Sunday, January 26, 2020

Jeffrey Toobin on impeachment trial: Trump is winning here

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  1. Of course Trump is winning. The GOP started a dangerous spiral downwards back when they went after Bill Clinton and impeached him because they didn't like his popularity. The partisan rift deepened when Dem's couldn't get over losing in 2000 to Bush II and became a chasm when Obama was elected. The situation is simple nowadays - whatever Trump does is bad and illegal. If he came out as demanded that people stop smoking, the Dem's would demand teaching proper cigarette technique be introduced to the grade 8 curriculum.
    Given the firm partisan divide, any attack on "my" guy is going to be met with fierce loyalty. Far from causing Trump's base to think "Oh wow, he's not the guy we though he was" there will be a doubling down of support. And since Trump will not be convicted (the partisan divide means the GOP senators will all vote to acquit not because they believe he's innocent but because he's "one of us") his popularity will soar as he uses his acquittal as proof he was targeted and this was an attempt to overthrow the 2016 election results.


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