Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lawsuit: New Haven Rabbi Sexually Assaulted Teen

In a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday, a New Jersey man accuses a prominent rabbi from New Haven of repeatedly sexually assaulting him when he was a teenager.

The target of the allegation is Rabbi Daniel Greer, a well-known member of the Orthodox Jewish community in New Haven and a former member of the city's board of police commissioners and governor's commission on school choice. The suit was filed electronically in U.S. District Court in Bridgeport Tuesday morning, a court clerk said.

The suit names as co-defendants two schools run by the rabbi, Yeshiva of New Haven, Inc. and The Gan School, Inc. It accused the schools of "allowing the violent sexual abuse to continue unabated for years."

It alleges that Greer sexually abused another male student as well. [...]

William Ward, Greer's attorney, said he hadn't seen the lawsuit and couldn't address the specific allegations. But he questioned the plaintiff's motives and the delay in bringing forward his allegations.

"It only takes a moment to make allegations with despicable indifference to the consequences of the damage they would cause to my client, to his family and to his reputation that he spent a lifetime building in this community. This is a difficult time for my client and his family, but I would remind the public to ask for evidence before rushing to judgment."

"Ask yourself why [the plaintiff] would wait 14 years. Ask yourself why [the plaintiff] well into his adulthood, repeatedly honored the man he accuses." He has repeatedly said the rabbi helped him personally in several ways, Ward said.

"Ask yourself why [the plaintiff] himself an Orthodox Jew, would not seek redress in the form of a rabbinical arbitration court. Finally, ask yourself why [the plaintiff's] first stop was his lawyer's office to seek money." [...]


  1. Rabbi greer is famousas the first student at Princeton universitybwho insisted on wearing his yarmulka throughout campus in the early 1960s.

    His daughter was the fifth of thec'yale 5' who sued to prevent being forced to live in the (coed) yale dormitory. (She married her then fiance and used a loophole in the yale regs which exempted married students from the dorm requirement.)

  2. Lechol man deboie lemeida,

    The delay happens 99% of the time all across the board for several reasons. It takes time to digest of what happened and understand the nature of the crime. Once they grasp the gravity of what transpired, there's guilt, shame and embarrassment, fear of being accused of fabricating lies, especially when you are up against someone prominent, fear of retribution, and consequences of being damaged goods. The Machers, Enablers, Liasons from all the way to the top, yes, I repeat all the way to the top, come out of the woodwork, threatening in trying to destroy you and your family members reputation for life with their vast amount of networks all over the place R'L'. They will chase you out of town, take away your parnassa, yored lechayov and tailgate you wherever they only can and even back it up with all kinds of lies and cough up support from Arba chelkei Shulchan Aruch from so called gedoilim meArba kanfos kol Ho'oretz banding together in protecting their behinds because they themselves are guilty of the same, or their close family members thereof. And as long and until you do not acknowledge that and deal with it, you haven't even scratched the surface.

    It is you against the world.

    These predators are not a one time one victim operation, they have many other victims over their lifetime causing damage as if our children are expandable.

    Like the allegations, it only takes some moments for the perpetrator to inflict their victims a lifetime of damage and pain. We do understand the pain of the family of the perpetrators and their embarassment of such, but the sympathy is towards the victims that have been violated. No one rushes to Judgement, there is a process, the evidence is out there, they bear the fingerprints
    un-erasable and forever. There is strength in numbers, and the living victims are far too many with all the marks of abuse left intact, and many many more that die away with their childhood trauma carrying it to the grave only never to be disclosed. That considered, 14 years is not a long time to wait before opening up to the world to unburden themselves of what befell them in the past.
    We do not know the nature of what the victim has been helped in the past from this alleged perpetrator, honoring them is/was only symptoms of being in denial, we therefore cannot comment on it before we know the nature of it.

