Monday, July 7, 2014

First International Conference on Abuse & Violence in Jewish Community


  1. Oh no! More activists who will turn obedient wives into mordos!!! Don't do this to am yisrael! The world is so perfect, as long as every wife stays with her husband!

  2. fedupwithcorruptrabbisJuly 8, 2014 at 4:00 PM

    I feel that these gatherings should not be advertised as "for women" as if the problem is only unilateral. Although there are men who are abusive towards women, these gatherings give a perception that its only men who abuse women but women do not abuse men, and this is totally false.. Organizations such as ORA also give a false perception that the Aguna crisis is of catastrophic porportions when A) they create Agunot B) sometimes the men are the real Agunim. THE FEMINISTS CANT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS. YOU HAVE EMPOWERED YOURSELVES IN THE LAST CENTURY WITH ALL TYPES OF EQUALRIGHTS. SO STOP LABELING YOURSELVES AS "VICTIMS of the male gender"!!

  3. Don't you fear that this kind of activism will affect the stability of the jewish marriage? If a jewish wife is well under control, marriage is stable, and she will not think of becoming a moredet and leaving!


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