Sunday, July 6, 2014

Rivky Stein & Yoel Weiss: Yoel's version posted on Rivky website

This was previous published in the first post on this topic. However I was asked to make a separate post for easy reference.

Yoel Weiss viewpoint from Rivky's Facebook page

My name is Yoeli Weiss. Unfortunately, I'm involved with a messy divorce and custody battle widely publicized by my wife Rivky Stein. On the advice of an adam gadol I stayed silent for the past two years, not responding to the many false ugly accusations she concocted against me and my family. Recently however, she caused an outrageous chillul Hashem. She launched a website exposing herself-- posting seductive pictures of herself, sharing false stories, with delusional graphical bedroom scenarios, inciting men and women in our frum community to be busy debating it. I was told, that her website was negatively circulating among the hottest topics in the mikva, beis hemedrish, at home, at work, and of course on the social media network. The website is nothing but a fabricated story caused by her desperate need for attention. Not satisfied with the massive feedback and the amount of money she raised through her website, she moved her chillel Hashem to the next level, when she shared her false website story together with some family photographs to the Daily News. I spoke to this adam gadol again yesterday, he voiced his great concern for klal yisroel. He is currently engaging other rabonem making them aware of this new chillul Hashem through social media, a dangerous tactic invented by Rivky Stein. This is a ''kosher porno website'' camouflaged under a ''free aguna site''. This adam gadol urged me to respond and obey the positive commandment of the torah ''V'huyesem Nemeyiem M'shem V'myisroel Amo''. Accordingly I am writing this letter.

Minus some minor discords that occur among most newlyweds, after being happily married for 4 years, out of the blue in the spring of 2012, being under the spell of some demon[s], she suddenly decided to destroy her family and did not return home. Without ever mentioning before a single word about demanding a divorce, she initiated an aggressive and hostile (secular) court proceedings against me and my entire (extended) family, which included obtaining an order of protection against me totally under false pretences. Thereafter, over the next few months she caused me to be arrested 5 times, again with false accusations, and each time after spending the night in jail, her allegations were dismissed by the court as meritless. Eventually, the court realized her viciousness, terminated all orders of protection. In her litigation, she concocted the most ludicrous horrifying illogical accusations, all with the hope of a single goal to secure full custody of our two children, while at the same time seeking a money judgment reward of nothing less than 480 million dollars. I hired an attorney who is representing me in this messy litigation process, and the courts are slowly chipping away from her story and realizing the truth. As well, members of my family have had to hire an attorney, at the cost of tens of thousands of dollars.

Notwithstanding her accusations, the pain and shame she brought onto me and my entire innocent family, neither ,I nor anyone in my family ever retaliated in any way shape or form against her, not even by saying one bad word against her. After all, she is the mother of my two children. While I have enough unpleasant information about her and her family, and specifically about the two acquaintances, responsible for wrecking my home, I decline sharing this or any other lashan harahs with the public, simply because this is not the derech haTorah, and then again she is the mother of my children and I wish to spare my children this pain. Sooner or later, my children will be able to understand it all, and it’s my hope and desire that when they grow up, they'll realize that their father sacrificed his own pride by not divulging and exposing their mother, all in order to secure their well being. Rivky, on the other hand, seems not to care about the children at all. Her stability has been on a seesaw, and is, unfortunately, on a constant decline. The judge presiding two years on the marital case finally got the gist of what's really going on, recently ordered a complete psychiatric evaluation on her. Her impulsive and outrageous behavior with her website and the media speaks for itself.

As a father of two adorable children, I'm sincerely concerned that she can Chas vesholem end up harming them either physically or emotionally or both. That's why I am now fighting for full custody before it’s, chas vesholem, too late. Once the custody issue is resolved, she will receive her get with pleasure, and she can go l’chaim ve-l’sholem wherever her heart desires. Rivky does have issues: she is desperately seeking attention. And yes, she is a great actress, very convincing, believes in her own lines and her own illusions, therefore she comes across sincere and honest. I perfectly understand how some of the public is being swipalloeded away by her website, becoming quickly judgmental without giving me the slightest benefit of the doubt that perhaps there is something wrong with her story. Wouldn't you ask yourself, if her story would remotely hold the truth, why would the judge dismiss her allegations along with the orders of protection, and award me equal custody rights? I am certain you all recall the name Susan Smith. She too put up an act that the public was so convinced, but not the professionals. She too cried in front of the cameras attempting to convince the world that a black man killed her children. However, despite all her acting talents, the truth in the end always prevails, however it was too late -- she already killed her two children.

