Friday, July 25, 2014

Rivky Stein & Yoel Weiss: "To be or not be at E72nd ('th') or E77th ('nd') Streets"

Guest post by RaP

Now we are literally at a crossroads, between two streets in Brooklyn!

As Yoel Weiss has called Rivky Stein's bluff and stated point blank that he will willingly give her a get ASAP at the location of her own designated "beit din'" all of a sudden a psychological war of confusion and games erupts. With all kinds of smokescreens and dummies worthy of a cloak and dagger James Bond thriller!

Until now no one had heard from the Chabad people at E77nd, or anywhere, all of a sudden someone supposedly checks up with one Chabad "rebbbetzin" (who as every amateur Halachist and even a Talmud beginner knows is NOT "kosher le'eidus" because she is woman!) while the Chabad rabbi supposedly chimes in from the background and pleads innocence that he knows of no such bais din at his Chabad house! Aw shucks!

Really?! So how come others who are tracking Rivky Stein's own Facebook pages are reporting that Rivky Stein herself says, in contradiction of the Chabad "rebbetzin" that indeed the "correct" address for her "beit din" IS located at E72nd Street home of the Chabad house and NOT at E77th (nd) Street!

By the way, what connections to Rivky Stein and her backers such as Uziel Frankel have with Chabad??

This confusion is a sign of the desperation Rivky Stein and her backers must feel. As people who have followed Chabad in some depth know, that over time they do have their failings like any other fallible humans. One such problem with Chabad as anyone who has been seriously watching them knows is that they are not averse to getting involved in disputes where big money is at stake, usually involving large estates and last minute re-writing of wills.

It is understandable that Chabad rabbis need funds to grow their communities, and unfortunately there have been too many instances where out of desperation they have been involved in court cases, legal proceedings, and dinei Torah involving allegations of forging signatures and documents to gain access to sizeable funds. And Chabad fights to win, no matter who is right or wrong!

Given that Rivky Stein was demanding over $400 million, yes that's over Four Hundred Million US Dollars, from Yoel Stein and his entire family, it is not that difficult to imagine that a small-time desperate Chabad rabbi could be talked into "loaning" his "address" for a necessary document or two in exchange for a cut of such a big potential haul, even if a final settlement would yield one tenth it still comes out to over $40 million, and ten percent of that is over $4 million, nice! No one imagined when this all started that this scandal would be pasted all over the Internet, not just the way Rivky's PR people planned it, or that anyone would even care, and obviously some people thought that they had Yoel Weiss like a "cat in the bag" but now it has all gone awry for them as Yoel has jumped out of that imaginary bag of lies, entrapment and manipulations.

Of course, in order to build in "plausible deniability" in case something "goes wrong" certain information and details need to be fudged and designed to create "wrong data" to put off and co-opt the overly nosy bloodhounds.

Thus it is no surprise that "E72nd" Street can be segued or pushed or fudged or slanted off to become "E77nd" (and the other way around too) since "E72nd" Street is sort of like "E77th" Street on paper but not in reality. After all what's the real difference in the shapes between a "2" and a "7" -- not much really, in writing they can be confused, and sometimes smudged or confused or easily become typos.

After all what is teeny-tiny typo between friends?

But in this case the matter is deadly earnest.

So now, as the deadline approaches, up comes the designed "defense" (of Rivky Stein) with the decoy that has this built in conundrum to throw those hot in pursuit off the trail, who are yelling: "will the real 'beit din' [on either 72nd Street or E77th Street] please stand up"?!

Seems that perhaps that the poster who CLAIMS to have "spoken" to the Chabad "rebbetzin" is being too clever by half, if by the same token he "tells" Yoel Weiss in a fake Yinglish accent that Yoel and his entourage should "only" show up in one place when it has become obvious that something very fishy is going on here and that there is no choice but Yoel has to cover all his bases at BOTH the E72nd Street and at E77th Street simultaneously!

In fact Yoel Weiss can hire private detectives and also must appoint groups of friends and relatives, or have a rov appoint two kosher eidim and shluchim (not Lubavitchers!) to monitor BOTH E72nd Street AND E77th Street AT THE SAME TIME and to be at each place ONE HOUR BEFORE NOON and each group should be the scouts and search party that should be willing and able to establish at just which of the two street addresses Yoel Weiss should show up at.

