Tuesday, May 10, 2016

An Indian teen was raped by her father. Village elders had her whipped.

The teenage girl, dressed in pink, sits in the dirt before six community elders.

In a scene captured on a cellphone video, one of the men wags his finger angrily at her. He rages: This girl must be punished.

A villager ties her waist with rope, holding the other end, and lifts a tree branch into the air. She bows her head. The first lash comes, then another, then another. Ten in all. She lets out a wail.

Eventually the crowd starts murmuring, “Enough, enough,” although nobody moves to stop the beating. Finally, the man throws down his stick. It’s over.

She is 13 years old. Or maybe 15. Her family doesn’t know for sure. She has never set foot in a school and has spent most of her life doing chores at home, occasionally begging for food and performing in her father’s acrobatic show, for which she is given 20 rupees, about 30 cents.

Her crime? Being too scared to tell anyone her father raped her.[...]

Sube Singh Samain, a leader of an association of clan councils in the northern state of Haryana, said they serve a vital role in a county with an overburdened justice system and where legal cases can be costly. He said that village elders have banned the sale of meat, restricted cellphone use by youths and even prohibited loud music at weddings. (“The music is so bad the cows and bulls fall over and run away,” he said.) They also step in to smooth things between families, sometimes urging people to withdraw police complaints.

“We say, ‘Let’s not go to the courts; let’s resolve it,’ ” he said. “We encourage them to go back to the police if a [complaint] has already been filed and say, ‘I was not in a right state of mind; I want to take back my statement.’ ”[...]


  1. Sounds like they copied our system of Va'ad Arba Arotzos, Sdom, vaAmorah, Admoh, UtzVoyyim. Ki hishchis kol bossor, so much so that even their Video Cameras will co-operate with the Beis haVa'ad yihye.... see no evil, hear no evil.

  2. A similar story:

    A man owns a business with several employees. He hires a woman to do secretarial work and gives her a modest dress code and demands she comply. She comes in every day dressed in defiant immodest provocative clothing. She also makes constant discussion with other employees about the fact that she is lesbian and discusses this constantly in detail. The owner warns her that he wants a work environment and not a place for such talk and if she doesn't stop this talk and come dressed more modestly she will lose her job. She has a recording of him saying this to her. She sues him and he is found guilty and made to pay her a hefty sum of money and is also fined.

  3. it is also a fact that they still practice mamash avodah zarah in that country.

  4. The article is so politically correct, the reporters refuse to point out the village elders are muslim, enforcing (their version of) sharia (moslem) law.

  5. NIsmalu sa'asam and ripe for a tsunami. They worship holy cows, monkeys and mice. Za'akat Sdom vaAmorah ki roboh.


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