Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Rivky Stein & Yoel Weiss: Defensive counterattack by Yoel's supporters finally begins

 It was inevitable that the incredibly serious and yet unsubstantiated charges Rivky has brought against Yoel in the media - would result in an organized counterattack of his supporters. Having seen many of the significant documents my only question is why they have waited so long and tolerated the slander and mudslinging against Yoel and the resulting incredible chillul HaShem?
Friends and classmates of Yoel Weiss who have known him all his life, are convinced that Rivky Stien story does not fit Yoily's personality. Yoily is NOT a bully, was never violent, the opposite of impulsive, extremely thought out and very calculative, does not make hasty decisions, and has a heart of gold. Yoily himself refused to share details about Rivky. His words were '' I am not getting trapped following Rivk'y footsteps'' We decided to investigate Rivky's story and her new pertzah. She has caused much turmoil in the community. She began washing her dirty lingerie in the face of the entire frum community, launching her website, expressing herself in a most provocative manner to the secular media, a manner which does not fit proper even in the eyes of the average goy. Her white trailer trash talk is totally unappreciated and unwanted in our community, and if strongly desired, one can hear and see such talk on the the Jerry Springer show were she and her John Doe's belong.

In her website she is giving the impression to be this nebechdig very frum g-d fearing woman, and the only reason she launched the website is because Yoel refuses to give her a get. We see it different. We and the majority of who knows Yoily, came to realize the truth, that Rivky's campaign, as being starved for PR, and being manipulated by her John Doe's. Her website is professionally designed to attract the viewers, and many sent her generous donations which she claimed is needed for her attorneys. Needless to say, her website ignited a tremendous chillul Hashem at a level unheard before in our community, that a Jewish woman seeking a divorce - portraying to be frum and normal, (before ever brining it to a real Beis Din), should have the audacity and courage to divulge (regardless if true or not), her personal bedroom abuse stories to the public, and yet to go into much detail...what a shanda.

She tells her story in a graphic manner with several attractive photographs attached, in order to entice frum man getting trapped under the skin of her avoda zarah. She claims (if you believe it) her website so far attracted over 250 Thousand viewers from the community (mostly man) and she is somehow proud of herself to be the most ever spoken about Jewish frum woman. Receiving such overwhelming support from the blind in the community, gave Rivky the comfort to continue parading her avoda zarah in an escalating shameful manner, and her chillul Hashem is becoming more and more aggressive by the hour r.l. One rav expressed himself as Reb Gamliel said on the osso ish ''Midechutzef killo hei, shma mina mamzeir[as] hu''

We began digging into the matter, speaking to family members, friends, classmates, foster care families, reviewing phone records. After pealing layer by layer, we discovered a horrifying dark side behind this innocent little agunah Rivky Stein.

We decided not to divulge many details at this time, some involve sensitive information. Neither will we at this time identify two of her acquaintances and her primary advisers, except for Joseph Bamberger, who openly invited himself to be exposed. The two acquaintances for time being are identified as John Doe # One, and John Doe #Two. Since Rivky, launched her personal affairs to the public, and since she is Mchalall Shem Shumayem B'hafresyah, we feel every right to share the following with the public.

1. Rivky Stein can not be trusted on a single word she says. More then one friend & classmate of hers, remembers Rivky making up false crazy stories, and some go back since she was 11 years old. Some remember Rivky as being the delusional bully, getting what she wants, and when she wants it, at any cost.

2. This is not the first time Rifky, alleged molestation & rape allegations. She has made such allegations in the past against her own family members, and also against foster family members.

3. Joseph Bamberger is NO mediator as Rivky wants the public to think, he is a 32 year old divorced home wrecker, whom she met in Canada while supposable still romantically in love with Yoily her husband. Much more to come on Bamberger very soon, please be patient

4. 61 years old John Doe # one, has a horrible reputation, a known adulteress, a miserable individual, an outcast in the community by every means, this very John Doe is responsible for Rivky's actions. Yes imagine, this beguilingly good looking Rivky Stien falling for this 61 year old ''Good Year Blimp'' John Doe # One, and she jumps as he directs her. He thinks he is smart, but this time my friend John Doe # one --you went a bit to far. We are in the midst of getting your rap sheet and your last 30 year history together, and once that's completed, you may rest assure John Doe # one, you will be exposed to the entire world. Phone records reflects that Rivky spends hours daily with John Doe # one. Rivky has been seeing hanging with him, driving with him, and even staying over night at his house on more then one occasions...what a shanda, what a pertzah.

