Sunday, May 22, 2016

Why sex abuse charges against a Toronto teacher took 20 years to reach court

The Globe and Mail    The Service Ontario office on Lawrence Avenue West is the most public of places: public in its stream of passersby and public in the sense that it’s a conduit, bland and efficient, to the government.

That is where Joe Schacter sat down at a computer terminal in December and began looking at child pornography, police say.

Mr. Schacter reportedly appeared surprised when people were alarmed enough by the photos, allegedly of little boys in bathing suits, that they called police. The 55-year-old, a retired teacher at two private Orthodox Jewish schools, was arrested and charged.

That news, reported in local media, ended a 20-year internal battle for Adam, a North York man. He picked up his phone and asked to speak to a police detective. Joe Schacter, he said, had coached him into performing sex acts for three years of his childhood.

Adam was in his 40s and he says in every year of his adult life he had talked himself out of making that call. “‘I should go to the cops,’” he would say to himself. “‘I should go to the cops. I should go to the cops.’”

Then, always, came a second thought: “You could destroy your life. You could destroy your kids.”

Adam’s allegation that Mr. Schacter was a sexual predator was not new to police and certainly not to many in Toronto’s Orthodox Jewish community. According to documents obtained by The Globe and Mail and interviews with community members, Mr. Schacter has been accused multiple times over a 23-year period of sexually assaulting little boys. In the early nineties, criminal charges were laid, then withdrawn. A decade later, after more allegations, the Ontario College of Teachers ordered a disciplinary hearing. It was canceled and Mr. Schacter continued to teach until he retired in 2013.

There’s no documentation about why the cases were dropped, but in the close-knit community, it was understood that the children had recanted, their families unwilling to proceed.[...]


  1. I hope the creater of this blog can explai something to me:
    What is the point of all these recent blog posts that bring to the public all the shmutz of the chareidi world?
    Here and there there may be a divar Torah thrown in, but lately I just see a lot of irrelevant things about the secular world. Like some Muslim who divorces his wife for defying him, or the bathroom woes of a transgender boy. What impact does that have on my Jewish identity? What is the message for yidden in that?
    And then all the sex scandal in the chareidi world? I assume anyone on this blog is already aware of the dangers of pretitors disguised as rabbis, mashgichim, and roshei Yeshiva..... What is your point to keep bringing it all up?
    Even bringing up the 75 kids (out of THOUSANDS, perhaps even hundreds of thousands) who came down with chicken pox in Williamsburg. (The propertion is quiet laughable to be honest. I don't get why that made headlines in the first place.)
    But what is your point of bringing that up?
    Maybe it's my ignorance, or my nieveness, but I no longer understand the intentions for this blog. What is the message you are trying to convey?
    Thank you,
    A confused reader.

  2. Dear KS,

    Given your confusion about this blog's purpose, along with the picture you portray of yourself with some of your word spellings, may I make a suggestion?

    Use this blog's existence to practice your own self control, and refrain from continuously returning to read these questionable posts.

    I can think of many things you could be doing with the time you save checking out this site. WADR to RDE, some people would be better served by going elsewhere.

    In case you still need to know, perhaps you should be asking yourself why Joe Schacters still exist in our world. After all, according to you, enough people 'are already aware of the dangers posed by pretitors (sic)'.

  3. This guy in the above story isn't Chareidi.

  4. 'Children recanted' or 'encouraged' to recant?

    Big difference.

  5. Wow, you really answered my question! How well you hit that nail on the head!

    Perhaps though, since this question was not directed at you, you should refrain from answering for others.... Unless of course you are the creator of this blog. In which case, my deepest apologies.

    Additionally, shooting the messenger because you either don't like the question, or feel threatened by it, doesn't change the message. In this case it's a simple question. And the question still stands.

  6. what is it that you don't understand?

  7. What is the overall purpose of your blog?
    What relevance does all the transgender posts have to frum population?
    Why are there random posts about issues of the Muslim world that has no connection to yiddishkeit?
    Why are there so many posts that discuss sex abuse cases and charges among the yiddish world?

    I can not understand what the overall message of your blog is.

    The title is daas Torah. Jewish identity.

    I came here when the Epstein-Friedman saga was the hot topic, and it eemed that you were out to fight and prove the emes of that situation. The Daas Torah title seemed appropriate since you would site many other rabbanim, out to fight for the emes.

    Now, however, I just can't make heads or tails what Daas Torah has to do with transgenders, Muslim divorces, 75 kids/thousands who have chicken pox and other random posts.

    Many other posts just seem to be mekatrig on Klal Yisrael, and I don't understand why. What is your purpose for all this?

  8. It wasn't for this specific post. It was ingeral. This post would fall under questions of why is this story on this blog to begin with.
    What is relevance to this blog?
    Which just brought me to the overall questions of what is the purpose/message of this blog to begin with. I can no longer tell what this blog is about.

  9. If you want a message to be private, email RDE directly. If you comment publicly, others may choose to respond to you. That's how it works in the blog world. If you don't like it, don't post.

  10. Kiwi - do you think knowledge of the facts of the world i.e. Reality is important to know? Or do you think that we can live our lives based on what we imagine is going on without bothering to periodically do reality checks? Do you think that when facts exist that don't fit in with what our leaders tell us - we should simply ignore those facts since our leaders tell us they are infallible?

