Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rivky Stein & Yoel Weiss: Rikvy the Aguna, the Selling of the Brooklyn Bridge and other tall tales - Yoel refutes her claims

Guest Post Yoel Weiss - 4th attempt to arrange a Get

I have not heard back form Rivky Stein, for 7 days or from any of her rabbonem, advisers, supporters, about a set time when to arrive at her Beis Din to arrange for the get, I therefore decided to write a 4th public announcement, directed to Rivky's supporters and to the entire Jewish community who has wholeheartedly donated funds to Rivky's cause.

I've sensed from comments on Rivkys Facebook, that many of you are not satisfied that I decided to provide Rivky the get as soon as August 6th, or even sooner as I announced in my 2nd public announcement. Instead of encouraging Rivky to show up to receive the get your comments seem to be all over the place - and clearly designed to instigate her not to show up, with all kinds of cockamamie excuses.

The big question that comes to mind is, why would Rivky's supporters attempt to hinder her receiving the get? After all, her entire website and public relation - fundraising was all about helping ''free the aguna Rivky Stein''.

I guess the answer is pretty simple. You probably know good and well by now, that Rivky concocted this entire Beis Din story. You know that there is NO such Beis Din. You know she never sent me any hazmonos. (summons to Beis Din) You know there was NO cherem.(excommunication order). All her crying kicking and screaming, and her entire website was designed to defraud the good hearted public, to shower Rivky and her accomplices with hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Beis Din and Excommunication order, was the necessary fundamental underpinning tool to shed creditability on Rivkys story. This false Beis Din excommunication order, obviously ignited the public to send her donations to help free the aguna.

Who would ever believe in their right mind, that this little innocent aguna, and her acquaintances had the guts to cut and paste documents to fabricate a Beis Din story, that has no hands or feet, all in order to fool the Jewish -and the non Jewish people worldwide, to swindle them out of their money to help the aguna. What a Chillul Hashem rl.

Now that you all know the truth, that Rivky bluffed her way through, concocted this entire Beis Din story why would any of you still support her crying wolf -- aguna tactic story .Why would any of you aid and abet and encourage a criminal extortion enterprise?!

The answer I believe is, that you probably still don't know the entire truth. You probably believe, that since this poor little aguna is telling a horrible abuse story, there must be some truth to the story. Because if there is smoke there must be fire. How else would it be possible for a young soft spoken frum woman, to dramatize such crazy stories?

So you think that the answer is, that some abuse must be true. On the other hand, I assure you, that very soon you will learn the entire truth, that not only was there NO Hazmonos/ NO Beis Din/ No Excommunication order, you will shockingly learn with hard evidence that there was never a fire, the entire abuse story is nothing but a smoke screen designed by Rivky's partners - all for monetary gains.

During the 4 years we lived together, Rivky never filed any complaints to any authorities, rabbis, or doctors. She has no evidence to support her abuse story whatsoever. She has no abuse pictures, she went to the mikva every month and not a single reliable witness can support her abuse story. Its all a bunch of dramatized bubamayses which she and her accomplices made up. They, detected early on Rivky's weakness and desire for attention, they decided she is the perfect prey for them. Hoping to make millions of dollars they manipulated her to file these ridicules ludicrous false allegations, that she was kidnapped, and my entire family tortured her for the entire 4 years we lived together...crazy ah? or crazier then crazy?

The evidence surrounding the circumstances during the 4 years in question, mirrors a happily married Rivky, spending her days shopping, eating at restaurants, attending weddings and parties, walking in the park with the kids, often vacationing etc etc etc.. Her story that she put up a show the entire 4 years, with glitz and smiley faces, all because she was so so afraid of me, holds no water and makes absolutely no sense. The facts reveal just the opposite. Rivky abused and terrorized me the entire past 2 years.

She filed false allegations against me and against my family demanding 480 million dollars, obviously she is not and was not afraid of me. She had me arrested 5 times under false pretences where each time I spent the night in jail, obviously she was not afraid of me. She shocked the conscious of the entire Jewish community by launching her Chillul Hashem website, lying and deceiving the media and the entire world collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars in charity, slandering me and my entire family as never heard before,--- obviously she is not afraid of me.

Imagine, Rivky, even had the guts to post a false Beis Din/ Hazmonos, / false excommunication order / false Beis Din address that never existed. Think about it for a second... Does Rivky's actions fit this little fearful nebbish aguana that submitted herself to be kidnapped, raped, and tortured for 4 long years all because she was afraid of me?! I am certain if you decide to be honest with yourself - the answer is obvious.

The clear answer is that Rivky is far from the little goody goody goody girl, and she was never afraid of me. Just to the contrary, she was always the bully in the house. She always got what she wanted, when she wanted, and at any price. More to the point, Rivky's friends at school remember her to being a bully. On the other hand, I was never a bully, never had a drop of violence in me. Rivky's past two year actions make it clearer then clear that she is not the fearful woman, who would like her supporters to believe otherwise that she was always afraid of me. Rivky, would never put up with any abuse or bullying for one second, she has no issue voicing her opinion. She let herself be heard when she accused her now parents, father and mother of being abusive. She let herself be heard when she accused landlord son of abusing her which resulted in her getting evicted from her apartment.

These are all made up concocted stories by Rivky.

Simply put, the reason she was silent for 4 years, is because there was no abuse whatsoever. Her entire abuse story is based on greed, and rests on fabricated lies and delusions. Something she has been suffering from since she is 11 years old.

Rivky, through her media campaign, has painted me as a rapist, kidnapper, slavemaster, abuser, thief etc etc.

 Its time for everyone to acknowledge the clear truth - it is all a big lie!


  1. for a while i was wondering if the picture here should be removed, but now having read this, i can understand perhaps yoely wants it there.
    may all your suffering end quickly

  2. Unreal! She apparently has some sort of personality disorder.

  3. Please "Google" Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and Histrionic Personality Disorder (All on the same spectrum). You may find some understanding and validation in what you have experienced. Hatzlacha to you.

  4. Verification of AddressJuly 30, 2014 at 4:59 AM

    Did anybody from rivkis side respond to yoels wonderful offer?

  5. Verification of AddressJuly 30, 2014 at 5:23 AM

    So where's rifkis reply to his offer? It has already been like about 2 weeks!¡

  6. Verification of AddressAugust 3, 2014 at 4:53 AM



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