Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Chicken Pox Outbreak Has Infected 75 mostly unvaccinated children so far in Williamsburg

The outbreak occurred in an Orthodox Jewish community in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, according to officials, with 75 cases reported so far.
Of the patients affected, 72 percent of them had not been vaccinated against the disease, officials said. The patients range from infants to children up to 10 years old.


  1. Two of my children got it and they both were vaccinated. However, both got a relatively mild case.

  2. As reported 3 of the 75 cases had been vaccinated. Obviously does not guarantee protection but sure make the odds better.

  3. I am unclear why there needs to be a vaccination.Here in England children catch it naturally and therefore greatly reduce the chances of catching shingles when they are older.

  4. Omg, it's chicken pox, for crying out loud.... More kids die from peanut allergies then chicken pox complications....
    Like seriously.....
    Anyone over the age of 25 most likely had it as a kid....
    It only became 'mandatory' in the 90s..
    Lol, who remembers the commercials and adds that marketed chicken pox vaccine as a 'convineince tool' for parents so they wouldn't have to miss work to stay with their kids who suffers from this annoying, very contagious disease?
    Anyone old enough to remember that?....

  5. please read the material I added. There are legitimate disagreements as to how to interpret the data - especially regarding shingles in adults. Correspondingly there are a number of approaches taken by different countries - such as the US and England.

    To simply dismiss this legitimate debate as a joke - is not appropriate.

  6. I hear you, I guess as an "old timer" who did not know anyone growing up who did not contract chickenpox naturally, I am a bit close minded.....
    Maybe kids these days with all the malnutrition problems (hey let's face it, we did not have the kinds of candy and sweets of today available in our days) need more protection

  7. your view clearly fits in with what they do in England. I am only saying don't be so hasty to ridicule views that a lot of serious professionals after much thought have decided is the best approach.

  8. My intentions were simple to express my disbelief and astonishment.... How times have changed.
    I did not mean to ridicule or mock..... To each their own is my belief.


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