Friday, July 25, 2014

Seminary scandal: Lastest Psak of Israel Beis Din on July 25, 2014

Last night, Rav Aharon Feldman brought the case to Beis Din here (Rav Mendel Shafran is Rosh Beis Din). They sat for 8 hours hearing testimony from everyone involved, and wrote up their official Hachlatot.
They concluded (my translation)

1) There is absolutely no danger to students to be educated in these four seminaries.

2) The staffs of these schools are incredible and they have done their work with mesiras nefesh, faithfully and with yeras shamayim. They have succeeded in producing a large number of students over the years who have produced distinguished frum homes that are faithful to G-d and His Torah and they are capable of producing more.

3) We request that Touro certify these seminaries for past credits

4) It is prohibited for any other school (either preexisting or newly established) to attempt to recruit students - either directly or indirectly - who have been accepted in these seminaries for the coming year. This is prohibited by a number of halachos and we are sure no one will try to do such a sin.

5) It is prohibited to defame or slander these seminaries in any manner

6) There are those who have intervened without authority who haven't heard all the facts and should be ignored.

7) There are additional issues regarding this case but they are not discussed in this ruling but will be fully addressed at a future time.


  1. Number 4: s so if a former or present student wants to apply, the new school will discourage her, so as to avoid controversy?

    That's not fair to the student!

    Point 7: nobody wants to buy the schools. (At least not at the price the family wants.) So expect a decision in a month or two allowing the family to keep owning the school.

  2. Been confirmed school was sold to Mr. Y Yarmash.
    Rabbi Fuerst has said still don't go

  3. Too pareve, and even pro-school. Silent on all facts. The people want to see justice done, and these rabbis don't understand that. They're either detached, or biased.

  4. Is this the Rabbi Fuerst who try to annul a marriage, when

    1) They never spoke to the husband

    2) They relied upon the testimony of a non-Jewish, admitted harlet

    3) the "dayonim he signed along with were Mendel Epstein, Mordechai Gimple Wolmark (both have been arrested), Rabbi Yisroel Belsky (who may yet still be arrested), and Rabbi Peretz Steinberg?

    That annulment was roundly criticized by all the Poskim.

    [It's a pity that this link has so much editorializing, and not just the documents.

    * Their signed "annulment" is page 15.
    * Rav Ahron Scheter and Rav Feifel Cohn's letter is on page 11 (English translation is page 6)
    * Rav Shlomo Miller's letter is on pages 12 &13
    * Rav Ovadia Yosef and Rav Salom Messas' letter is on page 8
    * Dayen Fisher , Rav Meir Brandsdoffer and Rav Ulman's letter is on page 9 (English translation is page 5)

    * Rav Elyashiv's letter is on this link, page 3

  5. The schools were sold last week. And they didn't belong to "the family" to begin with. They belonged to Elimelech Meisels only.

  6. It's definitely the same Rabbi Fuerst who not long ago was a lead signer on a fake heter me'ah that was granted the husband without being mashlish a get for the wife.


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