Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rivky Stein and Yoel Weiss: Yoel takes pictures of his wife off the Internet

Yoel Weiss wrote:

Recently I had put a number of pictures of Rifky on the Internet which did not show her as a frum young lady who is the victim of a horrible husband.

The pictures were taken about nine months before she married me and they show how she truly is - in interacting with her friends. She wasn't trapped by a photographer and had no objection to these pictures being taken.

However it has become apparent that there are some people who have misinterpreted my motivation and they think I am trying to harm her - chas v'shalom - and control her. Therefore I have removed the pictures.


  1. He has no reason to discard all his pictures he still has from the time during his marriage. Especially not since his wife is using his image in her campaign against him.

    He has a halachic right, both legally and ethically, to not sign and give the Get until all outstanding divorce and custody issues are first resolved. Then the Get would be the finalee of the divorce process.

    The abuse is coming from Rivkie not from him.

  2. Yoel, you still have not removed all of the pictures. On your Youtube channel, there is still an immodest picture of Rivki as a preview to one of the videos.

  3. Yoel's motivation is 1 thing and 1 thing only, to protect his kids from being manipulated from their mother, as demonstrated by her past actions, she is willing and does anything to get what she desires, if that means hurting innocent bystanders than that be it.

    Yoel is not abusing his wife by not giving a get, she is abusing herself by not acting like a human being, we are taught not to lie, cheat, steal, slander, she has done all of the above.

    Any sane person that would be treated the way she's treating him would never give her a get, besides after the things she did, she does not need a get, she does not follow the torah, makes a mockery of our system.

  4. Nnegative publicity will NOT go away. See how often dodelson has been mentioned, just on this block, just on this case.

  5. You wrote: "The abuse is coming from Rivkie not from him."

    How do you know this? What proof do you have?

  6. So are you saying that even though the marriage is over, Yoel is not giving the Get so he can use it as a weapon in case the court rules against him?

  7. Up until now the only person that has been caught in lies and contradictions has been Yoel. See my posts above....

    Rivky has had a consistent story from day 1.

    Just to entertain your foolishness, How would witholding a Get help protect the kids from the mother as you claim? Does he plan on using the Get as a means for extortion if the judge awards Rivky custody?

    "Any sane person that would be treated the way she's treating him would never give her a get, besides after the things she did, she does not need a get, she does not follow the torah, makes a mockery of our system."

    Your statement above is ridiculous. Are you saying that a Get is a privilage? It is awarded for nice behavor? Do you actually believe the stupidity that comes out of your mouth or are you being paid by Yoel to write it?

    Secondly, if what you are saying is tru that she does not follow the Torah then why is she demanding a Get? Furthermore, the only control that yoel has left over Rivky is the Get (by your own admission) so if she is not Torah observant and does not need it why doesnt he just give it to prevent more so called issurim from happening?

    I hope you see how foolish you sound and go back to the drawing boards to rethink your arguments.

    In the mean time instead of havgin your sisters write for you Yoel why dont you answer the questions yourself. Why are you posting non tznius pictures of Rivky? Even if you took them down why did you post them in the first place? Why do you still have non tznius pictures of her? Why are you stalking Rivky and photographing her? Why are you continuing to emotionally abuse her by witholding a Get when she clearly wants to be rid of you?

    Who is your Rav that is giving you halachic justification for your continued abuse?

  8. Yoel, it is many hours later and the picture is still there.

  9. I would bet that recorded conversation was made before his wife started a major public relations media campaign unleashing a torrent of lies and fantasies about bedroom behavior that demonstrated a potential major personal and mental deficiency that could indicate a propensity of her causing the children harm. (As she already is doing with her current public demeanor and behavior.)

  10. You mean you're taking an edited snippet, taken out-of-context, literally? First get the full recorded conversation, not a 60 second soundbite that was plucked out to make it seem him saying something he didn't imply.

    Secondly, after she went berserk with her public bedroom campaign, that changed the paradigm entirely, demonstrating incompetency and worse on her part and her inability to properly care for kids. Therefore, after that the husband had to take protective action to protect his children from an unstable mother.

  11. Can you please provide a copy of that?

  12. it sounds to any objective person that he doesnt care much for his children.

    How would you know how an objective person would interpret it. Your manner of speech is that of control freak.

    To me, an objective person he comes across as a loving and caring father. His voice itself shows that. A little snippet from among hours of conversations (according to Bamberger, many many hours) does not reveal anything.