    According to the true Gedolim Rabbi Moshe Shternbuch and the B'Datz Yerushalayim etc., such crimes belong to the law Enforcement Agencies to investigate, process it in a court of Law, in accordance with the of Law of the Land since they are trained and best equipped to deal with such matters. Those Rabbinical Courts that did take on to handle such matters, was only to systematically railroad the victim and have never prosecuted one single perpetrator ever. Indeed, they are the Enablers of such crimes against mankind.

    The motives are multiple in nature. Some want retribution possibly along with legitimate compensation for pain and suffering and medical expenses, some do sacrifice to disclose so that no other child should have to go through such kind of suffering they went through putting the perpetrator out of commission by having them locked up.

    Klall Yisroel has to address this problem and deal with it of how to handle our children The Kosher way, and not sweep it under the rug. There is to be no Fatherly love outside of the parents for starters, it belongs only to parents. The children are our future and are not expendable. Save them now!!!

    From the Kinderlech Transport

  3. "Ask yourself why [the plaintiff] himself an Orthodox Jew, would not seek redress in the form of a rabbinical arbitration court." Obvious, just Google what happened to the victims of Lanner's abuse when they went to Bais Din. They finally got justice in the secular court, a decade later, after Lanner was allowed to abuse another generation of innocents. He was protected by the Rabbinical Court in spite of multiple witness testimonies.

  4. Snowball effect of denial in Abuse Hush Hushed by the Authorities and BD's.

    When the child knows for a fact first hand that he had been violated and then being threatened by the powers to be to deny and forced to believe as if it didn't happen, there is an inner conflict of reality of which causes him to lose faith in the Torah, Emunas Chachomim and everything else that he is being taught. If the Torah teaches not to steal, but the young child with an impressionable mind sees that the Authorities indeed do so, what does this teach him? That learning is one thing, and to practice what they preach is another thing which leaves scars for life. We just went through a Global Fiasco of something even worse by the Arozim from all the way to the top, uma yomru ezovei kir? And then everybody is busy with what brought on the Holocaust. The answer is, Al asher ozvu es Toirosi, and being megaleh ponim baTorah shelo keHalacha! No need to search bechorin ubisdakim as to why and why or be a Machlokes haPoskim. Does anyone still even care about the Chilul Hashem it creates? The Fish starts to stink from the head spreading it on to the rest of klall Yisrael. Rebi lo shono, R' Chiye minayin. Torah achas yihye lochem, you cannot be poseach al shnei haseifim. When children realize all kinds of Ponzi schemes happening again and again for decades disenfranchising people of their life's toil and life's savings, and then in Shul sitting Mizrach and getting Kavod galore by the authorities, if they only paid their shochad dues of lo yechratz gelt that is good enough for ksus enayim, they accept it blindly and they then conveniently keep looking the other way. On the other hand, you have kinds of being oiver kol aveiros shebeolam bresh gli uberesh kol chutzot, but if you are giving enough Charity for Mosdos and their private charities, all is fine and dandy and "Achinu ato", however, at the same time having a different set of rules and a different Torah achas for the shnooks. By the time the child grows up, he has seen and been fed from a whole treifa smorgesboard of preaching one thing, but practicing another, all depending on your standing and financial status, going all the way to the Top. Umah ya'asse haben shelo yechto? Something stinks in Denmark and smells all the way here.

    That is why you must preach and practice Torah Achas all across the board, lilmod, ulelamed, lishmor vela'assot, ulekayem es kol divrei haTorah hazos. Learn from the Yakirei Yesrushalayim how to be Roeh Tzoin, "velo tiyeh Adas Yisrael ketzoin bli Roeh". Protecting our young and tayere umshildige shefelech would be an excellent start. The blood of our precious children is not Hefker and we are obligated to protect them mikol Pega ro asher lo yihye, "bimlo muven hamila". Amen

  5. He could have gone to the (supposed) (agudah) bet din of RGDS in chicago. He obviously doesn't want. He wants publicity (whether true or not).


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