It's not an "either-or" rather it is a "be at both" solution!

Rav Steinman: We are to pray for all soldiers - even the Shabbos transgressors!

Kikar haShabbat

וכשרצו לעורר מבחינות אחרות, הגיב רבינו "סאיז דאך יידישע קינדער - ארחמנות..." - 'הרי הם ילדים יהודים, ורחמנות עליהם'.

כמו כן, על הטענה שיש כאלו שאינם שומרי שבת, לא ויתר מרן הגראי"ל ואמר שצריך להתפלל גם עליהם. וסיפר מעשה שהיה עם מרן הגר"ח מבריסק זצוק"ל שפעם אחת היה גזר דין מוות על אחד מאנשי "הבונד" והיה צריך הרבה כסף כדי לשכור לו עורך דין, ועמד מרן הגר"ח זצוק"ל "בעצם יום הכיפורים הקדוש" ואסף כסף כדי להציל אותו, ובאמת הצליח להצילו ממות.

הרי לנו שאף לאחד שהיה ידוע לרשע, טרח אותו גאון וצדיק כ"כ כדי להצילו, ואנשי הבונד היו ידועים "לאפיקורסים ממש".

Seminary Scandal: Character witnesses are irrelevant in verifying abuse allegations

Cross Currents    by Rabbi Shaya Karlinsky Dean and Rosh Yeshiva of Shapell’s/Darche Noam Institutions: Yeshivat Darche Noam/ Shapell’s and the Midreshet Rachel v’Chaya College of Jewish Studies for Women

We have been witness to an increasing number of depressing revelations about Rabbis acting inappropriately towards women they have been counseling or educating. I have no intention of discussing any specific case. I would like to discuss a pattern that is all too common in these cases.

In response to accusations of improper behavior by Rabbis with female students or congregants, lots of well-meaning people come to the defense of the accused. These people will vouch for his tremendous integrity, meticulous observance of all appropriate boundaries in every interaction they ever experienced or witnessed, and the life-changing advice and counseling they or their friends received from the accused. Since, if and when breaches of ethical and Halachic behavior happen, they happen “behind closed doors,” the only way to verify the accusations is for victims to provide detailed testimony of what they claim happened. Frequently, the victims themselves are troubled individuals, or were having some specific emotional crisis which can make them vulnerable to advances from the predator, while compromising their credibility as plaintiffs or witnesses. People can become easily swayed and confused when weighing claims of somewhat unreliable plaintiffs/witnesses against the claims and testimony of obviously well adjusted success stories of said Rabbi’s activities. [...]

When a Rabbi or educator is accused of improper behavior of a sexual or abusive nature, character witnesses are irrelevant to verifying whether the accusations are true. All the many people who have been helped in the past in no way undermine the credibility of the accusers. What is important is the specific accusations, whether there is a pattern to those accusations, and whether the accused can properly refute those accusations. If the defendant is being falsely accused by vindictive or unstable women, either the cross examination of the accusers will verify that, or direct testimony to contradict the claims can be provided. If the accusations are credible, if a pattern of improper behavior is verified, if the accused is guilty, then all the people who were helped should have no impact of the conclusions one needs to draw. In fact, his help is revealed to be part of his abominations, empowering him to continue preying on vulnerable and innocent victims. Those he helped are his “honest” measure, enabling him destroy the lives of those he was cheating. [...]

Seminary scandal: Lastest Psak of Israel Beis Din on July 25, 2014

Last night, Rav Aharon Feldman brought the case to Beis Din here (Rav Mendel Shafran is Rosh Beis Din). They sat for 8 hours hearing testimony from everyone involved, and wrote up their official Hachlatot.
They concluded (my translation)

1) There is absolutely no danger to students to be educated in these four seminaries.

2) The staffs of these schools are incredible and they have done their work with mesiras nefesh, faithfully and with yeras shamayim. They have succeeded in producing a large number of students over the years who have produced distinguished frum homes that are faithful to G-d and His Torah and they are capable of producing more.

3) We request that Touro certify these seminaries for past credits

4) It is prohibited for any other school (either preexisting or newly established) to attempt to recruit students - either directly or indirectly - who have been accepted in these seminaries for the coming year. This is prohibited by a number of halachos and we are sure no one will try to do such a sin.