  13. Your hyper and bullying comments do not make you look good. Projecting your shortcomings and Rivkie's shortcomings on Mr. Weiss do not help your cause and make you look foolish.

  14. @Avi Katz

    I don't understand your motive, are you really trying to understand the facts and the situation or is it your motive to take a side and try posting every scenario as to why Yoel is 1000% guilty of all that Rivky has alleged?

    I will try to reply to some of your questions.

    I do not wish to speculate as to why Yoel said this or that because I am not a Prophet, and if I did speculate that would make me transgress the sin of making someone look bad with out proof.

    I will try to stick to facts.

    As Mr Ginsburg posted above, those recordings were before the civil lawsuit was filed, that was at a time when Yoel thought that his wife has just snapped and or was being manipulated by bad acquaintances.

    As to your other comment about him sounding like he does not care about his kids, just so you know in the 4 years of their marriage, Yoel was the one that baby sat the kids most of the time especially when the mother was working as a teacher.

    Once Yoel realized the extent Rivky was willing to go, he started being very concerned for the welfare of his children.

    Everything I mentioned above is verifiable by people in the community if you wish to verify.

    As a side note, I think most of these postings are not acting in a Jewish productive way, Jewish people have a Torah, which guides us how we are supposed to deal with all aspects in life including this one.

    EX: as is a well known rule, if someone walk's out of a room with a bloodied knife he is not charged with a murder.

    If one Jew makes an accusation against another, unless it has a witness or proof, others are not allowed to believe the accusations until they are proven, we have a concept of everyone being innocent until proven guilty, even if at the end the person will be proven guilty, the person will be punished for believing the story before the accusations are proven.

  15. According to what you are saying that these recordings were before the civil lawsuit (which you have not proven) Why would he be ok only seeing his children a few minutes a day and leaving them the rest of the time with a mother, that in your own opinion "snapped" or was under bad influences? Would you want your children with a mother that snapped? I wouldnt...
    Another question is if those recordings were before the civil proceedings what was his excuse? for not giving the Get to her then?

    Why does Yoel continue to abuse Rivky by withholding a Get from her and keeping her chained in a DEAD marriage? If what you are saying is corrct that Rivky is snapped wouldnt he want to get as far away from her as fast as possible? What possibly reason could he have for not releasing her? I think it is time that Yoel answers for himself...

  16. I am not here to look good I am here to stick up for emes.

  17. There are multiple answers to your question.

    1 Chas vesholom, a get should not be used as a weapon.

    2 Jewish people have a system and process to request a get, as far as I am concerned no Bais Din has been involved as to date to start the process of requesting a get, I understand she went to the Bais Din of america early on, but only after she went to family court, I understand that Yoel replied that since she had an order of protection he is unable to have any 3rd party communication, and he argued since she took him to family court he has the right to let those proceedings finish before he starts the get process, to which the Bais Din of America agreed.

    It is also my understanding at that time was when Rivky with her accomplices decided since they cannot get a Bais Din to go along with her system, she tried to create her own Bais Din.

    3 Unfortunately, once Rivky acted the way she did from day 1 of her allegation's the whole "Get" process changes, until all of these allegations are either proven or dis-proven most authority's will not request someone to give a "Get", they will want to get to the bottom of the allegations to make sure the accuser is not crazy, a crazy person can not accept a "Get".

    4 In my humble opinion once a person is in family court , the person looses his life for the time being, both sides can keep the other in court for a very long time, in order for both sides to try and expedite the proceedings it is beneficial to both sides not to get or give a "Get" that way they stay focused and don't move on in life and keep the kids and family suffering and or bring in another spouse to their suffering, A "Get" should never be used as a weapon just there is no right to that demand once your in court .

  18. It's on this website. Check the other post on this topic and you will find the court filing attached.

  19. Most divorced non-custodial parents do not even get some time with their children every day. And, yet, here he was asking to see them every day, more than most divorced fathers, while originally agreeing to allow her to have primary custody. It was only after she demonstrated instability and damage to the children, with her false public campaign using fantasy bedroom scenery, did he realize she would be a danger to the children and decided instead of only seeing the children every day he wanted custody in order to protect them from a dangerous mother.

