Sunday, August 13, 2023

Yeshiva is artificial institution - Rav Hutner (translated)

originally published May 18, 2012

Click here for Yiddish - © Translation by Daniel Eidensohn

Yeshiva represents a failure of ideal state of father to son Torah teaching. Discusses two aspects of Matan Torah - 1) Father to son 2) Direct from G-d

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  1. Many yeshivot have become private clubs and fiefdoms. My suggestion is to return to the type of system that seemed to work before the innovation of R. Chayim from Voloshin--i.e. the local "Beit Midrash" where anyone can go and pick up a gemara and learn. This avoids the problems that modern yeshivot have of using the Torah for parnasha. Also this avoids the problem of lying about the halacha that one is not allowed to use the Torah for parnasah. Lying and fraud is also forbidden in the Torah.


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