5) It is prohibited to defame or slander these seminaries in any manner

6) There are those who have intervened without authority who haven't heard all the facts and should be ignored.

7) There are additional issues regarding this case but they are not discussed in this ruling but will be fully addressed at a future time.

Rifky Stein & Yoel Weiss: Rifky said he raped her - because he didn't let her kiss him?!

In this increasingly bizarre story, Rivky has just put a very brief audio clip of Yoel on her website - saying that she said that he raped her. 
    "So, she's laying down in bed with me, an hour later I  want to have sex with her again, this time she's busy there saying no. After we finished with her she said you know you raped me"
The context of the quote is not given and I would like to hear the whole recording as well as finding out who Yoel was talking with, who recorded the conversation and whether Yoel was aware that he was being recorded.  Perhaps more important did she say it with hurt and anger or did she say it with a smile?

A possible answer can be found in the video below where she talks about Yoel raping her. At about 5 minutes she says something that is seems incomprehensible. Perhaps someone can give me a rational explanation.
“When he was raping me he wouldn’t let me kiss him on the mouth because it wasn’t about intimacy”.
 Here she is describing how she was brutally raped by her husband.  She states that it was rape and not normal intimacy because she wasn't allowed to kiss him?! What woman being raped is upset that she can't kiss her rapist? What she is clearly saying is that if he had allowed her to kiss him on the mouth - she would not have considered it rape but intimacy?

Why would allowing her to kiss him make it not rape? What if he allowed her one kiss but not two - is it still rape? I don't think she would convince a jury that she had been brutally raped simply because he didn't want her to kiss him.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Yaakov Weingarten - convicted of major charity fraud - must pay $522,000

Times of Israel   A Brooklyn man who pleaded guilty to felony tax fraud in an Israeli charities scam was ordered to pay more than a half-million dollars in a civil suit. 

The judgment against Yaakov Weingarten, 53, and his wife, Rivka, was handed down Wednesday in Kings County Supreme Court, according to a news release from New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. 

The Weingartens must give $360,000 to UJA-Federation of New York and pay $162,000 in civil fines and penalties. He also was barred from fundraising for nonprofits.

Weingarten pleaded guilty to tax fraud in May for raising funds for phony Jewish nonprofit organizations. He was sentenced to five years’ probation after paying $90,685 in restitution to New York State.

According to Schneiderman’s office, Weingarten and his associates bilked thousands of North American donors with claims that he was collecting money for Israeli charitable purposes such as emergency medical services and programs for terror victims, sick children and the poor. He also failed to report his income on tax returns.[...]

Rivky Stein & Yoel Weiss: Rifky's Beis Din does not exist at 1278 E 72nd st.

Guest Post by Verification of Address

I contacted twice Chabad of Georgetown of 1278 east 72nd Street Brooklyn NY 11234 via phone#: 1(718)444-3770, and spoke twice to Choshuva Rebbetzin Holtzberg; After she consulted twice with her Choshuva husband HaRav Avrohom Holtzberg שליט"א, then she came back with a very clear answer (on behalf of her husband, the רב), that the above חב"ד of Georgetown is NOT related in any way to any בית דין or דיינים and NEVER hosts any outside בית דין\דיינים in their Shul/חב"ד of Georgetown; Furthermore, they are NOT related/involved in any way with the controversial divorce case of Stein vs. Weiss. 

Therefore, their above mentioned address, is definitely not affiliated in any way with that so called בית דין of Mill Basin, NOR it's so called אב בית דין ודיינים (and their so called חרם NEITHER). So therefore, there's definitely NO point at all, for Yoylie Weiss to try to also go at the above mentioned, as confirmed with owners of that same address.... Now, let's just hope that the 1278 East 77th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11236, is the Correct Address of that בית דין and hopefully things will work out right, and that it's Rabbis and both parties etc. will all show up at that same place and time to achieve the goal of getting that Get controversy OVER.

Rifky Stein & Yoel Weiss: The embarrassing silence from the media about being fooled by Rivky's story

I was about to write a post on this subject when I received the following cogent and sensitive comment that I decided to post it instead.
Guest post by  Guy Gustafson

What I find really wacky is that after all these recent developments and exposures none of the media circles have put out an updated or new story.

