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Shaal Avicha by Rabbi Yoel Abraham - complete sefer

  שאל אביך   see previous post   Was siruv justified?

The file is free for downloading with the permission of the author. Click the link at the top which will take you to SCRIBD. Then simply download by click on any button which says download


  1. I read only the introduction, but is this a joke? He is railing against the fact that there are dikduk explanations in the Oz VeHadar Chumash? Perhaps this author has never heard of Rashi, who has many dikduk explanations in his peirush, if my memory serves me correctly. He thinks that as a matter of principle we should use chumashim with mistakes in the Targum because that is what they had in "the heim"? I knew Satmar is generally of their rocker, but this is really something.

  2. Just last Shabbos I used one of the new chumashim, and I found a word where they "fixed" the targum - the only problem was that the original version was correct, and their correction was wrong! Not too many people know Aramaic well enough to correct it, and it seems that many of those who don't are working in that field.

  3. On the well known possuk: ' Asher lakachti miyad Haemori Bicharbi Ubikashti'
    (yackov ovinu) the targum:(our targum) 'bitzloisi Ubibioisy' ...Teffilla !
    but according to Oz Vihaddar and the "revised targum" changes Bicharbi ubi kasti sword /Arrow ,end This is major change see the summary at the end of this sefer above for many more changes made to verses of targum that he brings . definitely has a point .

  4. The file is private and may not be downloaded.

  5. Not true ! See for yourself the number is listed in the sefer ,936 391 8155,
    I just called them and they said everyone can down load the sefer and send all comments to the mechaber .

  6. The file is free for downloading with the permission of the author. Click the link at the top which will take you to SCRIBD. Then simply download by click on any button which says download

  7. On page 91 of his sefer on the top, he brings a problem from the Mishmeres Shalom, and that he claims Oz Vehadar changed the Targum in Berashis Perek מח פסוק טו that the Targum is supposed to say first אלקא and then השם and Oz Vehadar changed it to both Hashem. I checked out five other Chumashim and they all have the Targum like Oz Vehadar and not like he says is the original and correct version. I ckecked out בלום, חורב, דרשו, לשם, ברוכמן.

  8. Upon reading the sefer I see that targum is only a small part of the halachic complaint against Oz Vihadar

    The Main issue is their attitude to Unilaterally make changes with out proper proof and supervision

    The only way they can rectify this is to come out with a sefer showing a RECORD of each and ALL CHANGES made to our traditional texts for posterity and for future use of talmidai chachomim .

  9. Besides the Most Important question About the Horrible Misuse of Rabbinical Power by Issuing A Siruv for a Crony ,there is an etirely diffrent aspect to discuss,
    It is Interesting whether the whole Premise of Oz Vihadar and other firms is according to the Daas Torah ???
    see Rishon Lishasheles Brisk :by R Chaim Karlinsky
    The Bais Halevi Wrote a Haskamah for a New sefer written to clarify explain and make easy sugois in Shas The Bais Halevi States in his haskomoh that this sefer is to be used only for Balei Batim that are torud with Parnosah but NOT for bochurim learning in Bais Medrosh !!? Why? because Amelous Bitorah is the way of torah and that leads to retain and remember the torah !!!but if it comes very easy it does not remain etched the person and its easy come easy go and is forgotten very quickly so only baleai batim should use this sefer (this is his longest haskamoh on any sefer) take from the beloved Rosh Yeshivah Of Voloshin!!..
    But of course this doesn't come to the level altering the age old Targum!.
    Or misusing Power of Siruv.


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