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Righteous Outrage Goes International:


Righteous Outrage Goes International:

Jewish Outrage Over the Israeli Drafting of Girls Overflows Onto the International Stage

26 Teves, 5780 °° Jan. 23, '20

By Binyomin Feinberg,


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This morning we reported on today's international Israeli summit against antisemitism held in Jerusalem (see
"Never Again??" at: ).

We've since received reports of the demonstration held there by concerned Orthodox Jews against the Israeli government, over their drafting of girls into the notoriously exploitive and immoral Army, and over the often brutal religious-persecution of religious objectors, particularly the girls currently languishing in Military Prisons Four and Six.

Well over a dozen protesters demonstrated at a location about a five-minute walk away from where world leaders were being hosted in Jerusalem, to address increasing antisemitism, on the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.  Demonstrators prepared multiple "provocative" signs, e.g. protesting antireligious Army racism against Jews of color, and imploring President Putin to seek the freedom of an incarcerated victim of IDF antireligious persecution (Lital bas Miriam). 

Nevertheless, B"H, the protest remained peaceful, because, in full view of international media, the police employed noteworthy restraint this time, allowing free expression of dissent without stealing signs, or targeting demonstrators for "disciplinary" beatings and incarceration. 

Protesters held signs protesting the decades-old Israeli policy of forcing girls into the promiscuous military environment from about 4pm to 7:30 or 8pm, and reported a vibrant media presence (including YNet). One poster identified the co-ed Army as "The Largest Open Human Trafficking Network in the Mideast."

It was a wonderful Kiddush HaShem to see that Jews truly care. It's tragic that the Israeli government requires concerned Jews to appeal to the broader international community in order to save our sisters from religious persecution - by other Jews.

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