Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rivky Stein and Yoel Weiss: Court document regarding Rivky's credibility

The world is frothing at the mouth about the alleged disgusting behavior of a young charedi Jew - Yoel Weiss. It reinforces not only what many anti-Semites believe about Jews, but even the average person is delighted to find mud about religious Jews and many newspapers have printed her story as established TRUTH. It is all over the Internet with the help of Facebook and a dedicated web page Redeem Rivky. It is an incredible chilull HaShem. In addition the feminists have gotten involved because after all she is providing them with "clear proof" that Torah Jews hate women.

The only apparent problem with this story - is that it is not true.  Everything is based on her accusations and so far she has not produced any credible supporting evidence- not even from her "beis din" or  "mediator". However the real evidence of her questionable credibility can be found in court documents.  Below is an example, where it is clear that the court does not believe her accusations against her husband. Besides harming her husband and her children - she is harming the cause of real agunos.


  1. I don't know Rivki, any of her supporters and have no idea if her story is true or not. But based on the information you posted, you are prematurely jumping to conclusions and are showing a very strong bias against Rivki instead of trying to stay focused on obtaining facts.

    1) You wrote: "The only apparent problem with this story - is that it is not true."

    What are you basing this on? What proof do you have that her story is not true?

    2) You wrote: "Below is an example, where it is clear that the court does not believe her accusations against her husband."

    a) It is clear she has lost credibility with the DA because she didn't follow through on recent accusations with an Order of Protection.

    b) We do know that at some point she had an Order of Protection against Yoeli. Even he admits to that.

    c) We do know that Mediators got involved and tried to have Orders of Protection removed. If it was only an Order of Protection that Rivki had against Yoeli, or also one that he had against her, or both is not very clear to me right now.

    d) We also don't know if the Orders of Protection, were actually removed.

    e) Bamberger claimed in his letter that he was successful in having Rivki stop arresting Yoeli.

    f) Bamberger also claimed that it was Yoeli who asked him to get involved.

    g) Yoeli claims it was Uziel Frankel that asked Bamberger, but never answered the questions as to his relationship with Uziel and if it was at his own request that Uziel approached Uziel.

    In light of the fact that we know there were mediators involved, it is possible that subsequent to their involvement (and having previous Orders of Protection removed), she felt in danger from Yoeli or others, reached out to the Police/DA, but did not follow through with Pressing Charges, and an Order of Protection because the mediators asked her not to stoke the fires. They might have promised her safety in some form of another. That doesn't mean her story and accusations are not true.

    It is because of scenarios like this, that some Rabbonim advise women who are in abusive relationships, that if they feel in danger from their husbands, and call 911 (which is Halachically permissible when feeling in danger), they MUST follow through with pressing charges and getting an Order of Protection. Otherwise, they will lose credibility and the police will stop coming.

    Again, I don't know if this is what happened or not (and you or Yoeli have not posted any additional information on what really transpired) but it would be horrible if because of a mediator that got involved at Yoeli's request, is why Rivki didn't have Yoeli arrested even though she felt she was in danger, didn't press charges, didn't seek an Order of Protection and ended up losing credibility with the court.

  2. Then shouldn't your post have waited until you posted everything in it's entirety?

  3. "Just the Facts":

    The court declared Rivkie non-credible after ALL five Orders of Protections she filed against her husband. So the court took the entirety of all her OOP filings in determining she was not a credible person.

  4. By the way, talking to someone to withdraw an order of protection is a felony. -- obstruction of justice. The (previous) brooklyn DA did prosecute a practicing rov for doing that.

  5. If the order of protection was filed under false pretenses with untruthful allegations, then withdrawing it and encouraging it be withdrawn is legal and the correct approach going forward.

  6. "Everything is based on her accusations and so far she has not produced any credible supporting evidence"

    She has not produced evidence to whom? To you, to this blog?

  7. Rabbi Michael TzadokJuly 1, 2014 at 10:56 PM

    The court documents, because it is a Civil RICO case have to all be public. You too can access PACER and see all of he evidence, motions and testimony she has provided the court. We can wait for her counters to the motions to dismiss, but if I have my guess they are going to fail.

  8. To the judge! To anyone.

  9. Yes. Exactly my point. Wait and see.

  10. no, this is not what the non credible claims were about.

  11. So, you're advocating for everyone not to take Rivkies wild claims seriously and allow the court to decide? Wise move.

