Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rivky Stein & Yoel Weiss: Credibility - would you buy a used car from Rivky?

The following is part of the court record regarding the RICO case. Yoel's lawyers submitted this list of reasons to question Rivky's credibility at a premotion conference. After reading this incredible catalogue, it is obvious that Rivky Stein's accusations are very problematic.

To fill out the picture, I hope soon to have a post regarding the alleged mastermind behind Rivky's complaints - Uziel Frankel. An additional topic is Rivky's mother - whom she seems to take after. Putting it all together , hopefully this tragic drama will come to an end.


  1. Are you kidding me?! You think a list of people an allegedly abused woman did NOT tell about her abuse raises questions about her credibility?
    How does an abusive relationship EVER last for more than a day? Wouldn't the abused individual report the abuse to the first person they meet.

  2. Rivky might have been abused by Yoel, as to say they had a bad marriage... but it's clear to me that Rivky is making things up in order to put pressure on Yoel to give her a GET, and to take the child custody from him and most probably to get money yoel as well...

    i would definitely not buy a used car from her....

  3. Again, I feel you are prematurely jumping to conclusions. It is very possible that Yoel and his co-defendants will prevail and get the case dismissed, but you can't judge a case by just reading the court filings of one party. Contrary to what others have said online, Rivki does have Lawyers representing her and they filed a Memorandum of Law in Opposition to this request for a Pre-Motion Conference. I read through it very quickly and according to what I am reading in her response, this is not the first Pre-Motion Conference request made by the Weiss side (it is possibly the third one) and the the Court entered an Order finding the previous pre-motion conference unnecessary. I do not have time now to review the entire document and case history.

    I will send you soon her Memorandum of Law in Opposition and a summary of the History of this court case via email.

  4. I am not sure if any of you realize but this is not a decision made by a judge rather a motion filed on behalf of Yoel. We all know that Yoel has denied some of the allegations but we also know that he contradicts himself as well. I dont think that this in any way damages Rivky's credibility.

  5. Why the need for hysterics? Calmly, please help me understand your questions.

  6. This is a letter by Berke and Berke, who are the lawyers for Yoeli Weiss. A balanced statement would also need to look at the response from Rivky's side as to the points raised in this letter.

  7. I would assume that if someone claims that you locked him up and starved him, and you don't see any signs of it, he would need to bring some proof of it, and not just rely on the report a few years later. Why didn't she tell any doctor? Why couldn't any doctor see any signs?

  8. You're absolutely right. When there's a REAL case of an abusive relationship that lasts for four years, EVERYBODY knows about it.

  9. I come from there.
    If you know how the frum system works, the one argument written here (over and over and over again in as many forms as possible), that she didnt go to the authorities while in the marriage, to complain about all of the allegations, would be completely silly.
    You are bred to never ever go to the police regarding another fellow jew, let alone a family member. Most wouldn't go to the police if they caught an adult molesting their own child. This argument is a complete disregard for the reality she lived in.


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