Thursday, May 19, 2016

Well known yeshiva mashgiach charged with sexually abusing relatives - he told them he was doing special spiritual activities

Arutz 7    Rape case shocks Jerusalem haredi community

Jerusalem prosecutors filed an indictment against a rabbi who served as a mashgiach at a yeshiva in the city, for a series of rapes carried against a number of female relatives over the course of several years.

The accused began his horrific campaign of abuse when his first victim was just six years old, and continued abusing her and other female relatives by various means of coercion and manipulation.

According to the indictment, the regarded his young victims as mere playthings to satisfy his perverted lusts, and took advantage of their naivete and vulnerability to gain total emotional control over them.

The indictment describes how he abused his position of respect within the community, and the fact that he had supported the immediate family of his primary victim (known as "A.") financially in the past.

He had attempted to justify his actions by perversely claiming they were not only permitted under Jewish law, but mandated. In some cases he even went as far as to claim his acts of abuse served to "purify" his victims spiritually and atone for sins their souls committed in "past lives", or to cure them of physical ailments.

In one particularly extreme incident relayed in the indictment, the accused secretly recorded leading haredi Rabbi Chaim Kaniyevsky issuing a halakhic ruling on a totally unrelated subject, then played it back to the accused and claimed the rabbi was in fact endorsing the abuser's actions, in order to persuade her against speaking out.
Kikar HaShabbat

כתב אישום חמור הוגש נגד משגיח בישיבה בירושלים בגין שורת עבירות חמורות שביצע במשך שנים בבנות משפחתו מאז שהיו ילדות • "הפך את הנפגעות לכלי לסיפוק יצריו ותאוותיו" (חדשות, חרדים)

כתב אישום חמור הוגש היום (חמישי) אל בית המשפט המחוזי בעיר נגד רב ומשגיח בישיבה בעיר, בגין עבירות קשות של התעללות ותקיפות אכזריות במשך שנים בבנות משפחתו מאז היו ילדות קטנות.
יצוין כי מנזה מספר שנים שהחשוד אינו משמש כמשגיח בישיבה ועסק שם בעבודה אחרת. כתב האישום הוגש על ידי פרקליטות מחוז ירושלים, באמצעות עו"ד ארז פדן ועו"ד מרים בן גל.
על פי כתב האישום מעשיו של הנאשם ,שהינו דמות רוחנית מוכרת, החלו בהיותה של אחת המתלוננות כבת 6 ונמשכו במשך שנים ארוכות גם בבנות משפחה נוספות, תוך שימוש במצגי מרמה ומניפולציות מסוגים שונים.
הנאשם טען על פי כתב האישום באוזני הילדות כי המעשים מותרים על פי 
Kikar HaShabbat - discussion of his "spiritual" development abuse technique
Kikar HaShabbat - his shiurim are removed from Kol HaLashon


  1. As far as I read, it wasn't incestuous, daughters.

  2. you are right - will correct the title.

  3. I'll bet he also stole wood for Lag B'Omer as a young boy.

  4. Incest
    sexual intercourse between closely related persons.

    the crime of sexual intercourse, cohabitation, or marriage between persons within the degrees of consanguinity or affinity wherein marriage is legally forbidden.

    Does not have to be daughters.

  5. How was this discovered?

  6. While the charges seem horrific, we seem to have forgotten the legal principle of "presumption of innocence", that a person is considered innocent unless proven guilty.

    We need to know that defendant denied all the allegations against him. He yearns for justice, and believes in his innocence. He claimed that this is a plot against him, and that the truth will come out.

    Let's hope so.

  7. I regret having read the indictment, due to its extremely graphic nature. The charges seem horrific, if true. One sick puppy.

    However I find some of the charges difficult to believe. For example, A. claimed that for a period of TWO years (age 10-12) he allegedly would routinely invite her to his office in the yeshiva, where he would molest her. How does a "mashgiach" of a yeshiva get away with secluding himself with a young girl in the yeshiva building? For two years???

    One of the incidents (with B) allegedly occurred in his car, in the Geula neighborhood in Jerusalem, literally before Pesach. Anybody who has ever been to Geula at that time of the year, knows that the place is mobbed with people, which stretches the mind that a person would bizarrely attempt to do anything at that time.

  8. This person is part or close to the elite of the HANHAGA (leadership) of the Charedi public and this story raises very hard questions regarding the credibility of the current HANHAGA that we have and the methods which they use to get the general public behind them.

  9. Guilt by association to someone who allegedly covered his tracks very deviously?

    Also, who turned hm in? Reb Nissim Karelitz's "Chareidi" beis din.

  10. "How does a 'mashgiach' of a yeshiva get away with secluding himself with a young girl in the yeshiva building?"