All the old stories are still up there and doing a search on google news for "Rivky Stein" or "Yoel Weiss" brings up news articles from the New York Daily News to Jweekly (and about this issue the Daily News hasn't said anything new about this for days and Jweekly hasn't said anything for weeks).

The articles on news sites and various blogs (aside from this blog) read as if the verdict is already in and that Yoel Weiss is condemned and that Rivky speaks truth as if she gave the Torah on Mount Sinai.

I think Yoel has more then vindicated himself and at the very least has shed some serious doubts on Rivky's story which I would think she would have to defend... but no she does not because as far as the media in concerned the story hasn't changed since they first heard about it and only if you happen to read this Daas Torah blog will you get an alternate side to Rivky's story.

I don't understand it. I would of thought the media would have a field day with this. I mean this is drama and entertainment of the highest order (sorry Yoel but it is, I myself don't follow news stories so much anymore but this one had me hooked from the beginning, its so alarming!)

Everybody loves it when a liar gets outed in the media, look what happened when Susan Smith and Lance Armstrong got there lies smashed into pieces (the latter spent a whole session with Oprah and his sociopath sob story).

I'm not saying that this case is anywhere close to the level of exposure of the above heavyweight all time media highlights that will never be forgotten. but this is a very serious Jewish community issue and its not an isolated incident.

When men start dating after this they are going to be obsessively looking for signs of psycho with a magnifying glass in every woman thus extending dating for months or years. I imagine men are going to turn away a lot more women for marriage at the slightest perceived sign of instability or wackiness.

But better that then to marry a super-psycho! Background checks, private investigators and references equal to that of getting a job in the US secret service will be necessary. cause I'll admit until this circus I myself was not too concerned about this issue but now its a very very big concern.

I'm fairly confident to say that most people have met people like Rivky Stein somewhere throughout there lives so everybody knows they exist.

I remember people I met at all levels of schooling and at various work places. People who I initially found to be engaging and interesting and with time passing small signs of crazy started showing and then they accumulated to the point of discomfort and then fear - cause they got too close and how could I get rid of them now?

If you have been in that kind of situation you know how uncomfortable and spooky it can be and how much effort and thought has to go into avoiding them after you have befriended them. Now imagine that happening after you married someone cause you didn't check them out closely enough during the dating process!

So for the sake of this alone (although exonerating Yoel is in its self a good enough reason) that the shofar on this issue should not be put away but be blown to warn unmarried Jewish men to be REALLY careful and scrutinizing when dating.

So this is why its important for these new developments to get into the media; news, blogs, and social networking sights need to be brought up to date.

Yet aside from Daas Torah - there's silence all around and worse; the perpetuation of the old and obviously fabricated story. people on Facebook (not that I'm a member thank G-d) are still condemning Yoel Weiss and calling for him to be burned at the stake.

They are ready with their cyber pitchforks and burning torches to form a mob and cast him out of existence with such certainty that he is Frankenstein. this is very likely to be just because they haven't heard latest events making up much more then half the story.

So if the people heard the closer to full story they can stop screaming to rip off Yoel's head and stick it on a spike, step back, think, reform their opinions and apologize to Yoel and ask forgiveness for so naively accepting lashon hora (evil speech) and spreading it. At the very least they can just stop verbally bashing him and celebrating Rivky raising her ego to the heavens.

But I guess if that never happens Yoel will just have to pack his bags cause his reputation got so tarnished that he can never live a normal life again and move here to Israel where nobody knows him thus fulfilling the mitzvah (commandment/obligation) of dwelling in the land of the Jewish people.

Hey if you look at it that way once again we see that every thing G-d does is good and there is a silver lining to every dark cloud. Come home Yoel the unmarried girls here need you!

Rivky Stein & Yoel Weiss:Rivky Stein's "Beit Din" - Forgery in the name of a "higher calling"

Guest Post by RaP:

Once upon a time, forgery was an art that called for skill. In today's computerized world anyone can copy, create or photoshop almost anything. In recent years there has been a rise of printing falsified documents that have Halachic ramifications. It is now very easy for anyone to "copy and paste" the signatures of the most famous rabbis or create ex nihilo cyber and fictitious rabbis as if in a "movie". Once scanned, Halachicaly important documents can be easily forged and reproduced to suit almost any need or whim, especially for a "higher calling" made to fit!