Rivky's website and u tube comes across sincere and honest. I know it’s hard not to believe her. Were I be an outsider not knowing her, I would probably believe her too. After all, she has fooled me and my entire family for more than 4 years. The highlight of her acting talents was played out during the last few weeks when we lived together. Over that period she secretly made plans and arrangements for an order of protection and to move in with her foster parents, while at the same time being an actress, she played and showed a most peaceful beautiful atmosphere at our home, and a most wonderful romantic relationship between us. So, I am asking the innocent public who is clinging to her website, to please give me the benefit of the doubt. Check carefully with her friends and the court rebuttals. Please don't get caught up in accepting and believing and repeating this lashan harah. I am certain many of her 5 thousand followers (as she claims on her website she has) are voicing their opinions believing its purely l'shem shumayem. I beg you to be careful and patient till the outcome of the court proceeding-- the very proceedings she initiated, before you condemn and slander an innocent person. Ultimately the truth may leave you feeling guilty for jumping to conclusions prematurely.


  1. @Daas Torah:
    What's the point of this?

  2. And if she is ? She was an Agunah, her media campaign (halachacilly permissible or not) undeniably worked for her. If the Charedei community and it's leaders are not going to resolve its Agunah crises on their own, they are leaving a vacuum for the activists and their aggressive tactics.

    The child abuse activists won their battle (today in almost all Chareidi communities, accusations of child molestations are taken very seriously. The new rule is where there is smoke, treat it like it is a fire) and there is a very good chance the Agunah activists will win theirs.

    The community has a choice. Resolve the Agunah crises on its own terms or resolve it on the terms of the activists.

  3. 1) She has her Get. A Get that many believe she would not of received otherwise.

    2) As I replied to you on another post, there is no point debating you as you and I will never agree on the definition of an Agunah and a Moredes.

    3) The community has a choice. Resolve the Agunah crises on its own terms or resolve it on the terms of the activists. It seems you have chosen to do resolve the issue on the activists terms.

  4. Well said. This should be at the center of the discussion (if any) on this blog. It's ridiculous to discuss the merits of the case.
    The author of this blog either knows that this media campaign was not a last resort, or he holds that halacha dictates that a woman remain in an abusive marriage rather than run a social-media campaign. I am curious to know which one, because that is the only discussion I see that would involve some level of intelligence.

  5. She has her Get. A Get that many believe she would not of received otherwise.

    If that is the case, then her get is invalid. A get brought about through undue pressure is invalid.

    She got her get after she repaid the losses she caused in her uncaring and selfish desire to sever her son from his father; after she put money into escrow to ensure that she won't ever try to rip her son away from his father; and after she spent a huge amount of money on slandering her son's father - all the while slandering herself. I'm curious if any serious guy would approach her with a 1,000 foot pole.

    No, her media campaign did not pay off. She would have done a lot better in focusing on getting over her stupid desire to cut her son off from his father. She would have been able to move on much, much easier. She would saved herself much aggravation and tons of money. She also may have been considered marriage material.

  6. TheSe so called agunah cases were usually solved when the wife was extremely "motivated" (meaning she "found " someone), or after the husband marries someone (in UZ's case, there was an ex father in law who wouldn't agree, even after UZ remarried; the case was resolved right after the f-i-l passed away; in the kin case, the agunah activists are preventing a settlement.)

  7. It's nice that you present your side, but that doesn't jive with the mediator's letter she published. Are we to assume it's all lies and you never said those things to him/her?

  8. Please read

  9. He started off by coming to Yoel with a lie, he had 1 agenda, and like Rivky, they were both willing to do anything and everything in the name of a get.

    Most of his statements are out right lies, it's very hard to figure out what's truthful in his letter.

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