  20. A husband has no halachic, moral or legal obligation to give a Get until and unless a valid competent beis din that both parties agreed to their jurisdiction and appeared in person in their beis din together, issues a psak after hearing both sides ordering a Get. Then, and only then, does he have to give a Get. Since that has not yet happened, no valid beis din that he appeared in front of for case and hearing has ordered that, he still has no obligation to give it yet.

  21. I would strongly suggest Mr. Weiss insist on zabla and NOT use BDA, as BDA is well known to have feminist sympathies and chooses non-Jewish law over halacha when they are in conflict.

  22. Why don't we clarify for the record and define why an order of protection was given in the first place and how the order of protection was violated according to Rivky's allegations on a number of occasions.

    The order of protection was issued based on the concerns of Rivky that she was afraid Yoel would harm her based on the accusations she claimed against him.

    She got 1 OPP from the family court and each time Yoel was arrested she got another Criminal Order of Protection, all the OPP's stem from the initial complaint she filed with the family court.

    The first time he violated his OOP was when he was not served with the initial OOP, and he was searching for her as any normal husband would do when they come home at night and don't find their wife and children at home as expected, The police asked him to come to the precient and after hearing from him they scolded Rivky for not serving the OPP, and let Yoel go.

    The 2nd time Yoel violated the OPP was when he drove by a block where he saw his son walking with his wife, he rolled down the window and waived hello, the next day he was arrested for violating the OPP.

    the 3rd time Yoel violated the OPP was when he went into Eichlers book store on 13th Ave, and Rivky happened to be in there, she called the police and stated Yoel was stalking her.

    The 4th time Yoel violated the OPP was when he was driving his car on his parents block and made a right turn and Rivky happened to be working at that corner, she called the police and said Yoel violated his OPP by passing by her.

    At that time Yoel obtained a OPP that way Rivky cant come near him and then in affect she could be arrested just as easily, at that time Rivky tried numerous attempts to reach out to Yoel through 3rd parties to try and medieate, those attempts did not move anywhere.

    Then out of the thin air Mr Bamberger called saying he heard that there are issues and he would like to reach out to both parties and see if he can help, "miraculously" Rivky agreed to drop the OPP, but stated that the criminal OPP will take her some time to remove but she's working on it.

    When Yoel began his communications with Mr. Bamberger, both Yoel and Rivky dropped their OPP at the same time, but not the Criminal OPP which stemmed from the violation of the family OPP that she dropped.

    The 5th time Yoel Violated the OPP was when Mr. Bamberger advised Yoel that the OPP was not in affect and Rivky has allowed Yoel to pick up his childern from Rivky's house, after numerous times of picking his children up from the house, and Yoel ended his communications with Mr. Bamberger, Rivky called the police to advise Yoel has Violated the OPP by coming to her house to pick up the children.

    Rivky has tried on a few more occasions to get him arrested for violating the OPP, but by then the Police and the courts were sick and tired of her allegations and finally they revoked the OPP's.

    I will try to upload the original request where Rivky request the OPP.

  23. Mr. Katz, I think instead of acting as the torah says and judge every one with good eye, until proven otherwise you should be the one suggesting good reasons as to why Yoel has not given the "Get" maybe that will redeem some your sins of having an evil eye on another Jew with out proof , someones allegations are not proof according to the torah.

    Those conversation were with her brother Ezra Stein, who Yoel did not trust, they were both playing mind games with each other, since there was an order of protection in place Yoel was not reaching out to her, so she sent her brother to try and figure out what Yoel was up to.

    It was not my opinion about the mother snapping, its was Yoel's guess as to why his wife of 4 years would leave from 1 day to the other with out having any arguments or anything like that.

    As I posted earlier it took her a few months of no communication with Yoel from the day she left to request a "Get" to which Yoel responded that since they were in court he would like to wait until the court proceedings were done.

    The first communication Yoel had with Rivky since the day she left was the time Mr. Bamberger got involved, and when he left that was the last day of communications he had with Rivky.

  24. If you read the court transcripts posted here, you see how well Yoel cares for his children. When they go to the court appointed social worker with Rivkie, they are full of anxiety. When they go with Yoel, they are happy, free and content. That's in the court records as their opinion of this.

  25. I am here to stick up for emes

    Is that why you have lied so many times? Is that why you try to bully falsehoods across over here?