Over the few years that this blog has been in existence such things have not been uncommon. During the time of the Tropper and EJF scandals concerning conversions, so-called Halachic "guidelines," "statements" and "declarations" came up from nowhere by forging the signatures of rabbis, manufactured out of thin air by means of photoshopping in order to prop up a point of view attacking the standing and positions of other rabbis deemed not sufficiently strict enough. All in the name of the higher calling of "stricter standards"! In another instance, even though a famous rosh yeshiva had requested that his signature not be used and removed from supposed declarations online, they were not removed in spite of that rosh yeshiva issuing a call and letter to say the exact opposite of what others were printing and posting, all in the name of the higher calling of "helping" a woman get her Jewish divorce.

Another instance from recent years is when a supposed "kol koreh" (signed notification made public and posted on street corners) was circulated with supposedly dozens of signatures against a popular Hasidic singer who was forced to cancel an expensive concert. Even after a number of rosh yeshivas and rabbis made it very clear that their signatures were forged, nothing was done to retract because, naturally, it was all for a "higher cause" of stopping concerts deemed "not frum enough" that made it "kosher" even if it was a provable prefabricated lie!

Now, with the proponents of those fighting for Rivky Stein to obtain her get (Jewish divorce), this phenomenon of forgery of Halachically important documents appears to have again reared its ugly head and risen to new heights of absurdity, with the seeming "manufacture" out of thin air of a fictitious "Beit Din" (court that rules on Halachic matters), complete with fake "summonses" and letters of "excommunication" for the one who supposedly defied this figment of someone's imagination. All this of course is done in the name of the "higher cause" of helping a suffering woman win her freedom from the father of her children.

What the forgers seem to forget in every case, is that sooner or later there is going to be a discovery by the public that documents were forged, especially serious documents with Halachic ramifications, and in every case the ones behind the forgery were revealed to be for what they are, not knights in shining armor fighting for a "higher cause" but just manipulative and desperate fools who deluded themselves that they can count on the world's gullibility to swallow their forgeries forever.

Rivky Stein & Yoel Weiss: Rikvy the Aguna, the Selling of the Brooklyn Bridge and other tall tales - Yoel refutes her claims

Guest Post Yoel Weiss - 4th attempt to arrange a Get

I have not heard back form Rivky Stein, for 7 days or from any of her rabbonem, advisers, supporters, about a set time when to arrive at her Beis Din to arrange for the get, I therefore decided to write a 4th public announcement, directed to Rivky's supporters and to the entire Jewish community who has wholeheartedly donated funds to Rivky's cause.

I've sensed from comments on Rivkys Facebook, that many of you are not satisfied that I decided to provide Rivky the get as soon as August 6th, or even sooner as I announced in my 2nd public announcement. Instead of encouraging Rivky to show up to receive the get your comments seem to be all over the place - and clearly designed to instigate her not to show up, with all kinds of cockamamie excuses.

The big question that comes to mind is, why would Rivky's supporters attempt to hinder her receiving the get? After all, her entire website and public relation - fundraising was all about helping ''free the aguna Rivky Stein''.

I guess the answer is pretty simple. You probably know good and well by now, that Rivky concocted this entire Beis Din story. You know that there is NO such Beis Din. You know she never sent me any hazmonos. (summons to Beis Din) You know there was NO cherem.(excommunication order). All her crying kicking and screaming, and her entire website was designed to defraud the good hearted public, to shower Rivky and her accomplices with hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Beis Din and Excommunication order, was the necessary fundamental underpinning tool to shed creditability on Rivkys story. This false Beis Din excommunication order, obviously ignited the public to send her donations to help free the aguna.

Who would ever believe in their right mind, that this little innocent aguna, and her acquaintances had the guts to cut and paste documents to fabricate a Beis Din story, that has no hands or feet, all in order to fool the Jewish -and the non Jewish people worldwide, to swindle them out of their money to help the aguna. What a Chillul Hashem rl.

Now that you all know the truth, that Rivky bluffed her way through, concocted this entire Beis Din story why would any of you still support her crying wolf -- aguna tactic story .Why would any of you aid and abet and encourage a criminal extortion enterprise?!