  12. So where are your supposed pictures?

    We shouldn't trust rabbis and therapists, but we should trust you?

    What does the foster care system have to do with this?

    What does the school system have to do with this?

  13. Your starting to sound just like Rivky, by making all these unfounded allegations.

    I know Yoel for a long time, I never saw him as a wild person, I happen to think hes a procrastinator, so for you to say rabbonim are scared of him is not the truth, rabonnim are only scared of hashem, if there was rabbi who thought her claims were valid, she would have lots of support, better said if the Weiss family thought she was saying the truth they would have backed her fully.

    the only one that she fooled was the old Mrs. Lefkowitz, when she came running to her and said Yoel beat me and I have all these bruises, unfortunately Mrs lefkowitz forgot to ask her to shoe the bruises, had she done that she would have seen what a liar Rivky was.

    As always the truth will come out sooner or later.

  14. "if there was 1 rabbi who thought any of her claims were valid, she would have lots of support,"
    Allow me to doubt that. Rabbis are not known for their swift intervention in favor of victims of domestic abuse. They are slow in believing, they always want the abused spouse to give it one more try, and even once they determined that a get should be given, they have "no leverage" to enforce it (outside Israel), as the blog owner aptly pointed out.
    I think that the attitude "she walked out of the marriage, so she is guilty" (promoted, among others, by the blog owner) is not very helpful when fighting domestic abuse.
    Domestic abuse mostly happens behind closed doors, victims often are ashamed to come forward, evidence, besides testimonials, is not always easy to provide, especially later.
    So at least you should give those spouse a break and not point fingers when they finally walk out of an abusive marriage.
    Rivka waited more or less 2 years before going public, so don't tell me that the first thing she did was running to the tabloids.

  15. I don't know Rivky and don't know if your claims about the abuse from Yoeli and his family are true or not. But what I do know:

    A) Mental Health professionals know that people have one personality/ ego state at home and another at work/ in public. Just because someone is nice in public doesn't mean they can't be abusive at home.

    B) based on my involvement in a few divorce cases and as an observer in others, most Rabbonim are not willing to

  16. As I wrote above, Mental Health professionals know that people have one personality/ ego state at home and another at work/ in public. Just because someone is nice in public doesn't mean they can't be abusive at home.

    From my discussions with people who have done business with Yoeli and know him personally, he is not the angel you describe. I am not saying that Rivky's allegations are true or that Yoeli is for sure in the right, but I don't believe that Rivky just snapped and walked out of a perfectly loving and stable home.

  17. And in regards to the Rabbonim, contrary to your claim, most Rabbonim will back a woman unless there is a 3rd party male who is advocating for her.

  18. Regardless of what happens in court, the truth usually does not come out.

  19. Is that another justification? Rabbonim will back those that they see as the Torah wanting them to back. They do not require Uziel Frankel types of characters to back the woman.

    Nice try.

  20. Please remember what it says in tehilim, eloikim nitzov badas keil, even if you think the truth doesn't come out, hashem makes sure all goes according to plan, Hashem puts the thoughts into what the judge in the court system ultimately rules.

  21. You are anonymously slandering Yoel.
    You are implying that Rivkies allegations certainly have "truth" to it.
    And you ask where you seem biased to Rivkie? You ask where you have justified Rivkie's actions?

  22. Depends which "rabbonim" you are referring to. Modern Orthodox rabbis will accept the woman's story without evidence in a he-said/she-said situation.

  23. This is a Chareidi blog and I am referring to Chareidi Rabbonim.

  24. I have never defended Rivki's behavior or claimed to know that her allegations are true, but Yoeli publicly showed his true colors when:

    a) he posted the pictures of Rivki.

    b) he only took them down after he realized the damage it did to his own image.

  25. I am not saying that Rivki is going to prevail, but please remember your words if she does.

  26. Wow! That sure clears things up a bit!

  27. Rivky was the first to publicize pictures of herself and her husband when she licked up to the Daily News and Daily Mirror and gave them private family photos to publish with the salacious story she sold them.

  28. He posted the pictures to show the world she is not the frum girl she pretends to be. I think it was a smart move on his part. After the fact, he decided that it would hurt her to a great degree and decided its not worth the harm to show his point, that's why he took them down.

  29. such lies, your degrading all of our rabbonim, you should be ashamed of yourself.


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