  26. Talking about untzniusdik, the real issue is why she ever took these public photos of herself in a state on non-tznius. But that is really a sidepoint. The real issue at hand is the real breach of tznius, far far more than the photographs here, is Rivkie Stein's running to the pruste pritusdike tabloids such as the New York Daily News and the Daily Mirror of England giving them fantasy scenery of what allegedly happened privately in her bedroom during private times, regarding acts of intimacy she allegedly had with her husband.

    Now put aside and forget about the assertion that these bedroom scenery Rivkie so eagerly related to the these pritzusdik newspapers eager reporters who were looking for anything to besmirch religious Jews and paint all frum Jews as cruel barbaric neanderthals, forget about the dispute of the veracity of what she related, even if it were all true, which of course is denied, but even if it were all true what kind of sick demented person does it take to tell newspapers what happened when you were undressed with your spouse in your bedroom?!? (And she also provided the newspapers with family photographs of herself and her husband that she now criticizes him for also putting online.)

    This is the legacy Rivkie has left for her two innocent children who will, someday when they grow up, google their names and the names of their parents, and come across the lurid grotesque, obscene and abhorrent descriptions that she gave to non-Jewish tabloids that operate under the motto of "sex sells".

  27. It is now 9:02 PM on July 1 and on your YouTube channel the immodest "preview" picture of Rivki is still there.

  28. You are 100% wrong. The bet din of america wont even do a din torah, only a get.

  29. @avikatz for someone who is looking to stick up for emes how come you dont question one thing of rivkys inconsistencys??? Its becoming increasingly clear to me that you are not who you say you are. You are in mind 100% one of rivkys brothers or one of her pushersor whatever you want to call yourself but either way yoel weiss has come on here with his real name and you continue to hide yourself. Besides for the sad truth that in the end of all this you have probably led rivky to her doom but you domt even have the kahunas to show yourself for real. I keep my name hidden because g-d forbid rivky starts to put me on her hitlist and i become some sex addict abuser but you have no excuse other than the obvious

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  31. Rivky is claiming that Yoel raped her. The acts she describes are not acts of intimacy at all. They are the acts of a violent vicious criminal. Now, you or I do not know whether these acts are true or not. It is possible that we will never know. While Rivky is currently speaking with the DA according to the newspapers even if they prosecute Yoel and find him guilty does not give us any inclination of what actually happened.

    I assume that Rivky went to the papers to tell her story because Yoel is continuing to refuse her a Get. If Yoel, you and others are so ashamed of the papers then he should have given her a Get and moved on.

    By your own admission this story besmirches religious Jews meaning that the actions of Yoel are unacceptable and therefore you should be aiming your questions at him not Rivky.

  32. Why did you put the pictures there in the first place? Why are you continuing to chain her in a DEAD marriage? Do you plan on using the Get as a means of extortion if the judge awards Rivky full custody? Who is your Rav that condones your behavior?

  33. 1. I think you should take your own advice and judge Rivky favorably as well and consider the possibility that she is not making up any of this and it is all true...

    Now, Yoel has written on this forum but he continues to dodge the questions that I have asked him. This means he has no valid answers and understands that he is wrong for chaining Rivky in a DEAD marriage.

    Now according to what you are saying, what is the reason for waiting until court proceedings are done to give the Get? Does he plan on using it as a means of extortion if he gets an unfavorable ruling?

  34. If you can show me one lie I told I will leave the forum and never return.

  35. The mere ideal of wanting to undermine the credibility of a woman by publishing such pictures indicates a controlling mind in a controlling society. Don't forget: Weberman tried to undermine the credibility of his victim by telling everyone she had a boyfriend (gasp) and showing around a video where she kisses her boyfriend.

    Looks like Yoel Weiss first thought that publishing those pictures would earn him more support. Then he saw it was not the case and he took them down.

  36. What you are saying is a complete contradiction of what you said above. According to what you said above, the recordings were done by her brother Ezra. In which case he was not worried about having 3rd party communication with him but he was worried about having 3rd party communication with her through a BD?

    "A "Get" should never be used as a weapon just there is no right to that demand once your in court ."

    This is utterly ridiculous! The Get and the court proceedings are two separate items. One has nothing to do with the next. They are deciding completely different factors.

    Why Are you answering for Yoel? Instead of assuming what his reasoning is for refusing to give Rivky a Get let him come here and tell us himself. Is he afraid? Does he not have adequate answers?

