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When Criminal 'Justice' is Truly CriminaL


When Criminal 'Justice' is Truly Criminal: 

Additional Samples of Systemic Corruption in the Israeli Military Draft and Justice System, Both Moral and Procedural 

25 Teves, 5780 °° Jan. 22, '20

By Binyomin Feinberg,


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After Ziva bas Mazal M., a religious Jewish girl of Ashkelon, hailing from a religious Ethiopian family, submitted her religiosity certification "Tarzhir Dat," it was noted on the document that it was - ostensibly - received late (May 17, '18). (That's not a surprise given the tribulations that the family has been enduring.) A handwritten note on the bottom of document indicated that someone in the Draft Office recommended that Ziva was to be drafted without investigating altogether. It says "Suggested to the Segan to decide TO DRAFT WITHOUT INVESTIGATING" (emphasis in original note).

Why not even engage in investigation, probing what the reason may be? And remember, we're not talking about minor punitive measures. We are talking about destroying the life of a girl (a religious one, in this case), by forcing her into the notoriously exploitive and immoral Army for about two of the most important years of her life at this juncture, crucial in determining her future husband, family and life.

More to the point, her religiosity is not subject to doubt, as made clear by absence of any reference to a Rayon Dat there, and by virtue of the blatant absence of any substantial discussion of her religiosity in her later meeting with Segan-Maitav Avner Lotati. Thus, the issue at stake is strictly procedural. And, in the backdrop of circumstances specific to this case, any delay in paperwork would not be a major issue if the goal was not to draft her by any means possible. She clearly does not belong in the Army even according to their own legal standards. So why the zeal to draft
her? And, why the rush to do so without even providing a chance to explain?

One must also question, among other things:

a) How much of an anomaly was this brutal reaction?

b)  What role, antireligious, anti-Ethiopian and/or racist animus is playing a role here, in denial of her religious rights, in what ultimately has proven to be bona fide religious persecution of an Orthodox Jewish girl by Maitav (the Military Draft Offices) and the "Justice" System.

c) Why don't we hear about these injustices in the media, or from ostensibly religious and/or "rightwing" Knesset Members? The very silence of media and others enables their unrelenting repetition. Is THAT perhaps the reason we don't hear fron them? Is it because they're also part of the system of corruption, and don't feel comfortable rocking the boat, inasmuch as that itself would jeopardize their own standing in the System.



Solitary -- for WHAT??"

Last week we reported on the Monday incarceration of a 26 y/o bas Cohen, Lital Cohen. Since then, she's been held in Military Prison Four. She's complained about repeatedly being denied basic bodily needs (including the ability to relieve  herself), and was reportedly punished - twice - as of Monday this week - with solitary confinement (which is excruciatingly difficult, especially for girls, and especially for anyone unfamiliar with military experience), for her complaints over that abusive, even subhuman mistreatment.

The military prison staff, in both prison Four and Six, are, based on unrelenting reports of inmates, adept and intent at really breaking these girls psychologically, and thereby sometimes threatening to push family members over the edge as well.

We previously mentioned a  credible report of an actual suicide attempt over a month ago in that same prison four, by Shir N. Do we insinuate that the prison authorities want suicides? No. They simply are tormenting these innocent girls till the point that they, in some cases, may feel compelled to make the attempt. Now just think about how much pain a girl needs to endure to get to that point. And it's all for refusal to sacrifice their religious and moral principles. And simultaneously, Israeli government co-perpetrators of this systemic injustice are busy grandstanding about antisemitism abroad, and attending Holocaust memorial photo-ops with world leaders -leaders of nations which would never perpetrate such overt anti-Jewish religious persecution against Jewish girls.

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