5. The fraudulent concocted Beis Din, & Siruv and its false ''excommunication'' [Cheirem] psak, is an outright forgery, a cut and paste job fabricated and arranged by John Doe # One. The FBI and the Attorney General have been made alert. Mail Fraud. Wire Fraud. Extortion. and more....Mr John Doe # one, you know how to read,... look up the sentencing guidelines.

6. Phone records also connect Rivky to John Doe # two. Not surprisingly he is another married shady outcast in the community with a most horrible reputation. He too may be responsible for manipulating this nebechdiga agunah in causing this massive fraud and extortion tactic & chillel hashem rl.

Of weider zen soon


  1. This is not a very good strategy from Yoel Weiss' defenders. Nothing in this article contradicts the charges brought against Yoel Weiss.

    There is no contradiction between committing domestic violence and being outwardly a perfect frum Jew. There is not contradiction between having been victim to abuse in the past and being victim of abuse again.

    this article reminds me very much of the pro-Weberman campaign: it might work among certain chareidi circles, but it will not convince a neutral observer.

  2. Sounds like a lot of smoke and mirrors and a delegitimisation tactic by Yoel.

    A few things we can learn from this post though.

    1. Yoel is continuing to stalk Rivky which seems to validate some of her claims. After all, how would Yoel have gotten access to her phone records showing these alleged connection to these people?

    2. You have already mentioned in prior posts that there was someone named Uziel Frankel helping her. A quick google search returns that he fits the profile of John Doe #1 so why the smoke and mirrors? Why have you revealed his name prior to this but say you are not willing to reveal it yet? Another contradiction in your story...

    3. It sounds to me that you are upset that Rivky is receiving outside help and your only way to try and discredit her is by fabricating lies and giving the insinuation that she is "falling for him"... Are you trying to hint to something? Frankly, @Daas Torah it seems that your website has taken a far detour from torah and is slowly turning in to a smut tabloid mimic of the daily mail which you were so appalled at Rivky for speaking with. Are you really going to allow this one sided approach giving Yoel a mouthpiece to accuse Rivky of horrible veirus with a man based on the fact that they were allegedly seen in a car together?!

    Lets say that this guy is helping her because he, like tens of thousands of others, believe her story, why would you allow these dirty insinuations by yoel on your "daas torah" blog?

    The real question is to @yoel weiss...Yoel - Why do you continue to abuse your wife and withold a Get from her when the marriage is clearly a DEAD marriage?
    Why are you looking through her phone records? Why are you following her around? Why have you not answered any of my questions? What are you afraid of?

  3. "Sounds like a lot of smoke and mirrors"
    I get the same impression

  4. @Avi is obvious that you are a passionate true believer in Rivky's victim hood and that you believe that Yoel is an evil man as she claims. The fact that the evidence clearly does not support such a view has not made any difference in your attacks on Yoel or me.

    Despite many of your points being answered or shown to be at variance with the facts or halacha or secular law etc. - You keep repeating them over and over again.

    You really aren't asking to get answers - but rather you think your questions are proof of Yoel's evilness

    In short your repetitions are getting tiresome and I will simply block more recycling. New points are welcome however

    I also expect you to change your obnoxious tone. If that is too much for you either go elsewhere to vent your anger or I will just block your obsessive comments.

  5. The post above clearly shows your bias in Yoel's favor. There is not one shred of evidence above. There are serious allegations hinting toward eshes ish and other aveirus and they are all based on the some anonymous person who claims to be a friend of Yoel Weiss.... Do you really expect any observant Jew to buy in to that?

    Secondly, Yoel has failed to answer any of my questions. I have heard his "friends" make excuses but have yet to hear one answer from him. If I missed a comment please send me a link and I would be glad to examine it.

    The proof of Yoel's evilness is the fact that Rivky is still being held hostage by him in a DEAD marriage against her will... That is my proof. He has yet to provide one answer as to why he hasnt issued her a Get.