  37. "giving them fantasy scenery of what allegedly happened privately in her
    bedroom during private times, regarding acts of intimacy she allegedly
    had with her husband."
    The author of this blog did exactly the same by publishing court papers that describe exactly the same scene.

  38. Again, to repeat, even if that was true, as explained above she and any normal person would have no business running the pruste tabloids that live on sex stories to sell her wares and sex story regardless of what her sex story is or was. The Daily Mirror and the Daily News are not the place to give your story to, as she did.

  39. Under halacha the husband has the halachis right to not give an immediate Get and rather wait until the END of all the divorce issues and proceeding wrap up and then give the Get. This has not yet (anywhere near) reached that point yet. Learn some halacha on this issue.

  40. Yoel Weiss It is now 7:02 AM on July 2nd and on your YouTube channel the immodest "preview" picture of Rivki is still there.

    If you were not trying to harm and control her "- chas v'shalom -" you would never have posted these pictures. Also, when you realized the mistake you made and how it poorly portrayed you, you would of removed them a long time ago. As of now, it is still there.

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  42. Mr. Katz,

    I would love to judge Rivky favorably, unfortunately she has proven herself a liar over and over again, at this point the only thing I don't know for sure is what happened in the bedroom, but at this point since I know she is a pathological liar, I cant believe a word she says.

    I assume Yoel is not interested in answering the same answers every time, I assume Yoel has a many reasons for not rushing to give his wife a "Get", like I have written a comment earlier with 4 reasons as to why, but you keep on asking and writing the same questions, I wont bother writing my answers again.

    The one point I will reitterate is, she has not had a real Bais Din request and follow up with a request for a "Get" as of yet.

  43. Why did @Yoel Weiss post these pictures in the first place? Why is he afraid to answer?

  44. I already requested. Please show me some contradictions in her story. I have yet to see even one. All of her information is public on her site and facebook page and I havent seen any chaging of story. @Yoel Weiss on the other hand has changed his story many times and does not answer questions... What right do you have to call her a liar? Show me the lies...

    All you have done is assume that is why we are asking Yoel to answer for himself.

    It was my understanding that she sent him hazmanas and there is a siruv up on her site. I know you claim it is fake but I have not seen any rabanim put out a letter claiming that the beis din is not legitimate.

    Secondly, Yoel does not need to be summoned to beis din to give a Get. He can walk in to any Beis Din and say I am here to give a Get... Why does he continue to abuse this poor girl by witholding her Get? Does he plan on using the Get as a means of extortion if he doesnt get his way in court?

    If he is so sure that Rivky has no credibility in court than he has nothing to worry about....

    I invite Yoel to answer these questions.

  45. @Avi - when she makes assertions and the court doesn't believe her - than that means there is a contradiction between what she says and reality. Or do you think since the court is a bunch of goyim they obviously can't be believed to evaluate what she says? The court is obviously an objective judge and they don't find her credible.

  46. Can you please point me to some of these contradictions in Rivky's story? I pointed out MANY contradictions in Yoel's story.

  47. Why are you two so worries and on top of this that you post every day about it? And who cares what his intentions are shes blatantly wants to hurt him if his intention is to hurt her back thats his perogative...im not saying he should but if he is thats his choice...just likeit was hers to incite this.

  48. He already addressed why he took them down and whatever the reason is hes not the one who took tgis public, she did, bottomline. Let her take down the bias audio and submit some real court docunents like weve already seen on this site and then you have the right to judge what his intentions are.

  49. He has no obligation, either halachic legal or moral, to give her a Get at this time. And the reason he is waiting to give it, is to insure the kids are safe from an emotionally unstable and dangerous mother and to insure he has the custody rights he is entitled to under halacha even if that is more than under goyish law. And he has the halachic right to wait to give the Get until these points are resolved.

    It is clear that the wife used a non-existent so-called "beit" din that no one ever heard of and with names of rabbis no one ever heard of.

  50. You can invite Yoel from today until tomorrow, if Yoel felt you were here to act like a real frum Jew and not take a biased side until her allegations are confirmed real, he might reply to you.

    Unfortunately you fail to see the facts and it will cost you dearly up in the bais din shel mala, even if you believe Rivky's allegations 100% since she has no proof, you have no right to listen to her loshon hara, remember Korach and his people had a lot of valid reasons against Moishe and Ahron, and so did Miriam have valid reasons against her brother.

