Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rivky Stein & Yoel Weiss: Is Rivky an Aguna? She has not responded to offer of Get for 5 days!

See Yoel Weiss offers to give Rivky Stein a Get

Yoel Weiss wrote:

It's been five days [as of July 22] since I went public that I was interested in meeting Rivky Stein at her Beis din. I have not heard a word from Rivky Stein her lawyer the Beis Din her brother Ezra Stein Yossi Bomberger Uziel Frankel everybody got an email.

Is it that hard to get her 3 rabonem who placed me in Cherem. [excommunication] because I supposedly ignored the Beis Din.

As many times I tried, I was unsuccessful to reach those 3 rabonem to arrange a set time for the get. Please urge Rivky and her advisers to invite the 3 Dayanem "Rabbi Chaim Taub ('dayyan') Rabbi David Binyamin Abales ('av bais din') Rabbi Yehoshua Goodman ('dayyan')" at the address cited on their Hazmonos 1278 East 77nd Street Brooklyn, NY 11234 which is also the same address on the face of the excommunication order, where the excommunication proceeding supposedly took place. ...


  1. Clearly Rivky and her so-called "dayanim" are playing games with you and are not interested in a Get.

    When you go the so-called "beit din" the day after Tisha B'Av, be sure to go to both the E. 77th St. address listed as well as the Chabad on E. 72nd St., so they cannot later claim you purposely went to the wrong address after they posted online the address was a mistake and it was really the Chabad house.

  2. Wait a second, wait a second, slow down. Whoa. A man is trying to give his wife Get. He claims he is accessible, yet no word back from his wife, whom he has strong reason to believe (a) got his message, and (b) has the ability and means to contact him. It seems to me he has nothing to prove further. He has made his position super-evident. Is there any doubt his wife wants to remain married to him? If not, if she wants a Get, what is stopping her, or any of her representatives, from responding?

    It seems to me likely that Mr. Weiss has an attorney that represents him at custody hearings. Could I respectfully suggest that Mr. Weiss ask this attorney to contact Ms. Stein's attorney and convey the offer of a Get?

  3. At this point it appears that Yoeli Weiss is an "agun"; he has a wife who is refusing to accept a Get he is trying to give her.

    If after Yoeli goes to the beis din to attempt to give the Get at the very same beis din that ordered him to give the Get, and if Dayan Rabbi Chaim Taub, Dayan Rabbi Yehoshua Goodman and Av Beis Din Dayan Dayan Rabbi David Binyamin Abales refuse show up to their beis din courtroom to accept the Get, it is time for Yoeli to obtain his Heter Meah Rabbonim so he can immediately begin the process to start a new family.

  4. She just posted on Facebook and trashed Yoel again. It's really disgusting what she's doing.

  5. You make some very valid points. I didn't see where she responded that will come to the Chabad of Georgetown on E. 72.Do you have a link? In fact, it seems that she has purposely not said she will show up.

    She only writes about a Boro Park Rally. He should be very careful to have arraignments be made with the police department before hand.

    As for the rally in Boro Park - please post the information here. I would like to attend - in a counter rally! A counter rally should be arraigned. The arraignments have to be made with the police department beforehand.

  6. RDE: Is it possible that the beit din documents are forgeries AND that the abuse allegations are true?

    Theoretically, what would be the halachic and ethical ramifications of this?

    I'm not asserting that this is the case. This question comes from someone who is pondering about, in my opinion, some of the strange behavior/language exhibited by both Rivky and Yoel.

  7. @Bracha W - you ask a very interesting question. If a person is shown to lie about a major part of their claims is it reasonable and presumed according to the halacha that everything they say is a lie? The answer is yes.

    Since we are not gifted with prophetic ability we simply must conclude what seems reasonable. whichis also the halacha. A person who has been established as a liar is not presumed to tell the truth without clear supporting evidence.

    It is possible that Yoel is a Martian and that Rifky is a pink elephant that is under a magic spell. But we have no meaningful evidence to question their identity as human beings - even if you have some intuition that they arren't. We don't destroy a persons presumed stator or righteousness based on unsupported claims from a liar or from idle speculation.

  8. Verification of AddressJuly 30, 2014 at 2:01 AM

    Did רבקי even respond to יואל'יס offer to supply her with her גט by no later than a day after תשעה באב , by her self picked בית דין ??

  9. Verification of AddressAugust 3, 2014 at 4:55 AM

    It's unbelievable!¿


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