    Are you aware that there is a mitzva of tochacha? Are you aware that child molesting violates Torah laws? If someone is molesting children should be deny it and pretend it is not happening? If someone is a child molester - do you feel the Torah requires us not to talk about it because it is lashon harah?

    When the secular society we live in suddenly becomes obsesssed with the feelings of individuals who feel that there biology has betrayed their psychology - do you think it is relevant to learn a bit about what transgender is so we can forumate a Torah position on the matter?

    Do you think we should not be aware of Jewish crime - and simply be outraged when anyone suggests that a Jew committed a crime - especially a frum Jew?

    DOES REALITY HAVE ANY SIGNIFICANCE FOR YOU AND YOUR AVOVDAS HASHEM - or is everything you need to know presented on the paged of the Yated or HaModiah? is halacha - especially applied to true facts - mean anything to you?

    Or do think the ideal is to live in an Artscrolll world where goodness and being right is directly proportional to how much Torah you have learned?

    If you don't understand what I have written then please do yourself a big favor and stop reading this blog since it is obviously over your head

  11. Ah, so you've been reading the blog a couple of months to get the hock, a blog that's been around for years, and you feel entitled to criticize. What is preventing you from simply returning to your blissful state pre-Epstein-Kamenetzky, when, having no knowledge of DT's existence, you didn't read it?

  12. Kiwi I gave it my best shot and you still have your question. The simply answer is that you can' comprehend my answer or that this blog is not a good idea for you.

    While I like to think I can help everybody is some way - I guest you are the exception and you should find something more compatible

    Perhaps somebody else can explain it

  13. Thank you for your answer. Your kind words, patience, and clear answer must be a reflection of your true Torah values and hashkafa.
    Thank you for taking the time to reply and answer my question.
    I guess it must be my fault for still being confused about the hashkafa of this blog.

  14. I never criticised. I simply expressed my confusion about what this blog is actually about. Initially I was under the impression it was a blog that stood up for the truth among the corruption in our world....
    But once the articles that have no relevance to yiddishkeit started popping up, I got confused.
    But instead of Everyone else I know who trash talks this blog, I decided I would simply ask, and hoped to get clarity.
    Instead it appears I just got told it's my fault I don't understand....

  15. Yes, knowledge of the world facts are important to know.

    No human is infallible.... If Acheir can go off the derech, so can the greatest talmid chacham of today. Ye

    Yes, I am aware of the mitzvah of tochecha, although I do not know all the halachos that go into it. I know that there are does and don't that go into the mitzva and I would be lying if I said I know how to give tochecha properly.

    Yes, child molesting violates the Torah, and as far as i know, Lashaon Harah does not apply to a rodeif. Child molester are 100 % rodfim.

    I am very aware of what transgender, non-binary, etc are. Yes, I would love to hear what the Torah haskfa is on those, but I don't particularly care for articles about the bathroom problem these individuals face.
    And call me whatever name you want, but if a someone who looked like a guy walked into the bathroom I was using, I would silently freak out. I would probably make a complaint to management also.

    I am very very, VERY well aware of crime committed by "very frum" Jews. In ways most can not even fathom, nor will believe is capable.
    And I am not even talking about molestation... Add theft, cheating, back stabing, shakranut, adultry, and even shvichot damim to the list of crimes among the most frumest looking Jews. I wasn't born yesterday.

    I don't read the yated, homida, mishpacha, Jewish press, or the like.... If I am going to bring those into my house I may as well read the New Yorker or Time Magazine. Something written by a Rabbi, or frum therapist, doesn't automatically make the material

  16. **this was supposed to be part of the previous reply, can you combine the two? Thank you**

    Kosher. I have a lot of issues with "Jewish" publications.

    I don't understand your question about about artscroll, but ones Torah knowledge has nothing to do with their actions or frumkeit, or middos in general. Being a Talmid Chacham and a rasha gemura is NOT a contradiction.

    However, I am still not 100 % what the overall purpose of this blog is about.

    Thank you for your time.

  17. Kiwi, I think the purpose of the blog, and this is actually the reason that I read it, is to know of the issues that there are in the world which can and usually do affect frum Jews as well. For example there is a thread here about transgender, in which I have debated someone who doesn't see this phenomena as craziness. This shows us that the issues in the world at large have wormed themselves into the Jewish community and is therefor a Jewish issue. I feel it is important for me to know that. All of the issues end up being relevant to Jews. I find that even mainstream Jews who are completely frum and even pious aren't as appalled by the crazy things that happen in the world as they should be, and this is because as it becomes more of a norm in the goyishe world, it becomes more acceptable to us too, laider. This shows that there is also a down side of knowing, because it desensitizes us, but many of us know anyway and this is a forum to discuss and hopefully get our heads screwed on correctly.

    For some people, I truly think that it is better for them not to know, so that they can continue in their blissful fantasy of gedolim and all else, which for some people is the better state of existence. But for those who will eventually know anyway, this blog is very important to have things discussed with people who can present more correct hashkafos. For those who might otherwise never find out and never be affected by the craziness and wickedness that exists out there, maybe they are better off not reading this blog and not knowing. But I don't know that there are (many) such people who are truly safely and effectively insulated from all of those things.

  18. Thank you. Your words make alot of sense, and I appreciate your time to explain this to me....
    I agree with you. I just found it confusing to see random articles dealing with those issues posted as is, without an explanation of a daas Torah. I could not tell if RDE was agreeing or disagreeing with the topics in the articles.
    That confused me the most.


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