    My reply to you would be as follows:
    All of Rivky's "Story" is just her allegations against another frum jew, he has a cheskas kashrus, it makes no difference how he makes his money, or how he talks to his wife, if her allegations are proven it would enable another Jew to view him as a rosha.

    Please give me 1 valid reason that Yoel should run to give Rivky a "Get",
    for all the abuse rivky has done to him?
    for making public her allegations against him?
    for her false allegations against his family and friends?
    for making a chillul hashem on the grandest scale in recent history, I would say bigger than bernie madof? for Rivky mentally and physically destroying his 2 kids?

    You might answer because if a woman demands a get the husband should give it to her, to that I will answer ask your local rabbi if that's correct, I asked mine and after reviewing everything he said since she took him to court he has the right to let the court proceedings finish and then issue a get, for you to make allegations that if he doesn't get full custody then he wont give a get, what can I say to your allegations... Nothing

    I personally think it might be beneficial for her if he waited a long time to give her the "Get", that way she could raise lots of money and might even become rich, maybe become a world renowned speaker on this subject since I see she is doing a good job and people like the way she speaks.

    from your understanding that she sent him hazmanas, that the bais din's address was wrong and the chabad house stating they have nothing to do with this bais din, and that I spoke to ORA and they could not confirm anything about this bais din, does that not tell you that she's playing some type of game? maybe you don't want to call her a liar because you have no proof that its 100% false, I can understand that.

    I don't know if he's so sure that the court finds no credibility in her, I think he will try to do whatever it takes for the court to get her the proper help she needs to be a parent to his children.

    I failed to see where Yoel has changed any of his allegation trying to disprove her allegations.

  51. Your reply is irrelevant, my questions are directed at Yoel. Is he too afraid to speak for himself? If he doesnt know how to write (which seems to be the case based on the few messages he wrote to the forum) I am sure that you will be happy to write on his behalf. There are questions which he must answer. There are contradictions in his story that he has failed to address. There are recorded conversations of him saying things that are not becoming of an ehrliche yid and that paint a very different picture than what he and you are saying on this forum.

    Yoel, dont be scared, we wont bite you. Come out from under the bed and answer Why are you holding Rivky hostage and emotionally abusing her by not giving her a Get? Do you think that she will give in to your extortion? Why do you continue this chilul Hashem when you can put a swift end to it.

    Does anyone know who Yoel's rabanim are? I would like to call them up and speak with them to try and get a better understanding as to what their halachic justification is for Yoel to withold a Get from Rivky when the marriage is clearly dead... Does Yoel even have any rabanim that he listens to?

  52. You wrote "Up until now the only person that has been caught in lies and contradictions has been Yoel".

    This is a 100% lie and has been proven false.

  53. The picture is immodest because Hareid poskim "permit" short dresses , and forbid wearing long dresses since they wish to dissociate themselves from DL who do care about Tzniut.

  54. 4 inch below the knees becomes a mini-skirt when sitting, as per the forbidden photo. You are trying to parry my argument, since it is a knockout argument.
    I repeat, the DL ladies wear long dresses, which essentially touch the ground (unless they rely on their hareidi great uncles, as they do for sheitels).
    You are saying that a mini-skirt (which is what hareidi dresses are when sitting or when the wind blows) is more tzanua than a long dress - are u sure you have not gone beserk?
    Even a pair of pants is more tzanua that the Hareidi mini-skirts.

  55. No dear, that woman was not wearing a dress anywhere near 4 inches below the knee. And herein lied the problem. She was violating the tznius laws as taught in Beis Yaakovs anywhere, Her mode of dress represents a small minority of her community.

    In DL/MO communities they don't even try to impart a rule requiring long skirts such as 4" below the knee. And the evidence is in the pudding. Walk around almost any DL or MO neighborhood and you will find a large, not insignificant, percentage of the women in open and clear violation of numerous tznius laws including short skirts, open chests, short sleeves, etc. Whatever the extent of the problem in Hareidi neighborhoods, and it does exist to an extent there, it isn't anywhere near as bad as what you'll r'l find in DL/MO areas. The average DL woman wears a significantly shorter skirt than the average Hareidi woman.

  56. Rabbi Michael TzadokJuly 3, 2014 at 1:21 AM

    Eddie you need to come to Israel and see what is the DL norm these days, especially above the younger women. It is four inches ABOVE the knee.

