Saturday, July 12, 2014

Dovid Weinberger's pledge not to serve as rabbi or be involved in chinuch

Dovid Weinberger is now living at 12 Rechov Shaulson - Har Nof, Jerusalem.

For additional information see  Frum Follies

I had not posted this information previously because I had thought that it was widely known. However I have heard from a number of people in Har Nof that it is clear that this information is not common knowledge. 

Rav Moshe Sternbuch should be consulted if there are any further questions.

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  1. Weinberger is a really sad case. He has done a lot of good in his life.

    He unfortunately fell through while involved in his counseling positions. He also ruined and terminated marriages.

    Weinberger then attempted to violate his commitment. The Rabbonim of the Five Towns were forced to advise the public to stay away from him. Yet, at that point three months after Weinberger made this commitment, Chaim Yisroel Haleivi Belsky wrote a letter critical of the rabbonim of the Five Towns for advising the public to stay away from him.

    The Five Towns Rabbonim then dis-invited Torah Vodaas from a Shabbos of Chizuk, because of Rabbi Belsky's involvement.

    Can Rabbi Belsky be trusted to make sound judgments in contentious and emotionally-jarring cases? Can any of rabbi Belsky's rulings be trusted? How many married women did Rabbi Belsky permit to marry without a valid get? Are there mamzeirim that he is responsible for?


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