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Rabbi Pinto Agrees to Plea Bargain Agreement in Police Bribery case

Arutz 7   Rabbi Yosef Yoshiyahu Pinto, head of the 'Shuvu Yisrael' sect, signed a plea bargain agreement on Wednesday that attributes to him crimes of bribery, attempted bribery and disruption of proceedings.

The State Attorney's Office is expected to demand a one year prison sentence against the controversial rabbi.

As part of the plea agreement Rabbi Pinto would serve as a state witness against former police Maj. Gen. Menashe Arbiv, who is to be investigated on suspicion of receiving benefits.

Earlier this year, the Attorney General's Office stated it would file an indictment against Rabbi Pinto for allegedly attempting to bribe senior police officer Ephraim Bracha with $200,000 for information about a pending police investigation into the Hazon Yeshaya charity organization, which Pinto headed. 

Bracha immediately reported the incident to his superiors, prompting a separate investigation against Rabbi Pinto himself. 

That investigation revealed that Rabbi Pinto allegedly tried to bribe several other officers for information about the case against Hazon Yeshaya. The charity, which was supposed to have provided millions of dollars to Holocaust survivors and ran a popular soup kitchen and volunteer network in Jerusalem, closed in 2012 under allegations of fraud. [...]

David Horowitz: Chilling Exchange With Muslim Student

Rivky Stein and Yoel Weiss: Using Quantum Physics to explain why the beis din is phony - to eLamdan

eLamdan is having great trouble understanding why the beis din is phony according to halacha and reality. He has failed to grasp the obvious after being repeatedly shown the facts and the halacha. Therefore I am posting this comment by Egleh Arifeh as an attempt to elevate the level of discourse with eLamdan. eLamdan is clearly an intelligent and learned person - but he obviously has a strong psychological need to believe that Rivky Stein can do no wrong which is preventing him from seeing the clear reality that the beis din is phony.

Update Sept 17 see comments

- Appended addendum
Vehinei od leBatata

"Yoel asked for proof the dayanim were real."

Guest post by Egleh Arifeh

* NEW and IMPROVED* - addendum

These phantom dayanim seem to be Quarks known as the G-d particle that can be at two different places at the same time, no need to ride on gmalim haporchim ba'avir.

Such shlichus, even malochim cannot provide. The alleged Rabbi that went to Israel, while sitting there shiva, sat in as a dayan in mill basin as well. The only difficulty he had is how to compromise with the time difference. Does he hold the time mimakom sheyotso misham, or while in Rome do as the Romans?

As far as Abeles goes, as you stated:
"He probably isn't a dayan... he just happens to have the same name as the actualdayan. This proves nothing in particular."
 ...since only the names are Quarks.

The only mystery that still remains is, where is the real Abeles dayan?

eLamdan • a day ago
"Video says exactly what the article said... two of three rabbis were there. What am I missing here?" 
 Sechel for one, and plenty of it.

Some scientists are looking for a super Quark, one that can be at three different places at the same time. One entity can be a clown, buffoon and a fool at three different places at the same time. I think I just discovered one, and have the proof to show for it.
Furthermore, if the Abeles that signed the Hazmonos and siruv as an alleged dayan, of which is NOT the Abeles that affirmed in the affidavit then he is not a Dayan and disassociated himself totally of having anything to do with this affair, we then have some questions.

1) Who IS the third Dayan?
2) IS there anyone that can affirm who he is?
3) What is his real name?
4) Was he present on 10th of Av?
5) Did anyone confirm his presence?
6) If not, why not?
7) Did anyone announce, inform, that he might NOT appear?
8) Did anyone announce that in lieu of Taub and Abeles (the supposed ben gilo Abeles) who WILL appear, and is just as well fully able to function and qualified in executing both, lifting the cherem and performing a Get.
9) If not, why not?
10) Mr. Weiss has the inalienable right to pose the condition of having the presence of the three alleged original dayanim, not so the Dayanim, they MUST be present and burden of proof is upon them to show in good faith that they CAN lift the alleged cherem. Less than that, it is nothing more then a moishav leitsim.
11) Why haven't we heard from this alleged Beis Din and alleged Dayonim the following day and after, that since Mr. Weiss did not appear on his appointed calendar day and designated time, therefore,... blah blah blah... and such and such, Huh? Just vanish without a trace? Less (beis) Din, veLess Dayan, veless AbeLess, velo klum. What happened to Taub? Orve Porach? Uporach lo ish haemes? This alleged Beis Din, was it castles made in sand or made of ice? So much for the 'forshpeiz'. I can go on and on, hazman yichle, veheim lo yichlu, vechaval al hazman!

Houston! They've got a problem. And lots of it.