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  60. What was Rivky's purpose of, first, giving photographs of herself and of her husband to trashy tabloids like the Daily News and Daily Mirror? Yoel has no obligation under halacha to give a Get yet. Especially not until Rivky stops interfering with his ability to see his children.

  61. I get the impression that Yoel continued his powerplay until she just had enough and decided to file the rico lawsuit.
    If he had settled in August 2012, given her a get as she wanted, maintained the custody status quo, filed for visitation rights as he did, obtained Thursday to Monday every other week as he did, paid his 100$ child support per week, she would not have dreamed of pressing charges or washing dirty laundry in public. I think that he just overloaded the boat.

  62. @Register I agree if you had been in her place that is what you would have done. However she is not responding that way and you are simple projecting your own feelings without paying attention to what she actual is doing.

  63. Go back to the timeline. he was harassing her a lot before she filed claims.

  64. She waged a war against him from the moment she unilaterally walked out of the home. She immediately, the day after, refused to allow him to even see his children. Then she tried to do everything in her power, in court and out of court, to severely limit and often refuse to allow him access to the children.

  65. @Register - why not ask about the lack of evidence for abuse, slavery kidnapping etc? Why are you focused exclusively on the consistency of his financial statements? Do you really believe everything she has said.

    Bottlom line why are you only a sceptic regarding his status but seem to accept everthing she has said simply because she said it?

  66. To be straightforward: My key issue with her credibility is the fact that she sues for 25'000$ monthly child support. And that she claimed around 100 Million $ damages. Seen from Europe, these figures seem completely over the top.

    My key issue with his credibility is that he says he was always happily married and out of the blue she left him.

    So the question of his finances becomes important, because it would help differentiate between possible scenarios:
    - Did she marry him on the premises that he was rich?
    - Was she disappointed when it turned out he wasn't or when he lost his money?
    - Might this be a reason for her leaving him?

    This would be a possible alternative scenario to what she says. But other than that, I do not see any reason for her to leave, other than abuse and excessive control on his part.

    As for Canada, the videos show her alone, she claims she was alone or with family members other than him most of the time, he does not say whether he was in Canada, he just describes "her" situation there. Would a happily married couple separate? so that he lives in NY and she in Toronto?

  67. I do not think that women walk out of homes and file for orders of protection just for the fun of it.
    2 years have passed meanwhile, and she still does not want to move back in with him.
    If it was just a fluke, as he claims, they could have made shalom bays for a long time, all the more so if her economic and living conditions are precarious and he promises her all the luxury her heart could desire.

  68. bf - did you see him take the carriage? If you did see it - how do you know what his motivation was?

  69. Daas Torah -- if you were interested in the truth there are enough people in Boro Park to give you info who know Yoeli so you would have a very clear picture. Or the therapist to find out that Yoeli lied in the court papers of why they went to that NAMED therapist. Motivation -- his kids needed a carriage and he wanted them not to have one. Folks want the pictures of bruises -- um, you know where the bruises were -- not on her face. not on any place that would be tzniusik to parade. He lied about the Florida trip. He lies almost every line of the rebuttal, including in the name of his daughter -- his daughter's name is NOT yael. Let me explain something. you had a young beautiful vulnerable foster kid. you had Yoeli's sisters friends with her. Perfect victim -- no one will note the abuse, no one will do anything about it. Hence, great shidduch. Chassidish bum not keeping much, not in the school system for years, reputation of family not that great -- marry him off to a vulnerable kid. That sometimes works -- when it doesn't involve abuse. But here there was abuse -- and not a person willing to take on the achrayus of making sure a girl who had to fend for herself most of her life still has to do so. She did not have good lawyers. She did not have help that was normal and that is why these law papers are skewed towards Weiss-who-can-afford side. That is exactly why Rivky had to turn to fundraising. A normal lawyer costs. Did you note Daas Torah, that Yoeli did not deny the carriage stealing. He is busy trying to track me down and try to undermine my credibility instead. Did you know that there was another mediator besides the one mentioned? did you know there were probably at this point more than five rabbonim who were quasi-mediators during the abuse period.

  70. He is busy trying to track me down and try to undermine my credibility instead.

    Who are you?
    Are you Rivkie?
    Are you the Frankel dude?
    Are you the Bamberger beau?

    did you know there were probably at this point more than five rabbonim who were quasi-mediators during the abuse period.

    Who are they?
    What are their names?
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