Sunday, May 29, 2016

Rivky Stein Weiss: Why are those websites still up?

The following post has been removed three times by an unknown hacker. Am working on adding another site  Daas Torah

Would appreciate any advice on dealing with this security problem.
I just received the following letter from Rivky Weiss with a request to post it. I have no independent knowledge of the allegations being made and I am simply presenting her claims.

I know everyone has a lot of questions about what happened to us. However we are still fragile and are not ready for public discussions about our marriage at the current moment. However in regards to the website redeemrivky - it was put up by my brother Ezra Stein who lives in Israel. He pressured me to go to the media and he created this website. I have asked him numerous times to take it down but he has refused. He has told me that I need to pay him money to take it down. 
In regards to the go fund me website, I did not receive a dollar from it. My brother Ezra switched everything to his account and took all the money. He now refuses to take down the website. He doesn't seem to care for me or my children. He only saw an opportunity on how to make money off of me when I was in my most vulnerable and weak state . 
When I was being evicted from my place I begged my brother Ezra to release some funds to me so I could find a place. He responded by telling me to go to a shelter with my children. I started looking for shelters but they were all full. Thank G-d, due to the kindness of one of my foster mothers I was able to secure a place for myself and my children. 
I have asked Ezra on numerous occasions to take down the site.  I am now publically asking him to please take down the website and that all the money that was donated should be given back to those who donated. That is simply because this money was given to help me in my time of need. Ezra refused to release the funds to me at that time and refused to give me any of the funds after the entire court process was over as well. Therefore I feel the right thing to do would be to refund the money. 
Bottom line - I have no control over the website or the go fund me account that was made to help me. I have not received any of the funds that were donated. Only my brother has the legal authority to take them down and he has the money that was raised. He needs to take down the website and  to return the money. 

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