The answer I believe is, that you probably still don't know the entire truth. You probably believe, that since this poor little aguna is telling a horrible abuse story, there must be some truth to the story. Because if there is smoke there must be fire. How else would it be possible for a young soft spoken frum woman, to dramatize such crazy stories?

So you think that the answer is, that some abuse must be true. On the other hand, I assure you, that very soon you will learn the entire truth, that not only was there NO Hazmonos/ NO Beis Din/ No Excommunication order, you will shockingly learn with hard evidence that there was never a fire, the entire abuse story is nothing but a smoke screen designed by Rivky's partners - all for monetary gains.

During the 4 years we lived together, Rivky never filed any complaints to any authorities, rabbis, or doctors. She has no evidence to support her abuse story whatsoever. She has no abuse pictures, she went to the mikva every month and not a single reliable witness can support her abuse story. Its all a bunch of dramatized bubamayses which she and her accomplices made up. They, detected early on Rivky's weakness and desire for attention, they decided she is the perfect prey for them. Hoping to make millions of dollars they manipulated her to file these ridicules ludicrous false allegations, that she was kidnapped, and my entire family tortured her for the entire 4 years we lived together...crazy ah? or crazier then crazy?

The evidence surrounding the circumstances during the 4 years in question, mirrors a happily married Rivky, spending her days shopping, eating at restaurants, attending weddings and parties, walking in the park with the kids, often vacationing etc etc etc.. Her story that she put up a show the entire 4 years, with glitz and smiley faces, all because she was so so afraid of me, holds no water and makes absolutely no sense. The facts reveal just the opposite. Rivky abused and terrorized me the entire past 2 years.

She filed false allegations against me and against my family demanding 480 million dollars, obviously she is not and was not afraid of me. She had me arrested 5 times under false pretences where each time I spent the night in jail, obviously she was not afraid of me. She shocked the conscious of the entire Jewish community by launching her Chillul Hashem website, lying and deceiving the media and the entire world collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars in charity, slandering me and my entire family as never heard before,--- obviously she is not afraid of me.

Imagine, Rivky, even had the guts to post a false Beis Din/ Hazmonos, / false excommunication order / false Beis Din address that never existed. Think about it for a second... Does Rivky's actions fit this little fearful nebbish aguana that submitted herself to be kidnapped, raped, and tortured for 4 long years all because she was afraid of me?! I am certain if you decide to be honest with yourself - the answer is obvious.

The clear answer is that Rivky is far from the little goody goody goody girl, and she was never afraid of me. Just to the contrary, she was always the bully in the house. She always got what she wanted, when she wanted, and at any price. More to the point, Rivky's friends at school remember her to being a bully. On the other hand, I was never a bully, never had a drop of violence in me. Rivky's past two year actions make it clearer then clear that she is not the fearful woman, who would like her supporters to believe otherwise that she was always afraid of me. Rivky, would never put up with any abuse or bullying for one second, she has no issue voicing her opinion. She let herself be heard when she accused her now parents, father and mother of being abusive. She let herself be heard when she accused landlord son of abusing her which resulted in her getting evicted from her apartment.

These are all made up concocted stories by Rivky.

Simply put, the reason she was silent for 4 years, is because there was no abuse whatsoever. Her entire abuse story is based on greed, and rests on fabricated lies and delusions. Something she has been suffering from since she is 11 years old.

Rivky, through her media campaign, has painted me as a rapist, kidnapper, slavemaster, abuser, thief etc etc.

 Its time for everyone to acknowledge the clear truth - it is all a big lie!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Rapfogel Sentenced to Three and a Half Years for Stealing From Charity

NY Times   The longtime executive director of a prominent and politically connected Jewish charity in New York was sentenced on Wednesday to three and a half years in prison for stealing more than $1 million from the organization.

The director, William E. Rapfogel, who led the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty for two decades, faced a sentence of four to 12 years when he appeared at State Supreme Court in Manhattan before Justice Larry Stephen. But under the terms of a plea agreement he accepted in April, Mr. Rapfogel paid the remaining balance of $3 million in restitution in exchange for a shorter sentence of 3 ⅓ to 10 years. [...]