Friday, July 25, 2014

Rav Steinman: We are to pray for all soldiers - even the Shabbos transgressors!

Kikar haShabbat

וכשרצו לעורר מבחינות אחרות, הגיב רבינו "סאיז דאך יידישע קינדער - ארחמנות..." - 'הרי הם ילדים יהודים, ורחמנות עליהם'.

כמו כן, על הטענה שיש כאלו שאינם שומרי שבת, לא ויתר מרן הגראי"ל ואמר שצריך להתפלל גם עליהם. וסיפר מעשה שהיה עם מרן הגר"ח מבריסק זצוק"ל שפעם אחת היה גזר דין מוות על אחד מאנשי "הבונד" והיה צריך הרבה כסף כדי לשכור לו עורך דין, ועמד מרן הגר"ח זצוק"ל "בעצם יום הכיפורים הקדוש" ואסף כסף כדי להציל אותו, ובאמת הצליח להצילו ממות.

הרי לנו שאף לאחד שהיה ידוע לרשע, טרח אותו גאון וצדיק כ"כ כדי להצילו, ואנשי הבונד היו ידועים "לאפיקורסים ממש".


  1. another point is that in this case, if they have to transgress Shabbat in war time it is a case of pikuah nefesh, not only of the soldiers, but the entirety of Klal Yisrael (residing in Israel). For example, those who operate Iron dome, are each time saving Jewish lives, and it is an obligation to do this even on Shabbat.

  2. Not all of the soldiers are Jewish. The Golani Brigade commander who was injured at the start of the ground operation is a Druze. It is important that we daven for everyone.

  3. there is some historical basis that Jews who were converted by Muslims in Eretz Yisrael and nearby, chose to convert to Druze rather than Islam. Some Druze have said their origins are Jewish. No Shavei propaganda intended.

  4. WhaT a shame that we have to be told to pray EVEN for non shomer shabbos soldiers,GEVALD GEVALD are we that brain dead,here we have these young jewish angels giving up their lives to protect their country and fellow jews,and frum jews have to be told by a GADOL that we must pray for them too.
    As a so called chareidi jew myself,sometimes it seems that our chareidi society
    has become a one big insane asylum.

  5. Many shuls (mine included) say a tfillah for "ne-edarei tzahal" missing servicemen, including one who is a bedouin.

    As for iron dome, we must publicly thank ronald reagan for laying the groundwork for iron dome, with his SDI strategic defense initiative, which he was mocked for, at the time.

  6. I was shocked when I read that someone would even ask such a question.
    R' Daniel – RDE has often commented how
    with some people frumkeit and learning can come with a cost of people losing
    their seichel and common sense.

  7. Druzim consider themselves descendants of yitro, thus "cousins" of sorts. Their religion and religious practices are secrets. Thus they're against conversions, since this will involve giving out details of their religion and religious practices.

    Most druzim become mishteret hagvul, border police. This commander was obviously an exception, becoming a mefaked of a very exclusive unit. May hashem avenge his blood, together with the blood of other sacrifices.

  8. I agree. More than that displays the "gadlus" of Horav Shteinman, it illustrates the moral and intellectual bankruptcy, and total lack of Ahavas Yisroel, of the his circles.


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