Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Little Girl Lost: More than 600 people ignore lost child in TV experiment

Would you help this young girl or be afraid of being accused of being a pedophile or kidnapper?


  1. Thank you, advocates!
    Thank you, Amudim. suspect everyone!

  2. By the way, the first video doesn't show the cause for people walking by. It may very well be that they didn't notice the children. It's a stretch to correlate the two facts based on the information given to us in the video.

  3. In today's world, it's rather unwise to be oblivious to one's surroundings to the degree necessary to 'not notice' a young child alone in the middle of the street.

    As an aside, I know that - is it the Iggeres HaRamban? - counsels walking with one's head down, not making eye contact with people. This is likely poor advice in our society.

  4. It seems in the video with that no one is stationary at a given moment. In a place where people would congregate, it would be more obvious that a child is without a parent.

  5. That is my point precisely. When people are out and about, awareness is key. Think about what's going on in Israel: a second of awareness could mean the difference between injury and death. That is, if you see an assailant a split second earlier, one can assume a more defensive posture that can mean the difference between life and death.


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