    Exactly the point I've been making on this blog ad nauseam.

    My point: we teach kids to avoid unkosher food. We don't tell them why. We should teach kids to avoid seclusion with an unrelated adult teacher or administrator. We don't have to tell them why.

    Had that been done in this case, it would have helped the defendant in his claim to innocence. He could argue, "Why didn't the girls tell anyone from the beginning? If I forced unkosher food on them, they would refuse it and tell. Clearly, they would refuse unkosher behavior like being alone with me."

  11. Many schools do have these rules for the teachers - meaning that the teachers can and will be fired if they're caught secluding themselves with a student (in a room that does not have a surveillance camera.)

    The problem is with making this rule the responsibility of the student. When a child is told that he may not eat unkosher food, it is explained to him that this is what Hashem commanded him. Same with all other halochos. If it is a drabonon, then it is explained as a safeguard. But how can this one be explained? Teaching children that they cannot trust their teachers and that their teachers are liable to hurt them (not out of anger) can cause other problems for the child.

    (I'm just throwing out a problem. Hopefully there is an answer or a way to implement this, without creating all sorts of trust issues with children.)

  12. My point isn't about the girls not calling him out for it. Allegedly, they sensed that what he was doing went against everything they had been taught, and tried to call him out for it, but he had pat answers for them, and he succeeded in winning over their reticence.

    What I was referring to, is that he served as a mashgiach in a Yeshiva Gedola, where the students are young adults who probably know a thing a two about adult matters and the implications of seclusion. How could this matter allegedly go on for two years, and not a single student or staff member raise any question about it?

  13. Would you trust a secular Israeli court? If not then the suspect will maintain their "presumption of innocence" even if convicted.

    I think that it is not too early for the public to be concerned with the allegations and the methods that he allegedly used. There is a fundamental problem here that you do not seem to understand and that is an unbelievable abuse of trust. This privately and publicly in this case.

  14. Between the presumption of innocence and sentencing there are charges and allegations, investigations and a process that as of now is in the midst. All other questions, Yeshiva Office, tinted car windows etc., under the nose of the wife and triple lock doors from the inside, weberman can answer you. Historically, the Tamar's and the Amnon's were close to the hanhaga, and at times it is just unfortunate of being so. Some of the manhigim themselves covered up for them from Adam. Shabtai Tzvi invented theKabbalistic spiritual cleansing with such techniques al pi kabbala and al pi sod with tikunim vegilgulim veofanim bemaasei merkava. You then have followers of S.T. like the berlands and in other-lands and countries that have bekabbala from other rabonim using such techniques with all kinds of bobbe maisses.

    It is not the smartphones, electronic gadgets, computers that steer people OTD that calls for Citifields. It is rather the Shabtai Tzvi's that manipulate these devices into avizarayhu deG.A. It is those Enablers that pasken to hide the victims under the rug and threaten them, kivyachol messira, afra lepima, accusing them with aka ma'ase eishes Potifars, vetsorich bdika achreihem. High time to declare a Spade a Spade. Put cameras in all schools, rabonim's psak mareh shtiblech, school buses. Teachers have no right to touch any student for any purpose, not even for fatherly love. Ban vehicles with tinted windows, not phony orve porach phones. Keep our children safe from all predators ad sheyodom eino maga'as!

    Take the Enablers and expose them in Citifields for what they have done all these years, how many korbonos they have slaugtered with their kisui hadam. And Yes, we all want you to know that yadeichem shofcho....
    Make a list of all feminist rabonim so people should not have any maga umassa with them, stop funding them, stop patronizing them. They are the culprits, they promote gilui arayos behechsher with kif nun ta'amim and marbeh mamzerim beYisrael. Tagidu beGass, tevassru bechutzos Ashkelon, beCitifields, ubechol haolam kulo, rak sheTagidu Kvar.

    We the Children, We the Parents, We the People and We Klall Yisrael.

  15. Do you identify as Chareidi?

  16. We need to know that defendant denied all the allegations against him. He yearns for justice, and believes in his innocence.

    Of these three statements, only one is known to be true. Yes, he denied the allegations, but does he truly yearn for justice, and does he truly believe he is innocent? Only he and his alleged victims know for sure.

  17. I can safely say, that I would trust a secular Israeli court, if it found a Chareidi rabbi innocent.

    Let him have his day in court. and then we can discuss the subject further.

    My comment was inspired by a comment I saw on a different website, which went as follows:
    "This is where street justice is justified, just toss him off the roof of
    the nearest apartment building, to hell with due process and court proceedings."

    I wonder how many readers on this website, would agree with that comment.