    By now it is clear as day that the marriage is over and therefore no reaon to prolong the process. Does he plan on extorting her if he doesnt get his way in court?

    I have heard recorded conversations on, I read the mediators letter (and I have no reason to think that Bamberger is a liar, do you?) I have seen the court documents and I believe that Rivky is telling the truth. She has been consistent with her story whereas Yoel has a different version every time he speaks.

  6. @avi - I didn't write the post. Please review the court documents which indicate that Rivky has a serious crediblity problem.

    Your proof of Avi's evilness is also against halacha. She was in fact offered the get - which she refused. Yoel told me he was not interested in using the get as leverage - despite his right to do so. However she is now is civil court against him. She is not an aguna according to the halacha.

  7. This sounds like phone records while she was still living in her husband's home and using the family phone account, either her home landline phone and/or a cellphone on her husband's account. Obviously he gets the bill and sees what phone calls were placed.

  8. I don't think that it is in Yoel Weiss' interest to make this comment by a friend into a separate blog post, since it contributes no objective information, but a lot of mud slinging.

    If this was Yoel Weiss' defense strategy, it would be counter-productive.

    If you are interested in establishing the truth - and if you want to help Yoel - you should keep posting objective information from neutral sources, like the court papers.

    There are many questions that could be asked in favor of Yoel. Therefore, I cannot understand why you think that this subjective mudslinging contributes to his defense.

  9. The husband has no halachic obligation to give a Get at this time.

  10. Unfortunately, I am happy to see this. No, no, the acts mentioned therein are horrendous. But evilness must be exposed. Friends of Yoel, please keep up the good fight. Thank you.

  11. When did Yoel offer a Get? Why didnt Rivky take her Get? These are questions which demand answers. Do you actually believe that Yoel offerred her a Get and she said no I rather be an aguna so that in 2 years time I can file a rico, open a facebook account, accuse him of rape and ask for money? Why wouldnt she be able to do that once she has her Get? Do you actually buy into this? If so I have a bridge that I am building and I am looking for investors. Are you interested?

  12. Mr Katz,

    I don't know about you, if I had a wife accusing me of such unproven allegations, I would do everything in my power to show the world who she is.

    I don't think she has a right to privacy at this time, just like everyone understood that Madof does not have a right for privacy.

    And of course you ask the same questions over and over about a "Get", it's almost like you never read your replies or you choose to read the ones you like.

    He should be looking through her garbage and seeing what she ate, it might show him things to help his case and prove she continues to harm him.


  13. If you have any evidence then by all means show us. Up until now all we have seen is a posting by a "friend of Yoel" calling Rivky a liar and saying that she made upa ll sorts of stories but not a shred of evidence to back it up. On the other hand we have Yoel who contradicts himself everytime he opens his mouth. The recordings on the website show that he doesnt care about rabanim or a beis din and is happy to be far away from his children. The recordings also paint a picture of a controlling and abusive man that is trying to withold a Get to make Rivky suffer. Those were HIS words, not mine...

    Excuse me for not being a grumpy divorced guy that will automatically side with the abuser... I have valid questions and he has yet to answer them that is why I ask them over and over again. If you are tired of hearing them, call your friend Yoel and tell him to answer the questions...

    Your suggestion of looking through his garbage makes you sound just as creepy as he is...

  14. With your allegations against rivka, you play mainly to the hareidi audience, where the kind of allegations you make are considered very important in assessing her credibility.

    For a more neutral audience, like people who read Daily Mail or the redeem rivka website, a different strategy, based on objective declarations (by rivky) and proof to the contrary or contradictions within Rivkys declarations, would be more appropriate.

  15. Avi, don't waste your waste your time. It's like talking to a wall. This blog is just a group of maybe 10 people, seemingly two rabbbis and 1 'person' with 8 names, all mutually validating their opinions in circles. There's no place for you here. I'm out.

  16. Knock, knock. Both the husband and wife are Chareidim and from Boro Park - you can't get more Chareidi than that. Chareidi societal norms apply to this couple.