And to you my friend adon lamdenLess and adon angemachts, you have no clue whether your coming or going. After all this, you have not presented even ONE fact, other than hypothesizing, throwing in a monkey wrench, questioning one question with another, such as "veyesh lehakshos bedoichek" something that you don't find in bechol chelkei hatorah, doubletalk, Dzsigan and Shumacher talk, without taking a stand or position one way or another. You just don't seem to get it. Al ken my friend, yofeh shtikosayich midiburayich, as the good book says, gam evil machrish - lechochom yechoshev. That is all I have to say.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rifky Stein & Yoel Weiss: Israel Farkash - "coordinator" of Mill Basin Beis Din - breaking news

Allegations have been made that the court records are referring to Israel Farkash of the Beis Din. Arrested September 15 for an incident on September 10.

Abuse: Is hitting a child with a stick considered abuse in America?

NBC News    The indictment of Vikings running back Adrian Peterson for allegedly using a wooden "switch" to punish his 4-year-old son has put a spotlight on corporal punishment. Though on the downswing in the United States, physical discipline is still common in homes and schools and spanking, in particular, is widely supported. Here's a snapshot of the situation: 

AT HOME: Corporal punishment is technically legal in all 50 states. Statutes vary from state to state but generally say that the physical punishment must be reasonable or not excessive, although Delaware passed a law in 2012 that said it couldn't cause any injury or pain. Proposed legislative bans in several states have failed to pass, and courts have generally upheld parents' right to spank. This summer, New York's second highest court ruled that it was "reasonable use of force" for a father to use his open hand to hit an 8-year-old boy who had cursed. 

AT SCHOOL: Nineteen states allow corporal punishment in public and private schools. Federal data collected for 2009, the most recent available, estimates 184,527 students without disabilities were physically disciplined in schools across the country that year. The numbers reveal boys are more likely than girls to receive corporal punishment, and it was disproportionately applied to blacks.[...]

Rivky Stein and Yoel Weiss: 2nd Video of 10th of Av - Where is the Beis Din?

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Rabbi Fred Todd - co-defendant with convicted fraudster Eliyahu Weinstein - confesses to Facebook & other fraud

update: 9/15/14 - Guest Post-  Yeshivat Pirchei Shoshanim owes its students some honest answers. 

Thirteen years ago, Rabbi Fishel Todd started an ambitious program through the auspices of the Pirchei Shoshanim organization.  Namely a smicha program for those that did not grow up in Torah centers, as well a curriculum to learn for the Israeli Rabbinut exams for those with a more normal learning background.  

To do this he brought together an impressive group of Rabbanim.  Rav Don Channan, musmach of Rav Azran of the Eidah, Rabbinut, Rav Deri, Rav Messas, and Rav Ovadia Yosef.  Rav Dovid Ostroff, musmach of Rav S.Z. Auerbach, Rav Halberstam, Rabbanut, Rav Goldberg, Rav Meir Shtern and Rav Shternbuch.  There was Rav Ezra Bloch musmach of Rav S.Z Auerbach, Rav Shach and Rav Kotler.  Rav Shalom Gold of Jerusalem, Rav Yitzchak Tzvi Oshinski ect... and the list of impressive Chareidi Rabbanim continues to go on.  The program quickly received endorsement of some prominent Rabbinic figures such as Rav Ezriel Auerbach, Rav Ovadia Yosef, and Rav Lau.

Under this umbrella the program grew, expanded, spawned Kollelim in Brooklyn, Lakewood, Philadelphia, Toronto, Dallas, Las Vegas, LA, Beit Shemesh and Jerusalem.  They have taught thousands of students, awarded hundreds of smichas, and sponsored dozens of chaplains to the US military.  A kashrut organization was started, serving odd places in Eastern Europe that even provided chassidishe shechitah.  That was all in the first ten years.
Then two years ago the first rumblings of trouble began.  Accusations of fraud arose against Rabbi Fishel Todd.  Moral turpitude that simply does not belong in a Rosh Yeshiva.  As the accusations proved more substantial the Vaad HaRabbanim of the Yeshiva asked Rav Fishel Todd to step down.  He did not.  As a result many of the great Rabbanim that started with the Pirchei Shoshanim program were quietly "laid off".  Now their Rabbinic staff is a shadow of its formal self.

Then last week Rav Fishel Todd plead guilty in US Federal court, as part of a plea deal that would keep him from further prosecution surrounding that particular fraud.  Meanwhile accusations have arisen of another alleged fraud against Ball State University, as there are accusations arising of him allegedly giving out fake smichas.

