the entire family participate in this social-engineering draft process. Ziva's elderly parents, particularly her acutely infirm father, are being subjected to all of the pain of witnessing this ongoing, illegal charade against their daughter.

More soon BE"H.


  1. You continue to malign the State of Israel and the IDF with malicious lies: "violate her personal modesty by enlisting in the notoriously exploitive and immoral Army". Please desist once and for all. Please learn the facts (and not hearsay) before you write anything more.

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