  17. Rabbi Michael TzadokJuly 2, 2014 at 6:50 PM

    Has anyone ascertained whether or not the B"D is entirely fraudulent? What we need is someone who has the time and ability to contact the Chabad House on E72nd. We need a statement from them, as to whether they have ever heard of his Beit Din operating in their neighborhood.

  18. Avi, it's not worth it. It's like talking to a wall. All this blog is is 10 people, 2 rabbis and 1 person with 8 names, all validating their ridiculous opinions in circles. Move on, Avi. If you ignore them, they'll go away. I'm out.

  19. Knock knock... he wants to fight a campaign in mainstream media. What he produces here is not very convincing.

  20. No one has ever heard of the three "dayanim" who allegedly signed the "beit din" (that also no one ever heard of before this saga) documents. These mystery rabbis are an art of fiction. Though the names they plucked out of thin air for these judges do have a thyme to them; that much you might want to give those that invented these fictional characters in the guise of dayanim.

  21. Avi, don't waste your time. It's like talking to a wall. This blog is just a group of maybe 10 people, two rabbis and 1 person with 8 names, all
    validating their own ridiculous opinions in circles. If you ignore them, they'll go away.

  22. This sounds far more like an ad hominem screed rather than an actual rebuttal of any of Rivky's points. Really now, avoda zara? Has she embraced Christianity? Has she worshiped idols? Even if you think she's 100% wrong, it's clearly not avoda zara.

    Mamzeres? Really? You think calling her a mamzeres really help's Yoel's case (not to mention the fact that you're also then calling his children mamzerim as well)?

    How about just sticking with the facts rather than going into all sorts of exaggerations and hyperbole?

    The Wolf

  23. Moderator, I've been trying to comment on this post but it's not going through. I apologize if I hit a raw nerve.

  24. finally some sense in this loony bin...

  25. You completely missed the point. I wasn't making any statements about Rivky's credibility one way or the other. Perhaps she's guilty of over the top language too, perhaps not. I don't know one way or the other. My point was not to evaluate her claims. I was merely commenting about the over-the-top language in the screed. Even if she's 100% wrong, it's not avoda zarah and she's not a mamzeres (unless you have proof to the contrary).

    So, stick to the facts. You think she's wrong? Then fine, by all means, argue your point and argue it passionately. But say what's wrong with her position without accusing her of things that we all know are not true.

    The Wolf

  26. Wolf, thanks for joining. You're wasting your time. It's like trying to fight a schoolyard bully. Like most bullies, this one is not very smart. He'll eventually trip over his own feet and knock himself out against the mat.

  27. Ms. Stein's PR people are doing a great job here pretending to be supporters of Yoel and making him sound like a blathering fool. You can't pull the wool over my eyes THIS time Ms. Dicker.

  28. The short video is a lot more than what Yoel has presented. In addition to her short video she has filed lawsuits, order of protections etc to back up her claims.

    The only thing we have heard from yoel is 3 different versions of why he has not given a Get, claims that Rivky is making everything up and that he is a good person....

  29. "She tells
    her story in a graphic manner with several attractive photographs
    attached, in order to entice frum man getting trapped under the skin of
    her avoda zarah."

    This talking point, which we see from Yoel himself as well, is truly bizarre. I have looked at her website. There are pictures of herself fully clothed in public, dressed the way many frum women in Brooklyn appear in public. Anyone who sees in this some sinister plot to sexually entice frum men is saying more about himself than about her,

  30. Huh?

    Jodi Aries was dressed modestly every time she went to court. There were still that many people watching every detail of the trial. As all the experts explained the phenomenon, "sex sells". It's not the clothes - its the claims. Rivkie has gone into graphic bedroom detail many times.

    BTW, most people hate Jodi Aries. Same with Rivkie.

  31. and how many people commented something along the lines of oh youre a beautiful woman and dont deserve this. its all part of an image and campaign. she also put a picture of yoel in a hat and jacket even though that is not his mainstream image, rather it was a way for people to look at him in disgust that hes soooo frum and doing such a thing.

  32. Lie after lie. You did not speak to former foster families -- I've spoken to most of them. You did not speak to her family (and I doubt Yoeli would let you speak to Ezra at this point -- and Yoeli you know why!). And if you really believed in what you wrote you'd put a name on it. Ah, friends from high school - -would that possibly be Yoeli's sisters?!


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