In the midst of this there are many questions that need to be answered.  What is the future of Yeshivat Pirchei Shoshanim, if any?  What about the various alumni, now serving as Rabbanim around the world based on their YPS Smicha?  What of the various chaplains that they have endorsed?

Unfortunately the students of Yeshivat Pirchei Shoshanim have been left in the dark.  Not a single message has gone out explaining what has happened, what is happening, or what the future holds.  For those who have Smicha from them this is obviously a great fear.  With the accusations arising of allegedly giving fake smicha's will their own continue to have any worth?  For those who are simply using their materials to augment their normal Kollel learning to prepare for the Rabbanut exams, considering the price of their progams, the question remains will they continue or has their monetary investment been lost?

It seems clear that Pirchei owes its students some answers.  The Rabbinical staff, including, perhaps even especially, those that left, owe their students some answers.  Leaving them in the lurch is simply not Derech Eretz, it is not the way Rabbanim with stacks of Smichas from prominent Chareidi Gedolim should act.  The splash damage from this could very well be incredible.

Asbury Park Press An Ocean County attorney Tuesday admitted his role in a scheme that defrauded investors in connection with a Facebook IPO and several real estate deals, according to Paul J. Fishman, the U.S. Attorney for New Jersey.

Fred Todd, 61, of Lakewood, pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge Joel A. Pisano in federal court to an information charging him with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and one count of transacting in criminal proceeds.

Todd is an attorney with offices in Seaside Heights and Los Angeles. His two co-defendants, Eliyahu Weinstein, 39, of Lakewood, and Aaron Glucksman, 41, of Brooklyn, New York, already pleaded guilty to charges related to their roles in the scheme.

Weinstein, already convicted and sentenced to 22 years in prison in a separate Ponzi scheme, pleaded guilty on Sept. 3 to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, one count of committing wire fraud while on pretrial release, and one count of money laundering. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Dec. 15. [...]
For more background on Rabbi Todd's role in selecting military chaplains see Lakewood Scoop    and as coordinator of a major semicha program see Lakewood Scoop 

Additional information is found on   Zoominfo
Rabbi Fishel Todd Esq. is a well renown international Tax Attorney a member of the California Bar and Senior Partner of Todd, Ferentz, Edelstein and Hugo with offices in California, Boston, New York, Baltimore and Florida. He is the founder and International Executive Director of Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim and the owner of, one of the most popular jewish websites in the world.
Rabbi Todd as well is the founder of the Shulchan Aruch Project which encompasses thousands of students from around the world. Many of these students have gone on to achieve Smicha with Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim. These now Rabbanim have earned positions throughout the entire planet. Encompassed in these milestone projects is the commentary on Shulchan Aruch which provides the engine that powers the Pirchei Shoshanim and the Shema Yisrael Torah Network. The commentary includes the areas of Issur V'Heter, Shabbos, Eruvin, Choshen Mishpat, Kiddushin and many more other areas too numerous to mention.
Rabbi Todd whose parents were holocaust survivors and saw to it that despite the horrors that they lived through they were insistent on sending him to a Jewish school in the then small town of Lakewood, NJ where there was one such school. From there Rabbi Todd learned and graduated from the honors program at Boston College which armed him with a formal secular learning that disciplined him to not only prepare for the hardest Bar Exam in the country but gave him the English skills to become the senior English Editor of Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim. That same structure provided the basis of the skeleton by which Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim rests today.
In 2006, the United States Department of Defense appointed Rabbi Todd an endorser of Jewish Chaplains to the United States Military. In an amazingly short span of time Rabbi Todd along with his Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim staff have endorsed over 25 Chaplains to all branches of the Military including the Army, Navy and Air Force. As Director of Chaplaincy services Pirchei Shoshanim's entrance to the military scene has caused a virtual revolution in how the entire Military views and treats Torah observant Chaplains today. The founding rabbinical leader of the project was HaRav HaGaon Leibel Berenbaum ZT"L. Prior to his untimely passing in 1995, R' Leibel ZT"L was able to take his prize Talmid, R' Fishel and mold him into perhaps one of the greatest of those who spread the Torah throughout the world. Rabbi Todd who divides his time between the Israel based headquarters of Pirchei Shoshanim, California and Lakewood is married to the former Einat Feld, whose father the late Shlomo Feld a''h also a holocaust survivor was of the greatest architect's in Israel. Included was his greatest project Boys Town in Jerusalem which he designed under the watchful eye of its founder HaRav Lenchner who himself was a student of the Chofetz Chaim and son in law of Shraga Feivel Mendelovitz. Rabbi Todd along with Rabbi Lankry have set their sights and creativity on spreading Shulchan Aruch to all the High School and College students in the Country.
Rabbi Fishel Todd ..., 10 Dec 2012 [cached]
Rabbi Fishel Todd
Legal Credits Course, 21 Sept 2006 [cached]
The senior editor of the program is Rabbi Fishel Todd who is an Ordained Rabbi and a member of the California Bar with over 20 years of legal experience.

