Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The Brilliance of Common Sense - RABBI FRAND


According to the Talmud, Korach’s wife goaded him on and encouraged him to stand up against Moshe and his family’s nepotism. O’ne ben Peles’ wife, on the other hand, counseled her husband to avoid the dispute. “Listen, O’ne, what are you going to get out of this? Whichever way things play out, you will still emerge as just a ‘bit player’. Either Moshe will emerge as the unchallenged leader or Korach will emerge as the leader. In either case you will be nothing more that a ‘second fiddle’! You stand to gain nothing by getting involved in this fight!”
The Talmud quotes the pasuk “Chochmas Nashim bansa baysah” [The wisdom of a wife can save a household] [Mishlei 14:1]. The Gemara explains that this refers to the wife of O’ne ben Peles. She exhibited tremendous wisdom by convincing her husband that there was nothing to be gained by getting involved in Korach’s rebellion. Shlomo was alluding to this wisdom in the above quoted pasuk.
The question can be asked, however, where was the great wisdom here? It was a rather elementary conclusion that her husband would not be the leader either way. Where was the great brilliance? She did nothing more than point out an obvious fact to her husband.


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