  18. Please explain why are you asking this question. I will then be happy to reply

  19. For our's and heaven's sake try to comprehend what you read in the indictment.
    A. The 3 sisters are related to him, close enough that they as a family were guest in his house every few weeks at least. Why would it be a problem in a litvish yeshiva for a close relation young preteen girl to come to his office? This didn't happen in a Ger yeshiva or the likes thereof.
    B. READ! Its "plain'er engelish". Court documents specifically state that the car windows were tinted. Beside, plenty of Geulah side streets are very quiet where a car with tinted windows would work for this meshugena. Take Rechov Dovid Yellin for example or any of the dozens of quieter blocks. Geulah isn't just Malchei Yisroel & Mattisyahu.

  20. The issue is not guilt but the fact that using the name of Gedolim a person is getting away with an obvious crime. His closeness may well allow him to use these methods

  21. Where did you read Rav Karelitz's beis din reported this case to the Israeli police?

  22. I'll bet he didn't.

  23. You speak of the chareidi hanhaga that "we" have. I wonder whether you are chareidi. If not, who are the "we" of which you speak?

  24. So why did you ask the question if you already had the answer?
    In short, you it appears that you did not like what I wrote. If so then please explain yourself

  25. I think you are asking way too much from the students.

    We don't teach Kashrus in the abstract. We don't expose kids to only Kosher eating opportunities. If we did, and suddenly they were exposed to an unKosher eating opportunity, it might be asking them too much to keep Kosher.

    For example: a typical refrigerator in a Kosher home might have leftover chicken from Shabbos, and a bottle of milk. The child knows he can drink the milk, or eat the chicken, but not together.

    On the other hand, if a kid is only given Kosher candy his whole life, and suddenly at age eight there is a bowl of unKosher candy on the table at school, it's a lot to expect him to read the ingredients list on the packing and decipher the meaning of the less obviously named ingredients that can be Kashrus concerns.

    Thus: it is NOT enough to tell students not to be secluded with a teacher, even a teacher who is a relative. We must train the students, through playacting, storytelling, and regular drills. If we do this for a couple of years, the predator teachers may lose their interest in teaching.

  26. No need to tell the kids any reasoning. Make the training a game. Set up situations where a student is selected by the staff to be put, by the staff, in a seclusion situation. If the child reacts by speaking up or by leaving the area immediately, they are rewarded with a prize. And so on.

    Kids play tag, running from a friend who is "it". Doesn't mean the friend who is "it" is bad or violent.


    This sort of Loshon Hora is a mitzvah for a number of reasons. In fact it is the lack of essential Loshon Hora that allows these predators to operate in the first place.
    They use Hilchos Loshon Hora to keep their activity secret, they use the temimus of our young (and old) and in this case they use the GEDOLIM as well.

    It is time not only to encourage children to reveal what someone has done to them but also to teach them that Gedolim are not in a position to decide whether or not we should keep mitzvos and whether or not we can do aveiros.

  28. Are you dense? If I knew, I wouldn't ask.
    In any case, the explanation you requested is above. Where's your promised reply?

  29. The Askanim spent a lot of time teaching people that a condition to be Charedi is to accept the current leadership not matter what they are up to. Whilst some people try and pretend that he 'has a problem' and 'cannot control himself', the truth is that he is a massive Rosho and this cannot reflect positively on his connections.

  30. No one is alleging that he has partners in his activity. But the fact remains that he was highly trusted by supposedly most important people raises some question

  31. Stop with the innuendo. Spell out any questions that you have.

  32. I have no questions but a warning that just because somone got to a leading position it does not mean that they should have automatically endless trust. They need to be transparent and accountable.

  33. No matter how you teach them, the predators find clever ways to circumvent and explain away their deeds, al pi kabbala, halacha, veal pi sod, haskamas from other previous gedoilim. This has happened also to Adults, and by the time these victims wake up from being duped they find out to be blackmailed with various threats to their lives as well. It is also coupled with tzvuim that don itzlele derabanan, those same that suppose to teach them the derech asher yelchu vam! Cameras my friend! You need Ayin roeh veozen shomaat, thousand and one eyes like the malach hamaves that will scare them away.

  34. He has no questions. He simply wishes to dish dirt on chareidim, as he did at the top of this thread.

  35. You miss the point and probably did not read what I wrote.

    It is fair to say that considering the position of the suspect this should serve as a wake up call to stop trusting a certain elite of people without any limit. I wish you can address the issue rather than throw mud. and btw I am a Charedi

  36. I read your screed, both the actual words and between the lines. I'm not inclined to believe you are chareidi. Your earlier caginess in avoiding the question undermines your current claim.

  37. And certainly you!

  38. Not on the chareidim; on the chareidim that are not in the R' Shmuel Auerbach camp.


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