R Eliezer Berland - arrested and released in Holland - fighting extradition to Israel

Arutz7   Authorities in Holland released Rabbi Eliezer Berland last week, but his passport has been confiscated, pending a decision on his extradition back to Israel. He was arrested at Amsterdam Airport on September 11 at the request of Israeli authorities. 

Berland, the founder and head of the Shuvu Banim community located in the Old City of Jerusalem, is suspected of a number of sexual assaults against women. He has been considered a fugitive since fleeing Israel two years ago, when allegations first surfaced and he was asked to come in for questioning. The arrest in Amsterdam was made at the request of the Israeli State Attorney's international department, using a warrant, issued by police unit Lahav 433, through Interpol. 

"I have no clue. It's all rumors spread over the past ten years," Rabbi Berland stated to Channel 10 news. "No proof exists. The police (in Amsterdam) released me and told me that that all complaints against me had no foundation and no basis." 

Disregarding the pending extradition, Rabbi Berland proclaimed, "I'm finished with the land of Israel. It is a country of Hamas for me." [...]

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Rivky Stein & Yoel Weiss: Failed Messiah blinded by his hatred for Chareidim - becomes incoherent when contradicted by facts

 update: As Shmarya continues to use abusive language and name calling in his comments to this post and claims that he has integrity - contrary to my claims - I just wanted to add evidence from his own blog.

1) Please read his comment rules - and decide for yourself whether his foul name calling and tirades -  not only on his blog but also here - is consistent with his requirement not to use name-calling and using facts and logic?

Failed Messiah Comment Rules

  • 5. Try to argue using facts and logic.
    6. Do not lie.
    7. No name-calling, please.
    ***Violation of these rules may lead to the violator's comments being edited or his future comments being banned.***
2) Concerning his claim for integrity as a reporter and being able to back up everything he says - please note the following quote from his  schnorring appeal

As many of you know, FailedMessiah has broken many major stories, from the Rubashkin family's shenanigans to Rabbi Leib Tropper's extortion and sex scandal, along with important parts of the New Square arson/attempted murder story and child sex abuse reporting, to name a few.

The fact is that he did not break the story about Rabbi Leib Tropper sex scandal. I published it before he did - as he acknowledged recently in a comment on this post. Claiming falsely that my breaking the story almost killed it - which is total nonsense.

And your Tropper post almost killed the Tropper story, at least as wide coverage went. I know this is a bit beyond you, but newspapers and magazines require fact-checking and editing and vetting with attorneys, all of which takes time. And your 'scoop' almost killed the work I did before you that was published and picked up widely.
The following are recent comments to Failed Messiah's post of Baby dies in hot car. It is a clear example of the inability of rabid bashers of Charedim to acknowledge facts that are not critical of Chareidim. In fact Shmarya goes into an incoherent rage when his lies are conclusively refuted.  This is possibly why there has not been a single person who has publicly apologized for slandering Yoel Weiss by repeating Rivky Stein's lies. Chareidi bashers lack elementary integrity because they are not concerned with truth but only ridiculing Chareidim. That is why it is difficult for them to apologize for mistaken claims and allegations. Also contrary to Shmarya's ridiculous lies - my brother who is clearly not a moron or dishonest - was not behind these posts.

Will you be issuing a statement of repentance for perpetuating the lies against Yoel Weiss?

Idiot. Eidensohn’s brother, who is behind those posts, is both a moron and incredibly dishonest. When are you going to apologize for your racism, for your lies and for all of your very evident evil?

Did Eidensohn's brother convince Abeles to put up that affidavit saying his name had been falsified, that he was not a rabbi and not on the fictional beit din?

Did Eidensohn's brother manipulate the Jewish Press into withdrawing Yoel Stein's name as a get refuser?

If I wait at the crossroads at midnight, will Eidensohn's brother show up and teach me to play the blues in exchange for my soul?

Why would I need to apologize for having opinions offensive to you? It's not a crime to be "racist" (which is a meaningless epithet to be applied to whites voicing opinions objectionable to the smearer in order to shut them up,) but it is an offense to repeat slander about others.

In this case, this woman and her handlers built up a pyramid of lies, which you blindly repeated because they fit your agenda-if one Jew in Tel Aviv breaks wind, you'll be writing for weeks about how every toilet in Bnei Brak exploded. Now the pyramid is crumbling. You'll be the last to acknowledge it, I'm sure.

Rivky Stein & Yoel Weiss: Video of Rivky & supporters on 10th of Av